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I have been asked to promote this initiative to gain feedback on anglers and their contribution to the economy. This follows on from previous surveys carried out in 2012. I am sure there will be a degree of skepticism amongst anglers following the disgraceful disregard for the recreational angling sector in the past year. I will be taking part and would encourage all to do the same even though I have my doubts as to its value based on previous experience. I guess it is only right that we as anglers take part to push our value to the economy home.IMG_9203

Sea Angling 2017 seeks to get up to 1,000 sea anglers to keep an online diary of their fishing trips and catches as well as what they spend, throughout 2017.

The first stage of the project is an initial survey to get information about sea anglers’ activity and to recruit anglers for the diary study. All those completing the initial survey can enter a prize draw for tackle vouchers; and those taking part in the diary study can enter a prize draw every month for tackle vouchers (this has been kindly supported by Fishing Megastore).

There is more information attached and available on our project website: www.seaangling.org

We are asking if you would help us by:

1. Forwarding the attached email invite to take the survey and PDF poster to all angling contacts you have in your region to encourage them to do the survey.

2. Printing and displaying the poster in any venues you may have access to. Let us know if you would like any print publicity mailing to you – we have posters as well as small ‘business cards’.

4. If you are a sea angler, please do the survey yourself – you can access it direct at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/seaangling2017

Please let us know if you require any additional information and thanks in advance for your help by contacting: [email protected]