North Devon Match Group Championship No 10 Melbury Reservoir Results

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1stPaul Elworthy 42lb 3oz

2nd Tom Downing 18lb 4oz

3rd John Lisle 14lb 15oz

4th Kier Durrant 14lb 6oz

5th Neilsen Jeffery 13lb 10oz

Todays winner, Paul was on peg 4 on the far side of the dam,he amassed an exceptional net of skimmers and roach on the tip with micro pellet and sweetcorn. Tom took the second spot from peg 3 also using feeder tactics, John drew on the middle of the dam and fished short on the tip for a bag of quality roach.

Some stunning nets of fish from Melbury a water that produced a some stunning perch during the 1990’s.

Stafford Moor October Festival Result

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Worthy winner of Stafford Moor’s October festival 2017 with a perfect score of 4 points. Total weight of 415lb 6oz Congratulations to Steve Ford (Mosella uk / Old Ghostb) what a fabulous week at Stafford Moor!
In second place with only 5 points and a total weight of 345lb 11oz was  ‘Grisly ginger Adams’Pete Upperton. Jo at Stafford Moor comments “well done Pete & thank you so much for being such a sport!”
In 3rd place with 6 points & a total weight of 278lb 14oz was London angler Mick Keeper.
The Stafford Moor Team thank  everyone who fished the October festival.

BIDEFORD _Monthly Coarse Section Comp. Tarka Swims

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Monthly Coarse Section Comp. Tarka Swims

1st Steve Bailey 17lb 3oz

2nd Colin Gorman 6lb 6oz

3rd Martin Turner 3lb 6oz .

Coarse section Secretary Steve Bailey fished his first match after surgery on both wrists, he pulled the golden peg P out of the bag and went on to win with 2 nice carp on a float ledger, Colin landed a good carp which almost pulled his rod into the depths of peg R, Martin landed one carp and lost one on the corner peg L on pole fished luncheon meat. Pete Slade scooped 4th and the silver pool with a net of small roach.

Below -Every fish counts!!!

North Devon Match Group – Results

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Bude Canal Anglers Versus North Devon Match Group. Bude canal

1st  Wayne Mitchell 23lb 4oz

2nd Nathan Underwood11lb 10oz

3rd Kevin Shears 11lb 7oz

4th John Lacey 9lb 9oz

5th Simon John Allen 8lb

6th Andy Gray 7lb 15oz .

Bude 183.5 points NDMG 222.5 Overall NDMG win by 128 points.

After a hearty breakfast in the Brendon Arms 28 anglers tackled the canal in very wet conditions, this lasted until lunch time.  Wayne drew peg 42 just before the bird hide and after several looks across on worm switched to maggot at 15mtrs on the far bank landed 2 fine carp to easily take first spot. Nathan fished the waggler and pole with maggot on the first peg in the top basin 27 for a lovely net of roach and skimmers,for second. Kevin Shears took 3rd from the bottom basin peg 16. North Devon Match Group took 8 of the top 12 places helping them victory, After the match the Brendon Arms provided welcome refreshment.

Sunday October 1st –  Match at Clawford was a bit of a washout with only John Lacey and Neilsen Jeffery fishing ! Never mind had a lovely day with good company. We fished adjoining pegs on Edwards lake and made it a five hour match. I managed to take the pound weighing in 108lb 8 oz and John weighed in 80lb 8oz.

Stafford Moor – September Pairs Festival 2017

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The  winners with just 6 points and a total combined weight of 418lb 5oz were Craig Edmunds aka ‘ Trigger’ (Mosella Uk) and partner Steve Ford (Mosella UK / Old Ghost) well done guys! Also all with only 6 points but weight difference In 2nd place was Mark Cullerton & Chris Hancock , in 3rd place was Martin Heard & Ian Rowney, in 4th place was Pete Upperton & Robbie Taylor.

Bideford September Coarse Section Monthly Competition Results

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September Coarse Section Monthly Competition Results

1st Keith Copland 14lb 3oz

2nd Martin Turner 13lb 10oz

3rd Colin Gorman  9lb 12oz .

The match was held at Tarka Swims in blustery autumnal conditions, Keith drew peg H and took 2 good carp on bomb and pellet plus some small perch , for victory. 2nd was Martin with some late fish on maggot on a long pole on peg J. Colin finished in 3rd with 2 carp on prawn.

North Devon Match Group Final Summer League Upper Tamar Devon Arm

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North Devon Match Group Final Summer League Upper Tamar Devon Arm

1st Paul Elworthy 39lb 12oz

2nd Neilsen Jeffery 31lb

3rd Andy Seery 25lb 4oz

4th Martin Turner 18lb 12oz .

Paul drew on the entrance of the Devon Arm and fished the open end feeder with corn to amass almost 40lb of skimmers, Neilsen fished on the next peg with a 3.5mtr whip, for second spot and took over 300 small perch and roach, Andy had a similar net on a 4.5 mtr using maggot and groundbait for 3rd. Conditions were rather challenging with strong winds and constant rain , The Summer League concluded with this match Neilsen ran out the winner on 122pts 2nd Paul Elworthy 110 3rd Martin Turner 105 4th Chris Morris 90

North Devon Match Group Championship No 8 Darracott Reservoir Results

Many thanks to Martin Turner’s weekly updates on North Devon Match Group and Bideford Angling Club Matches

1st   Paul Elworthy 19lb 10oz

2nd  Neilsen Jeffery 16lb 11oz

3rd   Martin Turner 15lb 1oz

4th   Andy Gray 13lb 6oz

5th   John Lacey 13lb 1oz .

Paul drew a peg on the far bank and made the most of the deeper water with pole and corn for a winning bag of skimmers, Neilsen drew the end peg and fished worms on a small feeder for 2nd, Martins net was made up of roach and rudd.

Note Summerlands Tackle sell permits for South West Lakes Trust Fisheries.

Bumper Weights at Stafford Moor

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There have been some stunning weights at Stafford Moor Recently with the cooler changeable weather encouraging the fish to feed hard.

The top six weights in Stafford Moors latest Mid week open all topped the ton with the top weight doubling this at 206lb 11oz.

1st  DEREK BRADSHAW Peg 6 Tanners: 206lbs 11oz

2nd  KEV OSBOURNE Peg 9 Woodpecker: 174lbs 9oz

3rd  ADAM PALMER Peg 20 Woodpecker: 139lbs 9oz

4th   ROB COOMBES Peg 20 Tanners: 122lbs 13oz

5th   MARTIN HEARD Peg 7 Woodpecker: 118lbs 5oz

6th   GEOFF WOODS Peg 18 Woodpecker: 103lbs 10oz

Sunday Open Match August 13th

1st  ROB COOMBES Peg 10 Woodpecker: 114lbs 8oz

2nd  SAM POWELL Peg 15 Tanners: 113lbs 12oz

3rd    DAVE STOCKTON Peg 12 Woodpecker: 100lbs 11oz

Bidefords Monthly Coarse Match

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1st Keith Copland 18lb 11oz

2nd Martin Turner 16lb 9oz

3rd Martin Hawker 12lb 6oz

4th John Lisle 10lb 2oz

After a week of indifferent weather , our members were rewarded with a pleasant summers day. Keith took the honours on peg S with 2 large carp and some perch, he also scooped the golden peg for a bonus’ payday’ . Martin Turner took 2 carp and 2 bream on peg P for 2nd , Martin Hawker had 2 carp on the pole in corner peg M. The silvers bag went to John with 2 big bream and some perch.

