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Congratulations to Joe Drury who has set a new Devon Record with a stunning carp from Anglers Paradise Kracking Carp Lake. I have posted the below direct from the Custom Made Rigs Facebook Page.
Once again well done Joe who I know has a very difficult time and deserves this stunning capture.
I rarely set my targets on a particular fish, but this trip was different!
Like many anglers and friends, myself and Matt were well overdue a social. What with the recent world issues and our own health problems, we hadn’t fished together for a few years.
We decided the ‘Krackin Carp Lake’ on ‘Anglers Nirvana’ at Anglers Paradise would be the most suitable. There’s now stone chipped swims which was an important deciding factor. Natural is nice, but not suitable for anglers with disabilities. Unfortunately I have to put myself in that category these days, a level chipped swim has now become a must.
Although the ‘Krackin Carp’ is just down the road to where I live, I hadn’t seen the lake for a long time (years)! However I have a lot of knowledge on the water and the fish that reside in it.
Over dinner the night before my sons (Zaine and Zeejay) were asking questions about the lake. I explained that it was a hard water with Carp that don’t have the same feeding habits as most. I told them about a male fish aptly named ‘Silver Back’, and how I believe it should be at its best weight. With an arrogance that’s been missing from my fishing for atleast 6 years, I said, “it’s the only fish I’m interested in, it’s a mid 50, the biggest in the lake, and that’s why I want it!” I say it’s an arrogance because when you talk this way it comes across that you wouldn’t be grateful for anything less. Not true of course, they’re all welcome! I’ve needed to find a way to install some confidence, and setting that target was the ingredient I needed.
I had previously said to Marti that I’m so grateful to be back on the bank with all the help from friends that catching fish had become secondary, but I needed to get my confidence back. A recent interview I did with Kev Hewitt Angler reminded me just how important confidence is. I’ve said it a million times before, “confidence catches”! Practicing what I preach hadn’t been coming easy.
Retuning to the lake after many years felt good. I felt comfortable and confident. Although I had set a target, I didn’t feel any pressure. Matt and I had prepped well. We were confident in our bait choice too. Both of us had opted to use ‘Monster Tiger Nut’ by Dynamite Baits, crumbed up with sweetcorn. We chose to match our hook bait with our mix so we used ‘Sweet Tiger & Corn’ pop-ups (also from Dynamite Baits). Both the rig and the crumb were shipped out to the spots using a homemade baiting pole and spoon!
At 4.30am on Saturday morning I made a call to Matt. “Mate….I’ve just landed ‘Silver Back’!” His reply was predictable 😲xxxx😁! He came over with an excitement in his stroll. I swear he was more excited and nervous than me!
Silver Back weighed in at a record 55lb, a new personal best, the complex record carp and the biggest carp ever caught in Devon.
After having fishing taken away from me to this! Fishing is an incredible sport; the highs, the lows, the stories, THE LIFE!!
The response has been incredible!
The support from my wife has been essential!
Thank you everyone ❤️

Stafford Moor Top Three Top 200lb!

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The latest open match result on Tanners and Woodpecker Lakes.  (Continental payout.)
Some fabulous weights as always from the Moor!
Top weight of the day from Benjamin Broxson  who had 283lb 6oz from peg 9 on Woodpecker Lake.
In 2nd place with 233lb 10oz was Phil Hardwick  from peg 11 on Tanners Lake.
In 3rd place was Ben Evenden with 227lb 13oz from Peg 8 on Woodpecker Lake.

Carp Known as the Parrot at 46lb 9oz

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Ian Fuller  caught a PERSONAL BEST 46lb 9oz Leathery Mirror known as ‘Parrot’ from Nirvana’s Day Ticket Kracking Carp Lake.
Ian used a couple of kilo’s of full, half & crushed CR1 Boilies on a spot just off the lillies.
After leaving it for a few hours, he put a Rod over the spot on last light with a CR1 Wafter over the top on a size 6 Ronnie Rig and caught this beauty!
Anglers Paradise

Appledore Shipbuilders Boat Competition Results

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12 members in 6 different boats fished in Appledore Shipbuilders  June Boat Competition.
Weather was very kind for a change, with calm seas on an easy swell.
Plenty of Smoothounds were caught with many in the 8 to 10lb range along with a couple of Tope and several Bull Huss.
All fish safely returned to fight another day.
Winner was Michael Toogood  with a Specimen Smoothound of 15lb 2ozs.
In a very close 2nd was Thomas Atkinson with another Smoothound of 15lb 0ozs and 3rd was Kevin Pike  also with a Smoothound of 13lb 14ozs
Best Tope recorded was a near Specimen of 37lb 4ozs caught by Andrew Atkinson.
Let’s hope we get more days like this on Competition days !

