Bideford Eveing League Results

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Midweek evening competition No. 6
1st Roger Ackroyd  43lb 2oz
2nd Nathan Underwood 40lb 4oz
3rd Craig Lamey   39lb 8oz
4th Kevin Shears 22lb 5oz
5th Martin Turners 21lb 11oz
11 fished.
Our members were treated to a beautiful midsummer evening, and the top three had a very close battle , Roger came out on top on peg 19 , he fished with a long pole to the island shallow with pellets.
Nathan has done his thing with paste off peg 16 for second place.
Craig has fished in the corner on peg 13, shallow with pellets for a very close third spot.

Bideford Mid week Competition Result

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Evening competition No 5
Results. :
1st Nathgan Underwood  24lb 8oz
2nd Ian Croxton  24,lb
3rd Craig Lamey  23lb
4th Mike Snudden   17lb 14oz
5th Les Polden 17lb 4oz
16 members fished.
At the midway point of the summer league they were treated to a warmish, less breezy evening.
Nathan  once again performed his paste on the pole trick for yet another victory off of peg 9.
Ian ,on peg 6 , was a close second on 24lb with  Craig, not far behind in third on peg 1 with 23lb .

A new chapter for North Devon’s anglers.

Quay Sports closed on June 14th after trading for close to three years it has been a valuable stop off point for North Devon’s Anglers providing a wide range of tackle for all disciplines. Fortunately the shop manager Chris Connougton is opening a new tackle shop  that will ensure that Barnstaple still has that vital ingredient to enable a social hub and source of those essential items of tackle and bait. It is essential that local anglers support this new venture and all other local tackle shops. We are very fortunate to have a range of tackle shops across North Devon a fact that I will promote in the coming weeks.

Last day of the shop today. Come and grab yourself some last min bargains. We would also like to say a huge thank you to you all for your support over the last 3 years, we have made some great relationships and friends. We wish Chris all the best for the future with Barnstaple Bait & Tackle and sure will see some of you on the bank.
Quay Sports

( Above) Mark Potter and Chris Connaughton on their last day at Quay Sports

“I am proud to announce that I will be opening a fresh new bait and tackle store at 6 Queens House, Barnstaple, EX32 8HJ. I am hoping to be open by the 1st of July but more will follow on this.
There will be all the usual sea and freshwater baits available along with a vast range of tackle from leading brands.
My aim is to create a local social hub where like-minded people of all ages can meet, shop and chat about all things fishing!
It hasn’t been easy so come show some support when open and keep a tackle shop in Barnstaple for many years to come.
Watch this space for further details, a new facebook page, deals and events.
I look forward to welcoming you through the door
(I would also like to say a massive thank you to Mr Pinn of Pinndart for all his help with the logo etc).”


Chris Connaughton is well known and respected across North Devon as the manager at Quay Sports. Quay Sports has been the hub for anglers across the region since it opened a few years ago. Many were very saddened to hear of its closure as tackle shops are vital for angling to flourish.  It is great news for the North Devon Angling community that Chris is opening a new store in Queen Street, Barnstaple. It is essential that local anglers support the shop as there is no substitute for having a shop where you actually pop in and buy bait and tackle.

Quay sports retail shop will now be closed from this coming Friday 14.6.24. The reasoning behind this is Chris (Shop Manager) is actually starting his own new venture (Completly seperate from Quay Sports) in Barnstaple called Barnstaple Bait & Tackle and an agreement has been made for our stock. We wish Chris all the best for the future, he is looking to be open around the 1st July so show him as much support as possible to keep a shop in Barnstaple.

One week left of our sale and we are now offering 20% discount.

Stafford Moor’s over 50’s Festival 2024

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Stafford Moor’s over 50’s Festival 2024 and the worthy winner was…Doug Richardson with a total of 5 points and a total weight 901lb 4oz!
In 2nd place was Nigel Rhodes with 5 points and a total weight of 834lb 14oz.
In 3rd place was Lee Werrett with 5 points and a total weight of 762lb 5oz .
The winner of the largest bag of the week was Nigel Rhodes with 311lb 10oz on day 4 from peg 20 in Tanners lake.
The winner of the largest silvers bag was Dave Stockton with 68lb 4oz on day 5 from peg 1 on Woodpecker lake.
Jo says “Wow been another fab week, hope everyone enjoyed the week 🙏 thank you for your support as always ❤️
A huge shout out to all the guys who helped weigh in all week who were:
Mark layzell
Lee Werrett
Nick Jones
Nigel Rhodes
And also everyone who helped with the boards your help is soooooooooo appreciated !”