North Devon Match Group Summer League Horwood Fishery Result

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North Devon Match Group Summer League Horwood Fishery

Result 1st Paul Elworthy 54lb 10oz

2nd James Grogan 36lb 1oz

3rd John Lacey 27lb 12oz

4th  Neilsen Jeffery 26lb 11oz .

Paul fished on peg 2 with double red maggot on the pole, James came second on the next peg using pole and tip. John took 3rd spot from the end peg on the top lake using paste on the tip.

Bideford Clubs Final Midweek Match Result.

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The final midweek evening comp at Tarka Swims.

1st Craig Crash Lamey 15lb 9oz

2nd Martin Turner 10lb 1oz

3rd Cavan Patterson 6lb 13oz

4th June Hawker 4lb 4oz

A dozen hardy souls braved a wet night at Tarka for the last of Bideford Angling Clubs10 match series, Craig took the honours with 2 carp tench and roach from the un-fancied peg G , Craig caught on cheese on the lead, Martin was second on peg G with a good bream and a late carp on 8mm pellet.  Cavan had a nice carp on the next peg for third.

In the final points tally Keith Copland was unable to defend his lead and Martins 11 points gave him final victory with 66 Keith 64 Cavan 60 Colin Gorman 58 Peter Slade 56. Craig 55


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Many Match anglers would be delighted to top 100lb; Steve Shaw fished a match at the Prolific Stafford Moor to double this weight!

Winner of Stafford Moors Fisho Festival 2017 was Steve Shaw (MOSELLA) who won from peg 1 on Tanners lake with 203lb 8oz!
Twenty anglers contested the competition on Tanners Lake.
Steve won £1000  and the four section winners won £295 each with second in section winners received £140 each.

Bideford Angling Club – Penultimate Summer Evening Match

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1st Martin Turner 10lb 8oz

2nd David Bailey 7lb 9oz

3rd Craig Crash Lamey 6lb 1oz

Martin caught a large carp on luncheon meat on the pole plus a pound of small fish on peg B ,this result moves him in to 2nd place in the league with one match remaining, David took his mirror carp on a bunch of red maggots on peg S , Craig came third with a late fully scaled mirror carp on the tip on pellet. Keith Copland still leads the league with 60 points ,next weeks comp is the final one in the evening league.

North Devon Match Group Championship

NDMG Championship No 7 was held Held at Highampton Fishery .

1st Neilsen Jeffery 60lb 8oz

2nd Phil Jones 40lb 9oz

3rd  Martin Turner 39lb 11oz

Section A Kevin Shears 31lb 9oz

Section B John Lisle 24lb 1oz, .

14 anglers fished the comp, conditions were breezy,warm and damp. Neilsen fished with paste on the long pole for a convincing victory, new member Phil landed his 2nd place bag on the method feeder, Martin was third on banded pellet on pole and tip.

Bidefords Evening comp on Tarka Swims

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Bidefords Evening comp on Tarka Swims was won by Colin Gorman on peg E with a weight of 10lb 9oz, one good bream and a carp on prawn, fished on a method feeder, 2nd place went to Craig Crash Lamey on peg X with 9lb 3oz, Craig unfortunately landed a large carp after time which would have been enough for victory. 3rd place went to Pete Slade on peg A.

12 people enjoyed another warm evening and our league leader is Keith Copland on 50 closely followed by Peter and Colin both on 46

Bideford Monthly Coarse match Result

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Keith Copeland won Bideford’s Monthly Coarse Match at Tarka Swims with 14lb 14oz a bag that contained two good-sized carp. Martin Turner was runner up with three carp for a total of 12lb and John Lisle third with 4lb 11oz.

Keith fished with double maggot on peg M using a pole in the margins he landed 2 good carp to register his 1st victory.

Martin Turner caught 3 carp on running line tactics using banded pellets for 2nd.

John Lisle landed one carp on corn for 3rd , Matt Cross had a fine perch of 2lb 3oz along with roach to take the silvers bag.

Current points John Lisle 98 Martin Turner 81 Steve Bailey 65

Bideford Mid Week Match – Result

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Midweek result from Bideford Club supplied by Martin Turner.

Tarka Swims

1st Kevin Shears 23lb 3oz

2nd Ian Owen 14lb

3rd  Craig Crash Lamey10lb 11oz

4th Colin Gorman 4lb 2oz

5th Kieth Copland 3lb 5oz

Kevin won the match from peg x with 2 large pole caught carp on corn, Ian landed a good carp on the final whistle to add to his bream to push Craig into 3rd.

North Devon Match Group Summer league

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No 3 Upper Tamar Devon Bank.

1st Neilsen Jeffery 30lb 9oz

2nd Martin Turner 27lb 12oz

3rd Christopher Morris 23lb 13oz

4th Paul Ware  21lb 12oz

5th Paul Elworthy 20lb 11oz

Neilsen fished a 5mt whip , near the bench peg on the Devon arm, with groundbait and caster, Martin caught a mainly roach net shallow on hemp. Chris fished a top kit to hand for 3rd and Paul’s 4th place was a feeder caught net of bream.

Bideford and District Angling Club midweek coarse competition.

Match No 5 results

1st Chris Lovell 22Lb 8oz ,

2nd Colin Gorman 21Lb ,

3rd John Lovell 15Lb 8oz ,

4th Pete Slade 4Lb 8oz.

It was a very wet match 9 anglers braved the weather , hence no pictures taken , it turned out to be the Lovell show & Mr Gorman did not read the script. Well done all.

Match report from Martin Turner who was away catching barbel on the River Severn, ( Below) How could I resist putting up a picture of a barbel a first for North Devon Angling News!!

A first Twelve months – Thank You

North Devon Angling News has been up and running for just over twelve months and I hope that it has been of benefit to the local angling community. My intention has always been to entertain and inform. The site would not work without regular news stories from anglers in North Devon and with huge support from my sponsors who have placed adverts with me. I try to give good value and welcome any new supporters who would like to come on-board.

I was going to put up a few highlights from the past year but on reflection this would be difficult as there are so many and I would undoubtedly over look so many so perhaps I should just encourage you to take a look back over your particular area of interest. And don’t forget  to send your latest news and images. If you want to comment you can always do so via the Facebook or twitter feed or even using the telephone.

Bideford – Mid Week Result

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Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Midweek Competition. No4 Results

1st Martin Turner 13lb 3oz

2nd Colin Gorman 6lb 15oz

3rd Peter Slade 4lb 2oz.

15 anglers turned up to fish our regular 3 hour evening comp on the longest day. Martin landed 2 of the larger Tarka carp on a banded 8mm pellet for first place. Colin managed to land one good carp on prawn bait ,whilst Peter caught on bread on peg B. Rhys Eyles still leads the league with 33pts

Stafford Moor Charity Match – Fished beneath blue Skies

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Thirty-Eight anglers raised £3156.75 for Appledore Life Boat and Devon Air Ambulance in a charity match at the prolific Stafford Moor Fishery.

