Stafford Moor – Sunday Open – Double Ton

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Stafford Moors Open match on Tanners and Woodpecker lakes, had a continental pay out .  The day commenced with glorious sunshine and then bitter cold and cloudy in the afternoon  Despite this lakes fished well especially Woodpecker !!!! A big well done to Phil Hardwick who bagged a fabulous weight of 255lb 6oz from peg 17 on Woodpecker fishing 8mm pellet fishing the Pole up the edge.

2nd place was: Martin Heard (Mosella) peg 11 Tanners with 124lb 4oz

3rd place was : Mark Layzelle peg 11 on Woodpecker with 190lb 4oz

4th place was : Tim Hagg peg 20 on Tanner with 91lb

5th place was :Paul Morris peg 1 on Woodpecker with 139lb

6th place was: Boz Phillips peg 25 on Tanner with 86lb 14oz

Our silvers winner of the day was Peter Randall with 31lb 8oz from peg 34 on Tanners