Holsworthy Sea Anglers- Enjoy top sport on “Bluefin”.

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16508259_1905533016399921_6243044193109970528_nMany thanks to Paul Cozens for the report he posted on their club trip off Ilfracombe. A stunning conger and plenty of spurdog.

Holsworthy Sea Anglers enjoyed a great  day afloat with skipper John Barbeary and crewman Paul on the Bluefin out of Ilfracombe. The ten anglers; Andrew Braunton, Robert Gould, Steve Dawe, Adrian Pett, James Pett, Brian Hopcraft, Stuart Lockyer, Graham Verral, Steven McDonald and Paul Cozens.  After an hours  stop close in for some doggies and a bonus 25lb conger for Adrian Pett they pushed out to the spurdog mark. Over went the mackerel and squid baits and it wasn’t long before they were hauling the spurs aboard along with a few  bull huss to 12lb and a very welcome 45lb to 50lb conger for club eel specialist  Steve Dawe. The spurdog fishing was frantic with the party losing track of the numbers caught  with many of them over 15lb and best one going 17lb to Steve Dawe a new personal best. Steven McDonald had the most spurdog ending up with 14 of them!!
Paul Cozens stated that it was once again a great days fishing aboard Bluefin.


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