The winning pair were Kevin Shears and Scott Bowden (Above) with a stunning combined weight of 198lb 10oz. In runner up spot were Simon McCarthy and Simon Clarke with 157lb third were Phil Jones and Martin Heard with 146lb 11oz. Individual winner on Tanners Lake was Simon McCarthy with 130lb and individual winner on Woodpecker was Paul Ware with102lb 12oz. Match organiser Neilsen Jeffery gave thanks to fishery owners Joanne and Paul Coombes who made all competitors very welcome. Special thanks was also extended to the events sponsors Summerland’s Tackle, Stafford Moor, Martin Cox Angling Supplies and Adrian Marshall who supplied a fantastic array of prizes.

Joanne Coombes
Dave Downton plays a carp that helped towards a net of 49lb 8oz.
Tom Downing landed 99lb 8oz
A pleasing ghost carp part of my 33lb 12oz net
A cracking carp for Keith Mountjoy
Simon McCarthy with part of his Individual winning bag.
Kevin Shears

The excitement of the weigh in.

Event organizer Neilsen Jeffery presents Simon McCarthy with a cheque for the Appledore LIfeboat totaling £802.12p
Winners -Kevin Shears and Scott Bowden

Bideford Coarse Section Monthly Competition

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Tarka Swims Results

1st Peter Slade 10lb 10oz

2nd Keith Copland 10lb 3oz

3rd John Lisle 6lb 14oz

4th Chris Lovell 2lb 12oz.

Peter drew peg Q and caught a carp and bream on luncheon meat and bread in the margins. Keith took 2nd with a carp on double red maggot in the margins on the pole.Conditions were blustery and warm. Chris Lovell scooped the silver pool with a bream of 2lb 12oz on a feeder.

North Devon Match Group summer league No2 Oaktree top

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NDMG summer league No2 Oaktree top 

1st Paul Morris 63lb 2oz

2nd John Lovell 43lb 5oz

3rd Martin Turner 40lb 2oz

4th Christopher Morris 39lb 15oz

6th John Forster 39lb 1oz

Well done to Paul who fished a very tidy match starting on banded pellet fished shallow on the long pole and later switching to maggot in the margins over groundbait, John fished meat and corn on the pole to finish 2nd ,Martin had 7 carp on meat over hemp for 3rd, Paul Elworthy took the silvers pool with 21lb 1oz of skimmers, conditions were warm and wet, this did not stop half the field landing nets of more than 30lb.

Bideford Mid Week Match

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Midweek comp at Tarka Swims

1st Kieth Copland peg B 15lb 10oz

2nd Cavan Patterson peg F 15oz

3rd Rhys Eyles peg S 10oz.

The match was very well attended but did not fish well. Several large carp were lost luckily Kieth managed to land 2 on double red maggot fished near the lilly pads, on the pole  Cavan fished the pole on peg F for a small carp,tench roach and perch,Rhys Eyles had a nice roach .Pete Slade hooked and landed his fish , unfortunately after the whistle!

North Devon Match Group v Bude

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Martin Turner Reports :-
North Devon Match Group hosted the first leg of the annual inter-club competition on Clawford Fisheries using 3 lakes . Paul Ware landed a fine catch of carp on luncheon meat in the margins of peg 12 on JR,s for 98lb 4oz, 2nd also on JRs was Neilsen Jeffery similar tactics for a net of 87lb 2oz , 3rd place was taken on Edwards lake by Christopher Morris using pellets on the long-pole for a weight of 64lb 6oz , Default sections went to Mathew Sampson Kevin Shears and Paul Morris.  NDMG take a good lead, of 220 points to 131 points, to the return leg on the canal in September. After a very warm thundery day, John and Wanda laid on a most welcome fine spread. Many thanks to all for making a memorable day.

North Devon Match Group Championship No 5 Clawford Fisheries

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Our match was held in bright and breezy conditions, Johns catch of carp to 6lbs was made on paste bait pole fished in the margins, Neilsen fished with similar tactics ,Paul took most of his fish on sweetcorn. We are looking forward to next weeks match which is our annual inter club against the Bude canal angling club. 2 teams of 14 will compete on 3 of the Clawford Fisheries lakes.
North Devon Match Group Championship No 5 Clawford Fisheries Fletchers
1st John Lisle 60lb
2nd Neilsen Jeffery 40lb 2oz
3rd Paul Ware 29lb 10oz
4th Andy Gray 22lb 8oz
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Stafford MoorMay Festival 2017 sponsored by Preston Innovations

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Worthy winner of The Stafford Moor May festival 2017 sponsored by Preston Innovations was Jimmy Guise; Timmy who had 6 points with a total winning weight of 463lb 9oz. In second place with 6 points and a total weight of 361lb 13oz was Perry Stone.  In third place with 7 points and a winning weight of 437lb 9oz was Lee Werrett (bait tech / Middy) well done to all the guys who fished the May festival 2017 and a big thank you to  sponsors Preston Innovations who kindly donated some prizes for the winners which was much appreciated by the team at Stafford Moor.

Bideford Match Result

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A beautiful day greeted an almost full house for Bidefords Monthly Coarse Match competition. Craig Lamey landed 4 large carp on banded pellet in the margins on the pole. John took 3 on the pole on peg D , Pete landed the largest on the day with a pole caught specimen on luncheon meat, it went 14lb 14oz off peg I. Several good bream,carp and a nice perch made up the backing weights.

1st   Craig Crash Lamey 53lb 12oz

2nd John Lovell 27lb 5oz

3rd   Pete Slade 22lb 4oz

North Devon Tackle Enjoy top sport at Jennets

 North Devon Tackle Club…Held their latest match at Jennets Reservoir where they enjoyed some great sport.
Norman Martin Won the match with 40lb 7oz. Runner up was Simon Poynter with 36lb 5oz and third Kevin Wilton with 31lb 7oz. Forth place went to Peter Seaward with 24lb 12oz.
Norman fished the venue a couple of weeks before the event and enjoyed success with a 19lb 14oz Carp.(Below)
In addition he landed 121lb of bream and 7lb of roach. (below)

Sunday Open Result Stafford Moor

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The latest open match on Tanners and Woodpecker lakes had a full complement  of 40 anglers fishing. The weather was glorious sunshine and bright blue skies. The match saw a continental payout and the  winner of the day was Gary Mealing peg 1 on Woodpecker lake with 154lb 4oz fishing 8mm pellet on the waggler well done Gary!

Second place was Alan Lambert peg 5 on Tanners with 111lb 15oz

Third place was Mick Simpson peg 18 on Woodpecker with 148lb 6oz

North Devon Match Group Summer League No.1 Upper Tamar Cornwall Bank

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Nathan Underwood

Many thanks to Martin Turner for his quality pictures and write up.

1st Nathan Underwood 37lb 1oz

2nd Christopher Morris 32lb 11oz

3rd Kier Durrant 25lb 4oz

The Cornish bank of Upper Tamar Lake hosted the 1st summer league of group, Nathan put an impressive 37lb 1oz of roach and perch on the scales for a convincing victory, he fished long pole and maggot over groundbait. Christopher drew peg 1 and had a similar catch also on the pole, Kier ,our youngest member took third on whip tactics.Several larger perch,bream and hybrids showed on feeder tactics on the middle pegs but not enough to trouble the end pegs.

Stafford Moor Open result

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The Open Match Sunday on Tanners and Woodpecker lakes attracted a field of 37 angers. Weather was described as awful cold, with wind and  rain ! There was a continental payout . The top weight was 165lb 13oz from Dave Stockton peg 3 on Tanners lake fishing 8mm pellet on the waggler well done Dave !

