The Memorial Flounder Competition memory of Teddy New Stephen Williams and Kevin Stanley Bridson.

Congratulation to Nick Braunton who helped to organise this brilliant competition that attracted a a large number of local anglers.

1st  Nobby Jefferys 1lb 9ozs  winning £250 

2nd Dick Talbert 1lb 8ozs

3rd Paul Burslem 1lb 7.1/2ozs

4th Tony Gooch1lb 7.1/4oz 

5th Johnny Weeks 1lb 6ozs

6th Matt Horsham 1lb 4.1/2oz

7th Mark Jordan 1lb 4.1/4oz

8th Graham Parsons 1lb 4ozs

9th Paul Simmons 1lb 3.1/2

10th James Mayhew and Matt cleverly 1lb 3 1/4oz

  59 seniors fished

The result of the juniors was

1st place Barnaby Raymont 1lb 5ozs

2nd Bailey Phipps 1lb 4ozs

16 juniors fished in total 75 fished the event..Tony Gooch and Dick Talbot won the blind pairs with a total of 3lb 5ozs..Great day but with minus 5 degrees it took some fishing..

Every junior won a prize donated by Summerlands Tackle,  Angler’s Heaven,  Quay sports and Sakuma Fishing & Bullet Bait.

Over £800 of cash prizes paid out and £706 raised for the Pollyfield Bar Refurbishment.


Michael Hammett won Appledore Shipbuilders December Rover with a whiting of 1lb 9.75oz. Josh Atkinson took second and third place with whiting of 1lb 7.25oz and 1lb 5oz.

Joan Cairns won Triple Hook Clubs Open Ladies Flounder Competition with a flounder of 1lb 7.5oz. Amber Chapel was runner up with a flounder of 1lb 5.5oz.

I visited Ilfracombe Pier last Sunday evening and attempted to catch a squid on a jig. After half an hour of casting and retrieving my confidence started to ebb. Persistence sometimes pays off  however and I eventually felt a strange weight on the line. I was delighted to swing a squid of perhaps 12oz onto the pier.

I was told that before I arrived several herring and mackerel had been tempted. It also seemed slightly surreal to watch a garfish swim past close to the surface. Mackerel and garfish were once considered to be summer fish but as sea anglers we are getting used to the blurring of the seasons. It seems that we should cast off the traditions and try to ring the changes to keep abreast of nature as climate change rewrites the rule books.

Barnstaple & District Angling Association Newbridge  end of season report 2023

                             BDDA Newbridge  end of season report 2023

Another difficult year but it has had its moments , the Kelt run in March was spectacular ,all well repaired fish in the 6lb to 8lb range we had 14 reported in the first 2 days of the season before we asked for restraint and hope at least some make it back!! Also, Several good fish were caught during the year . I saw an old ghillie from the Tweed on TV recently explaining that salmon are called the fish of 10,000 casts .However we do actually have a new member who caught a salmon after just a couple of visits. This goes to show that Anything can happen at Newbridge but as ever “you have to be there”

A member sent an article from very first issue of Trout and Salmon in 1955 saying 100 fish were caught in the Taw Torridge tidal pools that year .They say it was a record and the result of  restocking with Scottish fish a few years before. Food for thought.

We’ve had another year of low warm water ,leading to more angling restraint requested, the short spate in august brought a few fish up but the September spate was once again too late for us . Just as the fish started showing we had to stop.

Apart from Salmon ,Where are the sea trout? So, few have been reported even from traditionally prolific beats up river. It does seem that  as the fish decline so does the fishing effort which doesn’t help with reported numbers.

We have good news ,as most are aware We have now finished the new club hut. This has been a huge effort by dedicated volunteers and the club are very grateful for it. It’s a lovely peaceful place to rest a while with a companion and watch the river pass by. We intend to have a formal opening on the first day of the season next year and Members will be notified nearer the time. Also, John and Hayden Kenyon led a working party for the installation of steps and a ladder to improve access to the railway swirl pit, now called the Chairman’s steps .They have our thanks for that.

