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What Fishing are you missing most?

North Devon Angling News readers kindly sent me few images to remind everyone of those better days. I got to thinking what fishing am I missing most? ...
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River Taw Fisheries Association – Chairmans Report

Alex Gibsons report due to have been delivered at the RFTA AGM at the end of March. A couple of salmon were caught from the middle Taw before the present lockdown. The rivers are now dropping quickly after a couple ...
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A bass from memory Lane – Ilfracombe Pier 1981

Barry Kift sent me this picture of his personal best bass weighing 11lb 3oz, caught from Ilfracombe Pier in 1981 Well, after taking a walk down the pier the evening before, and seeing a 9lb Bass landed myself and my ...
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Boobies, Buzzers and Wets the Art of Fly Tying

Many thank's to my good friend Jeff Pierce who sent me this short article that demonstrates the Fly Tiers Art. Fly tying is a fascinating & most absorbing hobby in its own right, but made even more hypnotising when you ...
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