In 2nd place was Nigel Rhodes peg 18 on Woodpecker lake with 135lb 11oz

In 3rd place was Tony Rixon peg 13 on Tanners Lake with 133lb 8oz

In 4th place was Andy Dare peg 16 on Woodpecker lake with 106lb 15oz

In 5th place was Mark Layzelle peg 35 on Tanners with 96lb 14oz

6th place was Paul Heywood peg 2 on Woodpecker with 103lb 14oz

Triple Hook – Its silvers for Dennis at Darracott

Dennis Toleman secured victory in Triple Hook Clubs Slade Trophy Match fished at Darracott where he put together a net of silvers totaling 9lb 4oz. In runner up spot was John Vaughan with 6lb and third Kevin Hancock with 2lb.

Coarse Fishing at Darracott Reservoir

Darracott, Torrington, Devon EX38 7HL
Situated just outside Torrington, Darracott is a real mixed fishery. It is perfect for beginners or pleasure anglers and is loaded with plenty of fish. At 3 acres in size there are plenty of swims for you to choose from. The carp can be caught all over the lake but they do take surface baits in the warmer months which can be great fun. Mixed bags of up to 40lbs are common. There is some cracking perch and roach fishing to be had. The first swim is only 20 yards from the car park if you don’t want to walk too far.


Stafford Moor – Match Results

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Open match here at Stafford Moor Fishery on Sunday 23rd April with 20 fishing on Woodpecker lake. Competitors had some  fabulous weights with the winner Gary Mealing Peg 17  bagging himself 155lb 8oz fishing 8mm pellet on the waggler.  In second place was Kevin Osbourne peg 2 with 144lb 2oz

In third place was Andy Dare peg 16 with 132lb

In forth place was Stewart Riddle peg 1 with 126lb 2oz

Our section winners were Steve Foreshaw peg 20 with 114lb 4oz and also Mark Lazelle peg 9 with 93lb 4oz

The next match is on Wednesday 26th April

Open Match Report From Stafford Moor

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Report From Joanne at Stafford Moor

Stafford Moor Fishery in Dolton,

we have just weighed the guys for our open match with 35 guys fishing on Tanners and Woodpecker. It was soooooooo cold today my hands are numb ! and that’s just weighing in !! Had a continental payout today .Our top weight of the day was from Gary Mealing peg 3 on Tanners lake with 205lb 2oz fishing 8mm pellet on the wag shallow well done Gal !

2nd place was Nigel Rhodes peg 10 on Woodpecker with 140lb 4oz

3rd place was Mark Layzelle peg 1 tanner with 193lb 1oz

4th place was Martin Heard peg 17 Woodpecker with 136lb 9oz

5th place was Mike Ogorman peg 34 Tanners with 161lb 11oz

6th place was Richard James peg 2 Woodpecker with 127lb 5oz

Section winners were :
Tanners Dave Stockton peg 6 Tanners with 157lb 2oz & Tony Burslem peg 35 with 125lb 3oz

Woodpecker Paul Goulding peg 8 Woodpecker with 89lb 11oz & Roger Crago peg 16 Woodpecker with 78lb 15oz

North Devon Match Group April 16th Championship No4 Melbury Reservoir

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North Devon Match Group April 16th Championship No4 Melbury Reservoir

1st Paul Elworthy 32lb 15oz

2nd John Lisle 11lb

3rd Nathan Underwood 4lb 8oz

4th Martin Turner 3lb 9oz.

Paul fished a small groundbait feeder from a peg on the road side, his excellent catch consisted of skimmers and rudd. John had a similar bag from the next peg, The rest of the field struggled for odd bites in a cold westerly wind.

Stafford Moor – Sunday Open – Double Ton

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Stafford Moors Open match on Tanners and Woodpecker lakes, had a continental pay out .  The day commenced with glorious sunshine and then bitter cold and cloudy in the afternoon  Despite this lakes fished well especially Woodpecker !!!! A big well done to Phil Hardwick who bagged a fabulous weight of 255lb 6oz from peg 17 on Woodpecker fishing 8mm pellet fishing the Pole up the edge.

2nd place was: Martin Heard (Mosella) peg 11 Tanners with 124lb 4oz

3rd place was : Mark Layzelle peg 11 on Woodpecker with 190lb 4oz

4th place was : Tim Hagg peg 20 on Tanner with 91lb

5th place was :Paul Morris peg 1 on Woodpecker with 139lb

6th place was: Boz Phillips peg 25 on Tanner with 86lb 14oz

Our silvers winner of the day was Peter Randall with 31lb 8oz from peg 34 on Tanners

Bideford – Monthly Coarse Match

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Bideford And District Angling Clubs monthly competition  saw 14 anglers compete at Tarka Swims, where they were  reminded that we are still in early spring by the cool breeze, despite this some large fish were prepared to feed. Pete Slade landed a common carp of nearly 15lb, after an arm aching battle of well over an hour ,this secured victory. Most fish fell to pole fished maggot. John Lisle still leads the league with 70 points Steve Bailey 2nd on 58 April monthly comp

Tarka Swims

1st Pete Slade 14lb 13oz

2nd Steve Bailey 12lb 6oz

3rd John Lovell 12lb 3oz

4th Stuart Bailey 11lb 15oz

North Devon Match Group – Final Winter League- A smashing Match

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Final Winter League NDMG Morchard Road

1st Paul Ware 79lb 2oz

2nd Nathan Underwood 29lb 14oz

3rd Kevin Shears 28lb 8oz

4th Paul Elworthy 22lb 4oz

5th Andy Gray 21lb 5oz .

Many Thanks to Martin Turner for the report on this eventful match!

Kevin Shears 145 Nath 140 me 135 very

Winner of winter league Kevin Shears145 points 2nd Nathan Underwood140 points  3rd Martin Turner 135 points  The match was held in beautiful spring weather, although half the field really struggled , even the small rudd did not seem to feed. Nathan , and Paul Elworthy got off to great starts on paste on the pole ,as their swims dried up , Paul Ware began to catch in the neck of the Narrow section and continued till the end. As you can see the match was not without incident , Ben Hathaway’s peg was invaded by a boy racer in a red Ford !! Breaking his pole in the process!

217lb 5oz wins Stafford Moor Match!

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Stafford Moors open match on Sunday 2nd April saw a field of twenty eight fishing on Tanners and Woodpecker lakes. The event had a continental payout.
Here at the results:

1st was Mark Cullerton with 217lb 5oz from peg 11 on Woodpecker 6mm pellet down the edge

2nd Freddie Roberts with 150lb 5oz from peg 18 on Tanners feeding 6mm pellet down the edge

3rd Steve Ford 150lb 6oz from peg 16 on Woodpecker

Amazing Silver nets at Stafford Moor

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The winner of the Silvers festival at Stafford Moor was Des Shipp (PRESTON INNOVATIONS) who had only 5 points !  In second place was Adam Lee with 8 points and In third  Richard James with 9 points.   Some amazing silver fish nets weights during the five day festival a total of 3360lb which is an average of 23lb per angler per day.

