Peninsula Classic Report From Ben Smeeth

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Gooding wins Peninsula Classic for second year
Andrew Gooding has won the Peninsula Classic at Kennick for the second year running.
It was a really challenging days fishing at Kennick in hot, bright conditions. There were lots of fish showing all over the
lake throughout the day coming clean out of the water trying to catch damsels and dragon flies which were visible in huge
numbers. The majority of those were browns but there were some Rainbows and Blues in amongst them.
Despite all the surface activity, tempting a fish on a dry was really difficult.
The stocking from the dam last week meant some fish had stayed in the deeper, cooler water by the dam and this was
the most productive area during the day. Andrew caught his fish in the last hour of the day at 4pm and bagged his 8 fish
limit very quickly once he found the right method. A Di-3 line with a cats whisker retrieved roly-poly style proving the most popular for Andrew.
Andrew wins a season ticket for 2019 for a lake of his choice. Dave Perks who finished second won a £100 voucher for
Fly fishing Tackle of Crediton. Rob Gale finished third and won a £50 fly fishing tackle voucher and a day permit for Kennick. Darren Penfold won a boat ticket for Kennick and a £25 voucher for Fly Fishing Tackle and Barry Ware Senior won a £25 voucher for Fly Fishing Tackle.
1st: Andy Gooding 8 fish for 12lbs
2nd:Dave Perks 3 fish for 4lb 9oz
3rd: Rob Gale 3 fish for 4lbs 5oz
4th: Darren Penfold
2 fish for 2lb 15oz
5th: Barry Ware Snr 2 fish for 2lb 11oz
Best of the Best Qualifiers: Alan Brown 1lb 8oz and Ray Butler 1lb 6oz
Joint 6th: Nik Tompkins and Alan Brown1 fish for 1lb 8oz
Joint 8th: Mike Boston and Ray Butler 1 fish for 1lb 6oz
10th: Chris Bolt 1 fish for 1lb 4oz Total fish caught: 24 for 16 anglers
Rod average:
Congratulations to Andy Gooding and well done to everyone for taking part and sticking at it in very hot weather.
My thanks to Howard Thresher from Fly Fishing Tackle Crediton for sponsoring the competition and to Mark Baxendale,
Countryside and Angling warden at Kennick, for doing a cracking BBQ for everyone.
Ben Smeeth
Headof Angling
Pictured from left are: Rob Gale, Andy Gooding, Dave Perks and Howard Thresher

Stunning carp at Lower Tamar

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Ashley Bunning has been among the fish at Lower Tamar, not catching anything bigger than 12lb but plenty of action. The larger fish are being a bit elusive at the moment! Ashley had this to say:
‘PVA sticks with Burton Bait Rollers ‘Puzzle’ and ‘Full S.P.’ with a ‘Plum and Garlic’ pop up was the winning method. Lakebed Leads 4oz distance leads which were dropped on the take, with Ultima ‘Vantage’ Shockleaders and XR mainline helped me hit the distances i needed and play the fish through the weed.’