Chillcheater Carp and trout fishing green- New Range

Chillcheaters are now producing army green jackets, smocks and bib and brace in their renowned Aquatherm material these products are ideal for the carp and trout fisherman who want 100% waterproof clothing that is both lightweight and hard wearing. Braunton Baits are stocking the products. The jackets are £159, The smocks £140 and the Bib and Brace £130.

Beating the elements and cheating the chill

Upper Tamar in Fine Form

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Aaron Bunning has been in fine form at Upper Tamar banking plenty of quality mirrors and commons recently. Aaron has had mirrors to 23lbs and commons to 24.08. Some of these fish are newly stocked fish from September 2017, all of which are showing good winter growth rates. All of Aaron’s fish fell to Nashbait coconut creme and scopex squid boilies.

24lb 8oz
24lb 8oz
22lb 8oz
18lb 15oz

Carp Match at Stafford Moor – Results

Report from Joanne Combes at Stafford Moor

Hey well done to everyone who entered our first ever Pairs carp competition here at Stafford Moor. A huge apology from Paul & I for not being present we just needed a break before the crazy season kicks in especially Paul but the guys were left in more than capable hands with Peter Randle and Wayne Grinney and Wayne’s dad Paul who cooked the barbecue thank you so much for looking after everyone.

1st prize Winners were Mark Downing and Wayne Grinney who between them had 12 fish out and a total weight of 194lb 10oz well done guys ! Mark fished on swim 6 (the outlet ) up on lodge while Wayne fished swim 6 (rodi bush) on Beatties. Caught on Sticky Baits Manilla.

In second place 🥈 was Aaron Rundle and Michael Toms who between them had 7 fish out and had a total weight of 147lb 2oz well done ! Aaron fished on swim 8 (the inlet) on Beatties lake and Michael fished swim 3 (spit bay) up on Lodge lake.

In third place was Jason A Hammond and Jack Gabriel who between them had 6 fish and a total weight of 119lb 4oz well done! Jason fished swim 7(the beach right side) on Beatties and Jack fished on swim 10 (outback) up on lodge lake.

Our largest fish winner was also Jason Hammond who had a 26lb 8oz beauty well done Jase !

Jo thanks  all for being a part of Stafford Moors Carp Comps more are coming up !! Will keep you all posted thank you Paul & Jo

Jason Hammond with the events biggest a 26lb 8oz beauty

Furzebray – Charlotte – 45lb 12oz!

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Congratulations go to Mark Perham who smashed his personal best banking Furzebray Islands Lakes biggest resident Charlotte at a weight of 45lb 12oz. Mark had fished well all week but with no luck, but then only an hour before he was due to pack up he struck the magnificent Charlotte.

The carp of Island Lake are not easy to catch but what stunning specimens they have become. The capture also illustrates a point I always try to emphasize in that whilst a bait is in the water there is always a chance and for this reason I always de-tackle my rods at the very last minute.  Never get despondent for that one fish can turn a blank trip into that trip of a lifetime.