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My general experience has been that full moons are not good for catching fish. They are often however pleasing nights to be out beside the water fishing. Liam Stevens description of success on the beach is particularly inspiring and tells why we anglers visit the shoreline at unearthly hours.


Liam Stevens caught this fine 7lb 12oz bass  with a running ledger rig at 2.30am with a bluey for bait!  Liam describes,  “I Was wading in the surf just watching my glow tip. The super-moon lit up the whole beach for 10 or 15 minutes due to the clouds clearing. I shortly caught the bass as further clouds darkened the area again! Plenty of anticipation! Perhaps it was waiting for the cover of darkness??”

The fish was returned alive to the water. There is much speculation that next year will see a total ban on keeping bass; for the sake of the tackle trade I hope that all anglers embrace catch and release.