Stafford Moor – Carp Catches

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Autumn has to be one of the best times for the carp fisher as temperatures start to drop the carp sense this and start to feed harder in preparation for the cold winter months ahead.  The leaves take on their bronzed and golden hues mirroring the flanks of the carp illuminated by the sunlight or beam of the torchlight.


Wayne Grinney with one of his 12 catches from the summerhouse swim on Beatties lake (Wayne had 12 fish out in 12 hours ) using home made boilie’s this one is a 29lb 8oz (below).


Steve Pinn who is a regular¬† at Stafford Moor (he calls it his second home ) caught this fine mirror carp on CC Moore Pacific tuna boilie’s a new personal best of 21lb 6oz . (Below)

(Below )Alexander McDonald who had 21 fish out in 48 hours using DNA baits up to 23lb 3oz.