Day 1

1st  DES SHIP Peg 11 Pines: 54lbs 8oz

2nd PAUL BURCKETT Peg 9 Pines: 50lbs 0oz

3rd  GARY SMITH Peg 10 Pines: 43lbs 1

Day 2

1st  ZAC NEWTON Peg 10 Pines: 40lbs 14oz

2nd MARK TAYLOR Peg 8 Pines: 39lbs 3oz

3rd ADAM LEE Peg 12 Pines: 38lbs 6oz

Day 3

1st  PETE BENNETT Peg 14 Pines: 43lbs 3oz

2nd RICHARD JAMES Peg 11 Pines: 38lbs 14oz

3rd  DES SHIP Peg 13 Tanners: 38lbs 10oz

Day 4

1st  BRUCE HUNT Peg 9 Pines: 61lbs 12oz

2nd KEITH NEEDHAM Peg 10 Pines: 52lbs 3oz

3rd  ADAM LEE Peg 12 Pines: 50lbs 13oz

A fine net of Stafford Silvers

Bideford and District Coarse Section Monthly Competition Highampton Lake

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Bideford and District Coarse Section Monthly Competition Highampton Lake


1st John Lovell 53lb 12oz

2nd Colin Gorman 21lb 3oz

3rd Martin Turner 18lb 4oz

4th John Lisle 16lb 2oz

Blustery conditions proved tricky John found some large carp willing to feed in the margins on double corn, Colin fished with prawn bait on a feeder.

Silver Festival – Stafford Moor

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Weather conditions were much improved for the Final of Stafford Moors MFS Silver Festival but a bitter cold wind still lingered. The weights on the final day were excellent. ,Tanners fished well with Pines fishing even better! The top weight was 31lb 9oz from Colin Mercer who fished peg 12 on Pines fishing maggot over worm.  The Winner of the MFS Silvers Festival 2017 is Colin Mercer who had only 6 points! well done Colin.

Fishery owner Joanne Combes “What a fantastic week Paul and i have had with you all so much fun and laughter and fantastic weights,see you all next year!”

The Top Ten below

  • COLIN MERCER (MERCE) Peg 12 Pines: 31lbs 9oz
  • MARTIN WEDLEY (CARPY MARTY) Peg 7 Pines: 28lbs 8oz
  • STEVE MARTIN (ROLIO) Peg 13 Pines: 27lbs 14oz
  • WAYNE KEARNEY (LONG TALL SALLY) Peg 4 Tanners: 27lbs 9oz
  • RICH HOSKISS Peg 9 Pines: 26lbs 4oz
  • DAVE JOHNSON (SILVER) Peg 36 Tanners: 26lbs 0oz
  • CHRIS HAINES (HAINSEY) Peg 10 Pines: 23lbs 15oz
  • MARK SAUNDERS Peg 8 Pines: 23lbs 11oz
  • ANDY BAYLEY Peg 34 Tanners: 23lbs 9oz
  • PETE BAILEY Peg 3 Pines: 22lbs 10oz

Stafford Moor Sunday Open

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The Sunday Open on Tanners lake was fished in heavy rain and gusting wind. Despite this  Mark Lazelle put together a winning net of 106lb 6oz  fishing 11mm pellet down the edge and cage feeder.

  1. MARK LAZELLE Peg 18 Tanners: 106lbs 6oz
  2. MARTIN HEARD Peg 35 Tanners: 69lbs 7oz
  3. MAL KING Peg 11 Tanners: 56lbs 6oz
  4. DUNCAN EDWARDS Peg 34 Tanners: 55lbs 11oz
  5. KEV OSBOURNE Peg 27 Tanners: 47lbs 0oz
  6. KEV SHEARS Peg 25 Tanners: 43lbs 7oz
  7. NATHAN UNDERWOOD Peg 6 Tanners: 38lbs 7oz
  8. ZAC NEWTON Peg 36 Tanners: 32lbs 13oz
  9. TONY BURSLEM Peg 1 Tanners: 31lbs 14oz
  10. IAN GRAY Peg 9 Tanners: 29lbs 2oz
  11. JOHN LACY Peg 13 Tanners: 28lbs 14oz
  12. MARK HAYMAN Peg 3 Tanners: 28lbs 12oz
  13. PHILL COLES Peg 32 Tanners: 11lbs 1oz

North Devon Match Group Championship No. 2 Jennetts Reservoir

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North Devon Match Group Championship No. 2 Jennetts Reservoir

(Above) Winner Martin Turner

Some stunning nets of silver fish from Jennetts Reservoir in North Devon Match Groups latest competition. A great test of the all round match anglers skill set.

1st Martin Turner 23lb 10oz

2nd Nielsen Jeffery 16lb 13oz

3rd Kevin Shears 14lb 10oz ,

Section Winners

Wayne Mitchell 13lb

kier Durrant  10lb 14oz

(Above) Nielsen Jeffery

(Above)Kevin Shears

A Message from Bideford Angling Club

Pete Skinner of Bideford & District Angling Club contacted me and asked me to stress that despite the closure of the clubhouse. Bideford and District Angling Club is very much still in existence, still running sea, game and coarse competitions and the Tarka swims lakes complex is still open and taking new memberships. All renewals and applications for membership can be made at Anglers Heaven, Market Place, Bideford. By kind consent of Tom Wade. The clubs results are a regular feature here on North Devon Angling News.

Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly Competition

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Some surprisingly good weights despite a cold North East wind in the monthly match as reported by Martin Turner.
Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly Competition was held at Lake View Morchard Road.
1st John Lisle 42lb 10oz
2nd Steve Bailey 32lb 13oz
3rd Kevin Shears 31lb 11oz
4th Antony Bentley 22lb 12oz.
Freezing cold easterly winds made the fishing very uncomfortable ,despite this some good catches were made , John caught 25 carp down the edge on maggot , Steve’s feeder caught net just pipped Kevin’s long pole corn catch.
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The Open/league match on Tanners & Woodpecker lakes. Had a continental payout.

Competitors competed against both fellow anglers and difficult conditions as an icy cold wind brought arctic like conditions !!

Winner  was Andy Dare who fished on Woodpecker peg 11 with a weight of 27lb 9oz; fished Maggot down the edge.


North Devon Match Group Winter League No4 Oaktree Lakes

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1st Andy Gray 56lb 13oz
2nd John Lisle 41lb 3rd
3rd Tom Downing 18lb 9oz
4th James Grogan 17lb 1oz
5th John Lovell 12lb 6oz
6th Ian Owen 10lb 12oz
Martin Turner reports :- Interesting event using both top and bottom lakes , 7 anglers on each, cold easterly conditions ensured that fishing proved quite tough, Andy Gray found a dozen carp willing to take his pole fished maggot on the bottom of the near shelf , John Lisle took second with a similar bag from the margins on the bottom lake, Tom Downings near 20lb of skimmers on the top lake was taken on the long pole.
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Kevin Wilton was North Devon Tackle Clubs club champion and received his award at the club first presentation night at Cedars Inn. Norman Martin was runner up and silverfish champion,Simon Poynter won biggest fish/best specimen cup with  17lb 9oz carp,and he also picked up overall weight cup.

The clubs  first match of the season is at Slade this on Sunday 5th  February.