Fishing Amidst Summers Splendour at Wimbleball

It was always likely to be a challenging days fishing with a hot sunny day forecast requiring the packing of sun cream and plenty of water. The drive to Wimbleball was a delight with Exmoor in full summer splendour. Bright yellow buttercups and the delicate white flowers of cow parsley lined the roadside and the trees were close to being in full leaf.

I met up with Matt Kingdon at Wimbleball’s  boat jetty at 9.00am, we were fishing in South Molton Angling Clubs annual visit to the fishery where members hoped to catch a fish that could win the Mac Trophy.

Matt had fished the venue a few days earlier and enjoyed good sport using sinking lines and brightly coloured blobs and boobies. With warm sunshine we hoped that the fish might start to feast upon the brown beetles that were present in good numbers.

During early season I am happy to fish Wimbleball from the bank where fish can generally be tempted using buzzer tactics or lures on long leaders. As summer progresses access to deeper water can be beneficial and the ability to search the vast acreage becomes a distinct advantage.

We headed to Cowmoor for our first drifts searching previously productive areas with bright blobs and boobies. The first half an hour brought no action despite covering plenty of water as we set up different drifts.

We moved to the far end of the bay and found a few fish rising prompting a change to floating lines. Half an hour casting beetle patterns at rising fish resulted in a handsome wild brown trout of around 1lb.

With fish hard to find and less fish rising we decided to head for the tree shrouded Upton Arm. We pushed up into the far end of the Upton Arm with its steep wooded banks giving an almost Amazon jungle atmosphere as a hot sun beat down and thousands of small roach massed in amongst the tree branches.

We worked our way out through the Upton Arm at times frustrated by the cyclonic wind that dropped away and veered frequently in direction. Matt was first to succeed hooking a rainbow of around 3lb that as always gave a spirited tussle.

We persevered in the Upton Arm and Matt had a few follows and added another rainbow to his tally. My flies remained untouched as I fished hard and expectantly, a rainbow did follow my flies to the surface actually leaving the water as I lifted and taking a nip at the point fly as it dived back into the depths.

Perhaps we should have stayed in the Upton Arm instead of moving on? But move we did, back to Cowmoor and then to search Rugg’s and Bessom’s for a while before returning to Cowmoor for the Final effort.

We found fellow club members Ed Rands and Steve Bendle anchored up and reporting that they had found a few fish including a stunning 6lb 8oz rainbow to Steve’s rod.

We commenced a search close by and once again Matt was in action with hard fighting rainbows and a beautiful wild brown trout.

Suddenly my line zipped delightfully tight as a 3lb rainbow hit my yellow blob to give a hard battle before succumbing.

We fished on for a while having several last drifts before eventually deciding we had had enough.

It had been a hard day’s fishing beneath a cloudless sky. Sunseekers and water-sports enthusiasts were present in large numbers but there is room for all on Wimbleballs vast acreage.

We observed how natures calendar seems to be running slightly late with may blossom still in full flower in mid-June as foxgloves bloom. Sometimes a hard day’s fishing such as this is just as enjoyable as an action filled day when the fish come easy. Is there a better place to be than bobbing about in a boat beneath a blue sky amidst Exmoor’s pristine summer landscape?

Bideford and District Angling Club Monthly competition results:

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Bideford and District Angling Club Monthly competition results:

1st Nathan Underwood 36lb 2oz

2nd  Steve Johnson 23lb 3oz

3rd Kevin Shears 21lb 6oz

4th Richard Jefferies 18lb 9oz

5th  Stephen Sheller 18lb 2oz

6th  Stephen Craker 17lb 4oz

Conditions very hot light southerly , Georges lake at Tarka swims produced another good match Nathan drew peg 26 in the shallow end and put a terrific net of smaller carp ,tench and a couple of larger bonus carp ,on the scales for a convincing victory. All caught on the pole to corn. Steve’s net of silver fish from peg 20 secured second place. Kevin fished the pole with maggot from peg 12 for third. These 3 anglers now dominate the league after 2 matches .

Bideford & District AC Evening Comp No. 4 Tarka swims :

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Results 1st Steve Johnson  31lb 4oz

2nd Steve Ashton 18lb 9oz

3rd NathanUnderwood 15lb 7oz

4th Richard Jefferies  13lb 1oz

5th Kevin Shears 12lb 14oz

6th  Antony Bentley 12lb 4oz

19 fished.

Mild evening with rain showers , has produced some good weights , the best was Steve’s superb bag of silver fish on caster over groundbait on peg 21, Steve’s maggot on pole catch included several good bream from the margins on peg 16 took 2nd place , Nathan’s peg 6 catch of skimmers was third and ensures, that approaching the halfway point , he retains his league lead. Richard has caught late on the method feeder for 4th.