You may not be aware but Earlier in the season our local wildlife trained police officer  Lucy Robinson and our local EA bailiff Sam Fenner  had a person excluded from our water due to  antisocial behaviour connected to Elver poaching. This isn’t an easy process that included a difficult “home visit “and We are very grateful to them for this action. It’s good we have this level of support from our local enforcement officers. They always do as much as they can for us but they are under so many constraints and can only do what they are resourced for. The EA bailiff Sam Fenner also got involved with the cattle encroachment from just above the bridge  .After a meeting The estate has now replaced the fencing and that is ongoing. The West Country rivers trust has installed water quality monitors just upriver from us and we’re all interested in any reports from that. Another item of interest is that Adi’s wife ,Caroline Podesta ,is in the citizen scientist project and takes monthly water samples at the bridge ,it all helps to keep the pressure up on abuse of the rivers and the genie is firmly out of the bottle in regard to that. Who does what about it is another matter though! We can but support any campaign we come across . We generally have a negative attitude to these agencies but mostly the people on the ground are on the same page as us and as frustrated as us when it comes to any deployment of resources. Please be patient with them if you have any personal contact, we have to support them too as they are doing their individual best under a lot of pressure .We are encouraged to call in incidents/events at least it will get logged.

As a club We always doing our best to protect and improve The Newbridge beat we’re but always happy for any suggestions. Very exciting news is the club is finalising the purchase of another beat further up river. All details regarding fees and access will be forwarded to all members ,hopefully in time for the coming season.

Club cups were awarded at the recent AGM  and this year the committee cup went to Dave Winter for his efforts at Newbridge, Paul Meredith gets the most salmon cup for his 3 good fish, Chay Boggis gets the Bass on the fly cup for his lovely 7lb fish from Clovelly, and I was lucky enough to get the best Salmon  34inches estimated at 13.5lb.

Don Hearn

Newbridge river keeper

Colin Ashby presents Dave Winter with the B&DAA Committee Cup

Winter Trout Sport at Bulldog

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The cold frosty days of winter are to be enjoyed as the rainbow trout seem to relish the cooler waters. The recently expanded lake at Bulldog Fishery is certainly giving fine sport to visiting anglers.

Tim and Andy were certainly glad they made the 100mile round trip to fish Bulldog today!
After making the trip the boys wasted no time in wetting the fly.  After a slightly slow start, the bites soon came in hard and fast in the afternoon. The result – a fantastic day on the bank!
Biggest of the day weighing in at 4lb4oz with a lot of the catch not being far behind!


Looking for the perfect Christmas gift this year? Look no further how about surprising your loved ones with a gift voucher for the fishery!
Simply call or message with the details of what ticket you’d like to gift, and we will post the voucher directly to you 📬 It couldn’t be easier 🎄🎅
Ticket prices:
Fly lake
3fish = £35
6fish = £45
Carp lake:
24hrs =£25
(Payment via bank transfer)


Combe Martin Sea Angling Clubs Annual Flounder Competition

Daniel Welch took first and second place in Combe Martin Sea Angling Clubs Annual Flounder Competition with flounder scaling 1lb 9oz and 1lb. His son Solly caught the only other flounder tempted during the match a fish of 14oz.

Solly Welch with a flounder of 14oz

The Taw estuary flounder fishing has been below par so far this season with specimen sized flatfish very scarce. Fish seem to in small pockets with some anglers finding up to half a dozen flounder whilst other have blanked. The estuary has a ceratin appeal even on a grey November day. I fished the town area of the river with Nick Phillips and his son Jack and moved around to several swims without any indications on the rod tip. The glimpse of a kingfisher brought a welcome flash of electric blue to the day. The cry of curlew, oyster catcher, geese and gulls drifted across the grey estuary. The unpleasant litter of society was strewn here and there a rat scurried on the bank. Urban fishing on a grey late autumn day. I looked up to the bridge and thought of the salmon that had hopefully migrated through in recent weeks to spawn high on the moors.