North Devon Match Group -Championship No 1 Champion of champions

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Championship No 1 Champion of champions

1st Kevin Shears 69lb


2nd Neilsen Jeffery 59lb 4oz


3rd Martin Turner 54lb 14oz


4th Nathan Underwood 50lb 15oz

5th Ian ‘Cosmic’ Croxton 44lb 4oz

A very wet day !! Match held on Oak pool Stafford Moor , fished very well smallish carp dominated the catches , long pole fished corn or maggot proved the best tactics .


Match next weekend on the bottom pond at Oaktree

Stafford Moor Open Result

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Stafford Moor Open/ League Match continental payout.

The match was on Oak Tree & Tanners with Twenty Competitors

The winner was Andy Dare on peg 12 with 99lb 9oz fishing 6mm down the edge .

In second place was Phill Waters peg 3 on Tanners with 40lb 1oz

In third place was Ian Croxton peg 9 on Oak with 78lb 3oz

The silvers winner was Ian Gray peg 36 Tanners with 10lb 8oz


North Devon Match Group – Winter League 3 Mill Pond

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North Devon Match Group enjoyed some fine silver fish sport at Mill Pond Berrynarbor.

Kevin Shears landed a fantastic 38lb 10oz of roach and hybrids on caster over hemp on the long pole ,for a convincing victory. John Lisle took second with 4 carp on the method and pole, third Martin Turner had all roach on caster. Andy’s 4th place was boosted with a stunning chub.

1st Kevin Shears 38lb 10oz 2nd John Lisle 24lb 7oz 3rd Martin Turner 23lb 8oz 4th Andy Gray 11lb 7oz

Kevin Shears – Stunning net of silvers

16121379_611165932400947_625320288_oJohn Lisle with one of his four carp

Martin Turner

16106135_611166969067510_833927953_oAndy Gray – Chub estimated at 4lb

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Bideford and District Coarse Section Monthly Competition

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Bideford and District Coarse Section Monthly Competition.

Martin Turner reports –

11 anglers turned out for our January Comp at Harepie, conditions were mild and damp. Winner Paul Morris found a shoal of carp and caught 9 fish on corn at 14 metres . John Lisle had 3 carp on maggot for 2nd he maintains his lead in the overall league.

Harepie Fishery Results :

1st Paul Morris 43lb 12oz

2nd John Lisle  20lb 1oz

3rd Matt Cross  14lb 4oz

4th Martin Turner 14lb 1oz

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Clawford Christmas Result

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15747391_1843172555940126_6623168851197869756_nClawford Christmas match saw anglers greeted by the hardest frost of the year so far, “bloody freezing”. Still 34  anglers had a days fishing as surprisingly there was only a bit of light ice at the ends of the lake.

Always gong to be a testing match but well done to Martin Turner who managed the top weight from peg 23 on JRs 34lb 6oz. second was Nick Jones with 24.15 from peg 9 on Fletcher’s and third was Thomas Downing with 21lb 4oz from peg 4 on Chris Boulton  picked up the silver fish pool.
Nielsen Jeffery who organized the match would like  everyone who turned up and supported the day, and thanks to all for great company.
Thank you to John, Wanda Ray and Michelle Jeffery for their hospitality and help with the breakfasts.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Its been just over six months since I launched North Devon Angling News aiming to be the one stop for angling news in North Devon.

A special thanks to all who have supported the project by sending me news, taking out an advert or just taking a look. In the coming year I will continue to build the site and welcome any pictures, articles that will be of interest to anglers in North Devon. Since June the site has been viewed well over 20,000 times. Below are a few highlights from the year.

Reel Deal -450lb porbeagle shark
Julian and Carla at the Rising Sun Umberleigh a real anglers pub.
Emma Tyjas
Emma Tyjas
Wedded bliss at Anglers Paradise
Andrew Atkinson with a smoothound of 15lb 1oz
Andrew Atkinson with a smoothound of 15lb 1oz
Mick Whitfield with his 45lb 2oz mirror carp
Mick Whitfield with his 45lb 2oz mirror carp A Kracking carp!
Thresher Shark
Thresher Shark – Reel Deal
Rob Scoines with his first brace of trout
Rob Scoines with his first brace of trout from Bratton Water
Dave James and Craig Lacey receive £2000.JPG
Dave James and Craig Lacey receive £2000 South West Lakes Trust
Liam Stevens – 15lb 8oz
North Devon Show
Wistlandpound Brown Trout

14322590_1494095073940038_7282370271101400434_nBlakewell Double

Shore Caught tope
Specimen Perch Upper Tamar – Chris Lambert 3lb 4oz

14695536_10154470454560560_1727186096722278141_nAutumn mullet – Dan Welch15231638_1054230368056045_497843651_o John Shapland – Flounder brace

Blakewell Double – James Thomas


Anglers Paradise

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Stafford Moor – Christmas Match

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Report from Joanne Combes

The Christmas match was held on Tanners & Woodpecker lakes. Had a continental payout top 4 was paid out plus a silvers pool and 4 x section winners.
Well done to Mark Hayman! who won from peg 7 on Woodys with 63lb 6oz fishing waggler on the deck.
In second place was Steve Ford peg 3 on Tanners with 35lb 14oz
I’m third place was Jim Lawrie peg 2 on Woodys with 57lb 3oz
In forth place was Mark Lazelle peg 9 Tanners with 27lb

Silvers winner was Rob Watts peg 6 Tanners with 10lb 10oz of silvers

Section winners Tanners :
Mark hill peg 1
Rob Watts peg 6

Section winners Woodys :
Paul Tidball peg 6
Phill Hardwick peg 24

Jo would like to thank  everyone who fished the match Merry Christmas to all see you in 2017 !

We have a hangover match Sunday 8th January please let me know of you would like to join us thank you Jo


North Devon Match Group Christmas competition and final Championship results ;

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1st Andy Gray 43lb 5oz

2nd Paul Ware 30lb 11oz

3rd Andy Brayley 30lb 7oz

4th Martin Turner 29lb 4oz

5th James Grogan 22lb 13oz

Good match , 16 anglers turned out,both top and bottom lakes were used, slight frost and still conditions proved challenging, The winner Andy Gray has caught on pole fished maggot Paul Ware used similar tactics for second ,Final League Table 1st Martin Turner 290pts 2nd Thomas Downing 270pts 3rd Neilsen Jeffery 235pts


15625946_598701003647440_5180716161431744750_o15493711_598704763647064_5675354535397233143_oJohn Forster caught this fine brace of perch totalling 4lb 4oz on red maggot.
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Bideford Coarse section Christmas competition.

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Every fish counts in match fishing and Bideford Club members struggled to catch any fish at all in their Christmas competition at Tarka Swims.

Bideford Coarse section Christmas competition.

Tarka Swims Winner on the day and golden peg Antony Bentley 2nd John Lovell joint 3rd John Lisle/ Ian Owen. Very tough day but all competitors left with prizes. Antony caught several small roach on pole fished maggot, John Lovell had a similar catch, 2 carp were hooked but lost.The lake is due to receive some restocking this Wednesday so the future of this wonderful club asset is assured.

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NORTH DEVON MATCH GROUP – Winter League Result

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Winter League No2 Oaktree

 1st Paul Morris 53lb 12oz 2nd Nathan Underwood 30lb 5oz 3rd John Forster 18lb 12oz 4th Kevin Shears 13lb 14oz

11 hardy soles turned out in freezing conditions , Paul Morris scored a resounding victory after a break from match fishing, Paul caught a dozen carp on long pole and maggot tactics, Nathan took his bag on similar tactics.

