Winter Mullet

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Grey mullet were once thought of as a fish of the warmer months though recent seasons have seen mullet caught from some venues all year round. Most of these mullet are thick lipped grey mullet that frequent some harbours for twelve months of the year. Several local anglers myself included have landed the species in every month of the year a feat that would have seemed improbable twenty years ago. The above fish was tempted by George Stavrakopoulos using a paternoster rig and small hooks. In addition to the mullet George tempted several other species including small pollock and gobies. I believe the above mullet is thin lipped mullet that can often be tempted during the summer months using baited spinners. Their arrival along the North Devon Coast in late winter is probably linked to spawning which could explain their reluctance to feed extensively?

I have just completed reading a book on mullet fishing entitled ‘Fishing for Ghosts’ – Successful Mullet Angling ‘ By Mike Ladle and David Ridgen. The book gives a fascinating insight into mullet fishing’ one fact is obvious in that for thick lipped mullet bread is the number one bait. I cannot help but feel that there is still much to learn about catching the wily grey mullet which is why they are a worthy target for any serious angler.

Thick Lipped Grey Mullet caught from a North Devon harbour during mid February