Capturing the perfect Image at Stafford Moor

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Great picture below with the anglers getting the water to produce a stunning image.

(Below)Rich Powell and Andy  fished on the beach swim on Beatties Lake and banked 27 fish in an incredible session.  Rich has a new personal best of 32lb 4oz and  Andy has a new personal best of 26lb 2oz all caught on Sticky Baits Krill Walters and tuff ones.

(Below)Steve Stutt and brother Craig  had 6 fish out from the beach swim on Beatties Lake up to 28lb 12oz by Steve all caught on Mainline essential cell pop ups in between the 2 islands  13.5 wraps.

Fishing fun at Thornbury the ideal family venue

Thornbury Fishing Lakes near Holsworthy offer some superb fishing ideally suited to families with a good head of carp up to mid doubles. No need for  bivvies and all the high tech equipment at these lakes where carp offer great sport using traditional tactics.

Below are a few glimpses of fishing at this peaceful venue that I intend to visit in the not too distant future. Amongst the carp are some lovely lean looking commons that could well have wild carp ancestry.

Lower Tamar carp and tips

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Lower Tamar is producing some cracking fishing at the moment……check out this report from Tim Thornton….
’Having enjoyed the captures of a number of good carp to low twenties from Upper Tamar Lake I decided to turn my attention to the day ticket sister water Lower Tamar Lake.

I’d heard about the lake many years ago and knew it contained many lovely large carp.

I visited the water a few times to see for myself the extent of the weed that people spoke about to find that the lake had some weed, but was still easily fishable with modified rigs.

When I say modified rigs to keep things simple I mean ‘chod’ rigs as opposed to traditional rigs. These rigs ensure you can fish over light weed or ‘chod,. They also slide which prevents your hookbait getting buried.

I found location was key again like Upper Tamar. The carp in Lower I find usually betray their presence by bubbling in the early morning or showing themselves by leaping clear of the water.

I found successfull methods were using single pop ups to feeding fish or fishing at range to a baited area. I also know of a few anglers targeting bream also catching carp at the same time using bream tactics’.

This cracking 23lb 12oz common is one of Tim’s results! Nice 23.12. Taken at 120 yards range cast to feeding carp at 0615. Coconut crunch pop up sprayed with Rod Hutchinson chocolate malt legend bait spray. Fished on Carponline size 6 crank hook choddy rig.

Stafford Moor Fine Carp Catches in the first week of May

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Below are just a few of the carp banked by anglers fishing the ever prolific Stafford Moor in the past week.

(Below)Wayne Grinney  fished on the beach swim on Beatties lake with Matt McCarthy and had 12 fish out between them caught on home made boilies and house pellet.

(Below)  Nicholas Billet fished on theback bays on Beatties lake to bank 8 fish  including a fab common and ghostie all caught on Sticky Baits Krill boilies.

(Below)James Richard Russell who fished  with friend Colin on the summer hut swim on Beatties lake and had 9 fish out caught on Sticky Baits Krill & Occy.

(Below) Brandon and his dad Barry King  had a couple of fish out from the summer hut swim on Beatties lake, Brandon was using Nash strawberry crush pop ups on a Ronnie rig and dad was using Sticky Baits Manilla on a hair rig.

( Below) Bruce Julian who fished for 3 nights & had 25 fish out from the inlet swim on Beatties lake. Bruce caught his fish on Mainline cell, Tutti frutti & Krill boilies.

(Below)Callum Gardiner fished on the inlet swim on Beatties lake and had 11 fish out up to 26lb 9oz all caught on Cc Moore live system boilies.

Carp, Catfish and other fish in Paradise

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Ian Northey who caught this beauty – a 28lb Mirror from our popular Day Ticket Venue Anglers Eldorado Bottom Cat and Carp Lake.

He’s now the new Carp record holder as it’s the biggest to date from this Lake!

(Below) Congratulations to Paul Dunstall who caught a personal best 56lb 8oz Catfish from the Main Carp Lake.

Paul caught the monster Wels Catfish on a 15mm Krill boilie.

(Below) Matt Hayes with a beautiful and rare 5lb Koi Orfe.


Ben Gregory who caught a personal best 5lb 8oz Golden Tench from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake.

Ben’s story –

“I’d already had quite a good day on the lake having had 13 Tench and 1 Barbel. However despite my friend Mitchell’s pleads to leave because it was pretty cold, we persisted for another 30mins and I had one final bend in the rod from the lily pads. The biggest was saved to last on a robin red pellet. My new personal best at 5lbs 8oz! It’s been a great week, we hope to get back soon!”


Here he is with his winning Fish and being presented his prizes by Zyggy, Zenia and the lovely Matt Hayes with special thanks to PB PRODUCTS

Anglers Paradise

Hacche Moor in fine form

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The second fish caught during Steve Pinns latest session on Hacche Moor top lake. An absolute stunner destined to be a big fish in the future at 22lb 2oz.

Caught on the yellow CR Baits mini peach, pineapple & N-Butyric yellow wafters.

Golden Carp at Stafford Moor

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Scott Whittington fished at Stafford Moor with his son Thomas. Scott’s fish were all from the summer hut swim on Beatties lake in which he caught 34 fish up to 28lb 12oz caught on Sticky Baits Krill boilies well done Scott ! This stunning common shown below weighed 25lb.

Thomas caught a good number of fish from Tanners Lake.