Thanks to Martin Turner for the results and write up.

15259213_591612687689605_6543956840357103202_o(Above) Paul Morris

15288468_591612794356261_7723895966343576070_o(Above) Nathan Underwood

15259274_591612927689581_6465365533631700701_o(Above) John Forster

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Clawford Open Result

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Clawford Fisheries open on Sunday November 27th was fished on Fletchers Lake and Edwards Lake, good weights on Edwards but hard work on Fletchers for most! Winner on the day was John Forster with 56lb 8oz from peg 8 on Edwards, Neilsen Jeffery finished second from peg 17 on Fletchers with 50lb 8oz and Chris Boulton was third with 37lb 1oz from peg 6 on Edwards, Chris was closely followed by Kier Durrant with 36lb 10oz and Steve Hayman with 35lb 14oz.
This open is run simultaneous with the Clawford winter league and the third league match will be on Sunday January 22nd as the fourth Sunday in December is not suitable for some!!
Also note we are running a open match at Clawford Fisheries with a optional stay the night deal on December 29th.

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North Devon Match Group Championship

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Oak Lake – Stafford Moor Results

1st Nielsen Jeffery 85lb 6oz 2nd Tom Downing 79lb 9oz 3rd Kevin  Shears 44lb 4th Nathan Underwood 32lb 10oz 5th Phil Watters 24lb 13oz

Well done chaps , Nielsen  caught 25 carp on corn over micros on the 13m pole , Tom  had a similar bag on same tactics with some late edge fish on bread. Conditions ,after heavy over night rain from Storm Angus were cold ,still and bright.



Bideford & District Angling Club Coarse Section November Monthly Competition.

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Many thanks to Martin Turner for his weekly Match result update

Tarka Swims

15016153_580778688773005_7866631727210812638_oCraig Lamey

Results 1st Craig Crash Lamey 22lb 9oz 2nd Antony Bentley 9lb 13oz 3rd Ian Owen 8lb 11oz 4th John Lisle 2lb 2oz

15025187_580778752106332_1121063050281654556_oAntony Bentley

15042162_580778888772985_1237646732514042226_oIan Owen

15002463_580778998772974_1021858571915197669_oJohn Lisle

Lovely weather for mid November; despite this the fishing was hard work. Craig landed 2 carp and 2 big bream on pole fished maggot to secure victory. Tony’s single carp of nearly 10lb narrowly pipped Ian’s 2 fish . The silvers pool was won by John Lisle with a single bream of 2lb 2oz .Next club comp will be the Christmas match at Tarka on Dec 11th.

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Here are the results from Stafford Moor’s Silver Manic Festival 2016. The  winner was Mr Andy Griffiths with 10lb 5oz from peg 36 well done Andy ! Who picked up £1000.The competitors battled against a bitter cold wind throughout the day.  The fishery had 3 x 1st in section winners who each won £200 and 3 x 2nd in section winners who all won £100 each these are:

1st Chris Davis
2nd Dave smith

1st Bradley Gibbons (MAVER)
2nd Chris Bailey

1st Peter Randle
2nd Mark Warren



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North Devon Tackle AC held their latest match at Wooda Lakes Complex  (match carp lake) on Sunday November 6th. Fishing was tough with cold weather overnight. Top weight went to Kevin Wilton with 51lb 13oz of carp on pole and feeder. Second was Peter Seaward with 40lb 11oz and third was Dion Martin with 31lb 15oz.


   Kevin Wilton (Above)

14591664_1481798831834375_4514980478741362512_n                       (Above) Peter Seaward

14915137_1481798861834372_7434962139914637715_n                        (Above ) Dion Martin



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I have fond memories of Mill Pond near Berrynarbour as it was the venue from which I caught my first coarse fish over forty years ago. It is great to see the fishery returning to its former glory. I love the picture of Martins bulging net of silver among the carpet of crisp Autumn leaves. Well done Martin a great haul of silvers!

North Devon Match Groups  Winter League No 1 at  Mill Park

1st Martin Turner 28lb 5oz 2nd Nathan Underwood 16lb 14oz 3rd Pete Slade 14lb 1oz 4th Christopher Morris 12lb 8oz 5th Ben Hathaway 8lb 14oz

Martin Turner (Above)

Martin’s Match Summary –

Fished a bit strange, the pegs on the road side were very tough , those of us on the boathouse area found some roach willing to feed.I caught some better quality roach on caster over hemp at 10 metres, Nathan had smaller roach over groundbait, whilst Pete had skimmers on soft pellet, and Chris fished a small cage feeder. The only carp caught was on bread by new member Ben Hathaway.

Members please do not forget AGM at The Barn Bickington on Thursday

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STAFFORD MOOR – Silver Manic Festival – Practice Day

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Stafford Moor are hosting the Silver Manic Festival over the weekend the practice Match on Friday November 4th was fished on Tanners , Woodpecker and Pines lake 42  fishing. Well done to Andy Morrison who was the winner of the day with 28lb 8oz he fished on Woodpecker peg 28 Andy fished red maggot. In second place was Chris Simmons who fished Tanners peg 32 and bagged himself 21lb 1oz well done to everyone who fished today. .Day one of the Silvermanic festival starts tomorrow with the final on Sunday i will keep you all posted with results.
 1st Andy Morrison Peg 28 Woodpecker: 28lbs 8oz
 2nd .Chris Simmons Peg 32 Tanners: 21lbs 1oz
 3rd  Dave Smith  Peg 24 Woodpecker: 19lbs 0oz
4th  Adrian Marshal Peg 26 Woodpecker: 16lbs 9oz

Day one of our Silvermanic Festival here at Stafford Moor. Was a freezing cold day. Had 3 guys from each section on each lake qualify today. These are Tanners: Rob Henrick, Mark Warren, Andy Griffiths, Tom Downing, David Smith, Boz Phillips. Woodpecker: Duncan Edwards, Adam Palmer, Chris Davis, Jim Lawrie, Bradley Gibbons, John Fridge. Oak: Peter Randle, Adrian Marshall, Steve Clark. Pines: Chris Bailey, Dave Carter, Paul Burckett.

1st -ANDY GRIFFITHS Peg 36 Tanners: 18lbs 7oz

2nd  ROB HENRICK Peg 4 Tanners: 13lbs 11oz

3rd  STEVE CLARK Peg 15 Oak: 12lbs 6oz

4th   ADRIAN MARSHALL Peg 14 Oak: 11lbs 2oz


GONE FISHING CLUB Match Report No 5 Date: 29-10-2016 Venue: Hair Pie

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Below is the latest report from Gone Fishing Clubs – Ian Owen They fished the prolific Harepie Fishery near Newbridge.

This weeks match was held at Hair Pie which although a small venue is well stocked and early signs were it would produce good healthy bags for all involved.

Chris Lamey set us of with a lovely few carp back to back and this just snowballed as everyone fishing was catching, although not all of the anglers were catching carp.

Plenty of silvers coming out and as the day went on it was clear that John Lovell was producing the weights as he was very busy with carp and lots of silvers.

Matt Cross who was on the other side of the lake was not catching carp but was in to a good run of silvers with some impressive Roach, we also had Tom Owen catching plenty of silvers and fishing on corn and maggot, off course the best weather for roach so not a surprise.

