Twenty Six Carp to 29lb 9oz at Stafford Moor

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Jack Griffiths caught 26 carp up to 29lb 9oz from the beach swim on Beatties lake last week. His new personal best was the 29lb 9oz he caught . Jack had a good head of 20’s including a beautiful ghosty! He used a range of rigs mainly caught on Sticky Baits Krill on a slip d & krill on a single bottom he also caught a few using a single pop up on a chod. Jack fished to the island 10ft over the gravel bar.

Stafford Moor – Carp a plenty

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Matthew Woods  fished  on swim 6 on lodge lake (the outlet) and had 5 fish out fishing with Atlantic heat boilies.

(Above)Rich Powell  fished on the Rhodi Bush swim 6 on Beatties lake with Andy. He had 6 carp to 24lb 5oz all caught on Sticky Baits Krill wafters topped with a little fake corn.

(Above) Callum Gardiner who had 5 fish out including this 20lb beautiful common from swim 3 (small island) on Beatties lake this weekend.

(Above)Simon White had 22 fish out from swim 12 (The Spit) on lodge lake this weekend. Simon was here with his dad Patrick they fished with Mainline Link boilies.

(Above) Roundelay and Woodrow Van Koutrik who fished up on lodge lake with dad Andrew van Koutrik on swim 1 on lodge lake fishing with C C moore Live system 24mm boilies. They had 5 fish up to 22lb.

Stafford Moor – Sixty Carp Haul!

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(Below)Wayne Grinney & his wife Jenny Grinney had an amazing 60 fish out from the inlet swim on Beatties lake. the fish were tempted  with Nash Scope. squid and Sticky baits krill boilies.

(Below) Stan Robinson fished  on Lodge lake swim 11 (beach 2) for the first time. He had 6 fish plus a new personal best of 20lb 10oz fishing with Nash coconut cream and strawberry crush as a snowman over a bed of 4mm sticky baits pellet all purchased from Stafford Moors on site tackle shop.

(Below) John Lean Jnr fished  on lodge lake  and  banked four carp using DNA S7 bait.

Furzebray Thirty’s

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Brian Ford & Chris Gillard had a great weekend at Furzebray Carp Lakes  both landing fish to over 30lb.

(Below) Ryan Pryer had a fantastic fishing Furzebray and staying in the lodge…. He banked 4 30’s including Orange spot at 38lb, Star at 35.4, 3 scales at 32.6, mint common 32.4, Tiger Fish at 29.8 and The Leney at 29.6.

Stafford Top Catches

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(Below)Zac Rastall caught six carp from Swim 5 (Lord Island) on Beatties lake up to 23lb 8oz caught on Mainline link 14mm wafters over a handful of Mainline 15mm Hybrid at a short distance.

(Below)Harry Burston  fished on the pads swim 11 on Beatties lake  on a 24 hour ticket and banked three carp up to 21lb 7oz caught on Sticky baits krill wafters

(Below) Nathan Oliver and Jason Crawford  fished on swim 14 (beach 1) swim on lodge lake they had 5 fish out up to 23lb caught on Mainline milky toffee pop ups coated in almond goo fished over 3kg of cell , Jase was using particles & Sticky baits krill.