Specimen Bull huss

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Combe Martin SAC member Kevin Legge tempted bull buss of 12lb 7oz and 10lb 5oz during recent trips to the North Devon coast. The specimen pictured was tempted a mackerel bait whipped to a single 5/0 Varivas Chinu and reports that the fish was hooked cleanly in the side of the mouth, allowing it to be removed swiftly and the fish released quickly after a picture.

Paradise Carp

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Aaron Bunning  took  advantage of his local Lakes at Anglers Paradise and caught these 2 beauties!
A stunning 22lb 2oz Common and a 18lb 8oz Mirror both from Nirvana’s Xanadu Lake caught using Nash Citruz pop up, flake and liquidised bread.
Anglers Paradise

Jamie tempts an Early Hound ?

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Combe Martin SAC member Jamie Steward caught this specimen smoothound of 11lb 3oz from a North Devon Rock mark. This is a promising sign with Spring just around the corner as smoothound were once considered a fish of the spring and summer. Recent seasons have seen them caught throughout the year.

A Stubbornly Buoyant float

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I fished in hope of perch today suspending half a juicy lobworm beneath a sliding float. The six hours passed by all too quickly with the float remaining stubbornly buoyant throughout the day. It was sheltered in the old quarry as gale force winds roared above, the trees swaying vigorously too and fro. The dark and moody water hiding its secrets. Fallen trees lay rotting at the waters edge. It has been several years since I last fished here and it was good to be back finding that it was reassuringly familiar. Waters are like old friends that never seem to age.

Time to sort the fly boxes

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Preparing for brighter days ahead

With a cold east wind blowing and lockdown curtailing all but local fishing it seemed a good day to sort through my fly boxes prior to the forthcoming trout fishing season on rivers and reservoirs. My fly boxes are seldom as orderly as they should be as whilst beside the water’s edge, I am inclined to lack the patience to carefully replace meticulously after offering them to the trout. I have several boxes for river trout fishing crammed with small beaded nymphs, spider patterns and dry flies.

These flies have accumulated as I fall repeatedly to temptation admiring the well tied flies created from wisps of material whipped to small hooks. As my eyes age I struggle to spot the signs of rust that could lead to hook failure at that crucial moment. Each pattern is tied to represent a living creature within the trout’s diet. In the rapid streams that we fish in North Devon an approximate imitation is surely all we need. How can a trout decipher what it sees as its flash’s past in an instance in the turbulent Devon streams?  I can to some extent believe that a trout in a crystal-clear chalk stream can be extremely discerning though I suspect the clumsy approach of an angler has far more to do with rejection than a less than perfect imitation.

The tiding of the fly boxes certainly raises the spirits with thoughts of warm spring days ahead beside vibrant sparkling waters full of crimson spotted wild brown trout.

Later in the year as summer approaches, I intend to target grey mullet using fly fishing tactics. This branch of angling has become increasingly popular and some devotees enjoy considerable success using these tactics that have been honed and published by Colin McCloud whose book “Fly Fishing for mullet”. Sits awaiting a read on my bookshelf.

The targeting of various species using fly fishing tactics has become increasingly popular in recent years and is a consequence of anglers following fashionable trends and perhaps a realization that the method can be very effective at times proving even more effective than bait. I personally see it very much as another string in my bow that can be both effective and enjoyable.

Winter Carp from Local waters

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Rob Kendall has enjoyed winter action  at Jennetts during his his last two trips resulting in four carp topped by these two at 27lb 6oz and 27lb 3oz. Caught over 1/2 kg of a test bait that he has developed along with close friend Stuart Hutchings.
(Below)Paul Blake fished at Darracott and was delighted to tempt one of the reservoirs largest known residents a fine common carp of 22lb 12oz.