Stunning carp from local reservoirs

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(Below)Ashley Bunning had four carp this weekend from Upper Tamar Lake on the Cornwall and Devon border all caught on Nash Scopex Squid Fluoro pop up boilies over a bed of 18mm freebies. The largest being 19lb 2oz and the rest mid doubles.

(Below) Lee Watts from Bideford had a cracking first session on Melbury Reservoir in North Devon landing 3 carp. The largest was a common of 24lb backed up with another common of 21lb and a mirror of 19lb 15oz.

(Below) I enjoyed a fish-less session at Jennetts Reservoir at the weekend but still enjoyed being at the waters edge. The above waters along with Jennetts and Lower Slade all offer quality carp in beautiful surroundings and offer a different experience to some of the more heavily stocked commercial waters.

Personal bests from Stafford Moor

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(Above)Dan Corben  fished up on swim 13 on the split on Lodge lake banking six fish out up to 27lb 4oz all caught on Spotted Fin Catalyst boilies

Paul Blake fished lodge at Stafford Moor with David Mason they  had seven carp between them. Dave broke his personal best three times including fish of 20lb 5oz and 22lb 12oz and I Paul set his personal best with last fish of the day weighing 20lb 12oz.

Fishing at Thornbury Holiday Park

Thornbury Holiday Park near Holsworty have two fishing lakes 8 feet deep that have been established for approx 20 years. Both are fully stocked with a variety of healthy Carp, specimen Carp and other course fish.

The lakes are 1.25 and 1 acre in size and fishing is complimentary for guests staying in our lodges and cottages. A daily £8.00 fee applies to all other visitors.

Everyone can fish from dawn till dusk at our beautiful lakes.

We only have a few simple rules;

  • Barb-less hooks only
  • Keep nets only permitted when in a managed club competition
  • Only two rods per angler
  • A licence is required (not available on site)
  • Un-hooking mats should be used
  • All fish must be returned to the water unharmed

​For more info on staying at Thornbury Park please either phone
01409 261750, or visit our website

Blackspot – Furzebray 45lb 12oz

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The carp known as Blackspot has been tempted from Furzebray at weight of 45lb 12oz. It was caught during the spring at a weight of 39lb 12oz a massive weight increase of 6lb. At this rate this carp and others in the lake could be nudging 50lb next year!

When I started carp fishing back in the early eighties such a water would have been unheard of in North Devon. Waters that contained such huge carp were spoken of in hushed tones and I would suggest that Furzebray now holds fish to almost match those at Redmire Pool in its glory days.

Stafford Moor Carp Catches

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John Jobson enjoyed a cracking day ticket session on  Beatties Lakes inlet swim , sticky krill 16mm over pellet and hemp, common 19lb then two mirrors including a personal best of  28lb 11ozs and then a mirror of 18lb12 oz.

(Below) Wayne Law banked four carp to 19lb 8oz

(Below) Jason Crawford and Alex Cole  had nine carp  from swims 3 and 4 up on lodge lake . They fished out in the open water and tight off the island with Sticky baits krill boilies.

Big Cats on the prowl as autumn descends

Above) Paul Baker recently took his son to Anglers Eldorado to show him what a real Catfish looked like up close and they caught this 30lb Wels Catfish from the Bottom Cat and Carp Lake 2 caught on double halibut pellets.

Lovely to see Families on the bank sharing their passion of fishing with siblings – what it’s all about!



David Poolman fished Nirvana’s Day Ticket Specimen Cat Lake and managed to catch a personal best 56lb 8oz Catfish in the early hours.

David caught his PB on a soaked halibut pellet/squid pop up combination.

(Above)Angling Guide Julian Chidgey organised a Cat and Carp Camp weekend at Nirvana. The conditions were tough to say the least, they lost a few but Morgan Lloyd from Oxfordshire saved the weekend by catching his 1st ever Catfish at a whopping 60lbs 3oz and a 15lb Common both from the Specimen Cat Lake.

Julian shared –

‘Well what a weekend that was! Winds that threatened to launch bivvies into the lake, and rain that had me contemplating building an ark! The anglers who attended the Carp and Cat Camp stuck at it despite the weather, knowing that it would only take 1 bite to make the session a success. Morgan Lloyd had the first breakthrough after we spotted a 30-40lb carp top between the waves and a single hookbait cast close by soon gave a bite. Unfortunately the fish dropped off before we got to see it.

Richard and Tony also both had big fish top in front of them and the tension was clear as it felt a bite was on the cards. Morgan was the lucky one again as a single hookbait (Tor baits Squido pop up) produced a bite as darkness fell. A modest mid double common was the result but with the temperature falling and the wind having turned to a bitter North-Easterly it was good to see a fish on the bank. As first light came this morning the keen anglers stood over the rods counting down the final minutes of the session. An alarm sounded and Morgan was again the lucky angler, from the outset it was clear this was a special fish and I soon paddling out with my landing net to scoop up a very long catfish.

It was great to see the teamwork and camaraderie as we weighed and photographed the 60lb 3oz monster. As we packed away our wet gear and headed our separate ways it was great to think of the new friendships formed through a great weekend. I will definitely be organising another event for next Spring so please get in touch to reserve your place for a shot at the fish of a lifetime.’

Anglers Paradise

Upper Tamar Carp are on the feed

(Above)Ryan Willshire from Bude landed this cracking 21lb 4oz scaley Mirror carp from Upper Tamar lake, near Bude on the Cornwall and Devon border. The fish was stocked in September 2017 as part of the lakes re-stocking policy which included 3 fish over 30lbs and lots of fish over 20lbs. The next stocking is in mid October this year.

(Above) Ashley Bunning had a great session on Upper Tamar Lake, on the Cornwall and Devon border. The venue regular banked 8 carp in his 48 hour session including 2 fish over 20lbs. All the fish were caught on Nashbait scopex squid boilies with the largest being a 22lb 8oz mirror.

Superb Autumn Carp at Furzebray

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Some stunning autumn carp from Furzebray Carp Fishery with several thirty plus fish. The carp always lookstunning at this time of year there colours reflecting the autumn hues on the surrounding trees.

(Below)Adam Short had successful trip on the island lake landing 3 fish, including the Rudd mouth at 30lb 4oz plus superb fish of 29lb 8oz and a 26lb 8oz

(Above) Brian Ford banked the carp known as Star  at a massive 39lb 12oz.

(Above) Jamie Moxey landed Pearly at a new top weight of 32lb