Lovell stormed ahead with Craig Lamey making a late surge and having lost a few decent carp in the tight peg on the lake he was unlucky to finish in second.
Some hard work from all who entered and the banter was flowing thick and fast.

A great match and plenty of banter got the anglers through the cold day

The results:

1st  – John Lovell49lb 10oz

2nd – Craig Lamey 39lb 5oz

3rd  – Ian Owen 26lb 10oz gonefishingclub/

Another Great day fishing well done all who entered and next week sees a different setting being Slade Reservoir and with the last hour being tackle away and spinning for pike and perch.



Clawford Winter League,

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Match 1 on JRS a horrible windy day
just a couple of pictures from it courtesy of of John Forster. Very good weights from all around the lake considering the bitter cold east wind.

1st Chris Morris   47 .13
2nd Steve Barrell 35.08
3rd Steve Hayman 35. 07
4th John Forster   32 00
5th Tom Downing  31 10
6th Gary Thornton  20 01
7th Nielsen Jeffery 16, 03
8th John Lisle      12 08



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Gone Fishing Club Match report

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Ian Owen

Match Report No 4 – By Ian Owen
Date: 22-10-2016
Venue: Stafford Moor – Tanners

This match saw the anglers go to the much loved Stafford Moor  Tanners lake.
A match venue which had seen some big hauls over the summer months but with the very dramatic drop in temperature it would be a testing day for all taking part.

A cold and foggy outlook but with the sun shine trying to break through and warm the water up.

The match was as predicted very slow however the silvers where coming out and Ian Owen was slowly making an early impact having caught some very nice roach and skimmers.
Keith Copland also started to catch having attracted the perch, also catching was Craig Lamey, it appeared this could be a three horse race with no carp showing at this time.

As the day went on it was the same situation as the three guys kept catching although slowly and still not managing to attract the much anticipated carp.

A great match at a lovely venue ended up seeing all silvers. The results:

1st Place – Ian Owen 9lb 10oz
2nd place – Criag Lamey 8lb 4oz
3rd place – Keith Copeland 6lb 4oz

Craig Lamey

14825683_10154637154854913_7416955_nKeith Copeland

Great fishing well done boys off to Hair Pie next week.



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Ian Owen

Match Report No 3
Date: 12-10-2016
Venue: High Hampton Lake 2

Match number three was at the fine venue of High Hampton although it was a strange one as it was on lake 2 which is a lake that fishermen never fish.

It was well under way and with an early push from Mathew Cross who in the first two hours had netted 10 carp, this was much to the surprise of other anglers as they were sitting staring in amazement and wondering what was happening.

Until Thomas Owen had a surge and caught four Carp back to back, a great effort from Tom on the day who won Man off the match as he has transferred over from Carp tackle to pole fishing and showed he was improving weekly.

John Lovell also started to catch, having caught some nice skimmers and a fair size bream on the feeder, we also saw last weeks winner netting some nice carp in an attempt to catch up with Cross who was now standing still as his swim had died

Other fisherman on the lake had also been catching and a wide size and variety of fish was being caught to make the match a close one, Cross had obviously capitalized on that early lead and wasn’t to be caught.

The results:

Ian Owen

Match Secretary GFC (Gone Fishing Club)

Mobile: 07399548798

1st place Matt Cross – 28lbs 5oz

2nd place John Lovell – 16lb 8oz

3rd place Tom Owen – 14lb .7oz

A total of 12 competed on the day.

Great fishing well done boys off to Stafford next week.

(Above)Keith Copland


(Above)Thomas Owen
(Above)Matt Cross


North Devon Match Group – Result – Top Silver Fish Hauls

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North Devon Match Group Championship No 9 Tamar Lake Devon Bank

14753704_566524383531769_5345225523042837951_oNorth Devon match Group members enjoyed some top rate silver fish sport at Upper Tamar fishing the Devon bank. Many thanks to Martin Turner who makes the effort to send me the results and image for each competition; much appreciated.

Neilsen Jeffery , winning catch mainly roach from the Devon Arm on the whip to hand, very close second Tom Downing with over 300 small perch and roach short line on the pole. Good back up weights on feeder and pole tactics in challenging conditions.


1st Nielsen Jeffery 33lb 12oz

2nd Tom Downing 32lb 14oz

3rd Christopher Morris 26lb 13oz

4th Martin Turner 20lb 12oz


14711141_566524583531749_8046770341006360877_oAdvert  - Summerlands Tacklelogo


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October 10th – Day 1

Day one of the October Festival at Stafford Moor. A fabulous weight from Ricky Johnston who fished on peg 8 on Woodpecker lake bagged himself 116lb 10oz fishing 8mm pellet

1st   RICKY JOHNSTON Peg 8 Woodpecker: 116lbs 10oz

2nd  LEE WERRETT Peg 5 Oak: 115lbs 14oz

3rd   PETER UPPERTON Peg 20 Oak: 103lbs 6oz

4th   RICHARD WYLIE Peg 22 Tanners: 103lbs 3oz

October 11th – Day 2

Day two of the October Festival 2016. Weather bitter cold with bright sunshine which made the fishing extra hard today! Had a top weight from Craig Edmonds peg 20 on Woodpecker Lake with a weight of 139lb

1st CRAIG EDMONDS Peg 20 Woodpecker: 139lbs 0oz

2nd STEVE SHAW Peg 24 Woodpecker: 96lbs 12oz

3rd  IAN PRETTY Peg 36 Woodpecker: 96lbs 12oz

4th  CHRIS BISHOP Peg 12 Woodpecker: 71lbs 15oz


NATHAN UNDERWOOD Peg 25 Tanners: 62lbs 14oz(Above)

October 12th – Day 3

1st  ZAC NEWTON Peg 30 Tanners: 127lbs 5oz

2nd CRAIG EDMONDS Peg 1 Oak: 104lbs 12oz

3rd  ANDY GRIFFITHS Peg 22 Woodpecker: 89lbs 9oz

4th  CHRIS DAVIS Peg 18 Tanners: 78lbs 6oz

(Below) Pete Upperton with a nice net of Silvers from Pines Lake


Day 4 –

1st  CRAIG EDMONDS Peg 30 Tanners: 186lbs 2oz

2nd  PETER UPPERTON Peg 6 Woodpecker: 126lbs 1oz

3rd   TERRY STONE Peg 3 Woodpecker: 104lbs 15oz

4th   MARTIN HEARD Peg 12 Woodpecker: 94lbs 11oz

Final Day

1st  PETE UPPERTON Peg 34 Woodpecker: 81lbs 1oz

2nd NEIL STONES Peg 3 Woodpecker: 72lbs 7oz

3rd  RICKY JOHNSTON Peg 8 Woodpecker: 72lbs 6oz

4th   CHRIS DAVIS Peg 27 Tanners: 71lbs 11oz

Report from Joanne Combes :-

Winner of the October Festival 2016 Craig Edmunds ! Who won with a perfect score of just 4 points and a total weight of 500lb 12 oz  “well done  considering he has never fished a festival here before what can I say not often I’m speechless”. In second place was Brian Shanks with only 4 points total weight of 230lb 4oz well done Brian ! In third place was Peter Upperton with 5 points and a total weight of 343lb 15oz.

“well done to everyone who fished fished the festival had such a Laugh with you all thank you for making it a fab week ! Paul & Jo”.