Appledore Shipbuilders held their Christmas Competition at Heanton Court on the River Taw where the twenty four competitors recorded fifteen flounder. The winner was  with a flounder of 1lb 6.75oz.

Appledore Shipbuilders


24 members fished Appledore Shipbuilders Christmas competition.

Fishing was tough with only 13 anglers registering fish. Michael Hammett secured the trophy and customary large turkey with a flounder of 1lb 6oz 14dr.

Michael was certainly in the spot today as he also secured 2nd and 3rd pick of the table with Flounders of 1lb 6oz 8dr and 1lb 3oz 12dr.

Thanks to Quay Sports for donating some prizes.

It was decided to run these for the best brace which you will not be surprised that this was also won by Michael.

Well done to all that fished.

Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club – Bulldog Fishery

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Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club held their latest Match at Bulldog Fishery where David Richards secured top spot with three rainbow trout for 9lb 2oz the best a fish of 3lb 9oz.

Dave Mock was runner up with three for 7lb 15oz and Colin Combe third with three for 7lb 13oz. The club are holding their Christmas Competition at the venue on December 17th.

Reece Woolgar – Winner of CMSAC 2023 – Bass lure League

Reece Woolgar was the worthy winner of Combe Martin Sea Angling Clubs Lure Fishing league sponsored by High Street Tackle Ilfracombe, Reece recieved a Gift voucher to spend in store to the value of £150. Reeces best three bass totalled 200cm just 1 cm ahead of runner up Mark Jones.

Combe Martin SAC will be running the competition next year and give thanks to Danny Watson for agreeing to sponsor the event again. The league is free to all CMSAC paid up members and is awarded to the member who catches the best three bass throughout the league on a lure boat or shore. Next years league will run from April 1st until October 31st. The presentation will be arranged to be at High Street Tackle at a convenient weekend.

The club plan to hold a couple of lure fishing sessions in the summer of 2024 with the intention of sharing knowledge and social interaction.

(Below) Reece Woolgar with some of the bass caught during his lure fishing season.

(Below) Mark Jones runner up with three bass total of 199cm

Anglers Paradise 2023 Lure Fishing Weekend

A massive congratulations to Mark Sharratt who WON 🏆 as the overall CHAMPION by catching 5 species consisting of Tiger Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Perch and Rudd which made him…THE CHAMPION OF 2023
A Big THANK YOU TO ALL The Sponsors Mark went home loaded with amazing prizes, including Rods, Reels, Lures, Clothing, Luggage, AND a week’s holiday for 2 at Anglers Paradise!
Ben’s team caught 7 species 🎣
• Catfish
• Pike
• Rudd
• Tiger Trout
• Brown Trout
• Rainbow Trout
• Perch
A great achievement by the team and excellently lead by Ben who showed us all with some superb angling exactly why he’s the most decorated captain of our lure weekends!
Second place – Okuma/Rapala
Third – Drennan/ESP
Fourth – Rozemeijer/Voodoo
Well done to all the Teams and their awesome Captains, you all fished your socks off and we are proud of every single one of you
Thanks to all the sponsors for the great team prizes
(Below) One of the Lure Weekend Captains Dave Drake representing Drennan ESP with a very impressive Rainbow  Trout caught during the competition
Congratulations to Nigel Kingston who was the Runner Up with 4️⃣ species consisting of Tiger Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Perch
A Big THANK YOU TO ALL The Sponsors Nigel went home very happy loaded with amazing prizes, including a Rod, Reel, Lures, Clothing, Luggage and a pair of Fortis eyewear sunglasses  the list goes on!
Special thanks to @fox_rage_fishing
@outlaw_pro_predator @fortiseyewear @rozemeijerfishing @drennantackle @espcarpfishing Voodoo and Bryan Davies 

Anglers Paradise