Bideford and District Angling Club Monthly competition

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Bideford and District Angling Club
Monthly competition
1st John Lisle 45lb 13oz
2nd Craig Lamey  40lb 13oz
3rd Les Polden 39 lb 14oz
4th Steve Johnson 37lb 4oz
5th Darren Polden   37lb 4oz
6th Roger Ackroyd 29lb 5oz
16 members fished.
John has drawn peg 16 and fished worm over micros on a long pole for victory in this, the halfway match of our year long league.
Craig , opposite,on peg 12 has fished sweetcorn with a short pole for second place.
Birthday ” boy” Les has had a cracking mixed bag also on corn on the pole for third spot.
Steve on peg 6 has finished fourth using hard pellets.
A cold North Westerly took the edge of, an otherwise bright dry day, despite this, almost 450lb of fish were brought to the scales.
Bideford and District Angling Club
Evening Competition No. 4
1st Nathan Underwood 38lb 1oz
2nd Kevin Shears 33lb
3rd Thomas Scott 22lb 5oz
4th Ian Croxton20lb 8oz
5th Les Polden  19lb 9oz
18 members fished
Pleasant conditions, warm but a sneaky North Westerly breeze,for this the fourth in the series.
That man Nathan on peg 9 has made it 3 on the bounce, with another victory, paste on the pole the winning technique.
Kevin on peg 1 has fished towards peg 26 again on pole and paste for second on the night.
Youngster, Thomas has made a welcome return and managed third spot on peg 13.
The Cornish Brummie settled for fourth.

Bideford and District Angling Club Evening competition No. 3

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Bideford and District Angling Club
Evening competition No. 3
2nd Richard Jefferies 29lb 15oz
4th Keith Mountjoy 22lb 11oz
5th Martin Turner 22lb 10oz
6th Roger Ackroyd 22lb 5oz
18 members fished.
The 3rd match in the 10 match series was fished in reasonable conditions , a brisk westerly and warmish evening led to another close competition..
Out of the 18 numbers in the draw bag Nathan has again drawn peg 13 !
He fished with paste over pellets in the margins for his second victory of the series.
Richard has drawn the adjacent peg 12 and fished in a similar fashion for the second spot.
Darren has had a couple of larger fish and some skimmers for third off peg 3 .

Bideford and District Angling Club Junior competition No. 1

Bideford and District Angling Club
Junior competition No. 1
Tarka Swims 11 fished
1st Thea Overend 3:670 kilo
2nd Ethan Broom 3:190
3rd Ted Blight 2:720
4th George Batten 2:400
5th Albi Clements 2:290
6th Amelia Bell 1:895
7th Lewis Hathaway 1:745
8th Billy Butler 1:700
9th Freya Lewis 1:265
10th Rex Lewis :620
11th Leo Davies :410
Our junior members have enjoyed a pleasant afternoon on George’s lake. Weather was warm and dry with a brisk North Westerly breeze.
The fish proved tricky, but every youngster caught in the end . Our winner on the day, in her first match was our youngest competitor Thea , with a little help from Uncle Craig , they fished peg 25 on the pole.
Second placed Ethan, also on his first competition, fished punched bread with a 3metre whip on peg 20.
Ted took third place fishing on peg 2 .
Our sincere thanks go out to the very generous support we have had from Summerlands Tackle , Quay Sports , Baitech, Martin Cocks, Tom Downing , Guru Tackle.

Bideford & District Angling Club Rod N Reel Match Result

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B.D.A.C Rod and Reel match results date 26.5.24 at Tarka. Today the weather was a bit sunny with a few showers and fishing was steady. 1st place today went to Richard jefferies on peg 10 with a weight of 34lbs 8oz mainly carp, 2nd place when to Stephen Paul Sheller on peg 6 with 33lbs 15oz and 3rd place was Keith copland on peg 8 with 23lbs 13oz. The next Rod and Reel match will be on the 23.6.24.