The netting report from Zyg and Rose at Anglers Paradise

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The netting report from Zyg and Rose at Anglers Paradise

Our annual Netting revealed our biggest ever Catfish weighing in at a record weight of 90lbs 11oz, we also weighed in two 60’s to 68lbs and four 70’s to 78lbs from the Main Carp Lake, which is the largest of our holiday lakes and home to the biggest head of carp and the largest predators on the complex. The fish were safely re-located to stock ponds while works are carried out on the lake and will be re-homed following completion.

The record for Wels Catfish was discontinued in the late eighties at 60lbs, this was due to fish being introduced at 100lbs or more from the Continent. It took me 4 years to get official planning permission from MAFF. I am particularly proud as our Catfish were introduced as small Catfish spawned in this country, the biggest about 10 inches, well under 1 lb. We are the only venue with proper provenance to have stocked Catfish and also bred them on our fish farm.

In addition to the physical work of netting the lakes, we take the opportunity to raise funds for local charities, some of this year’s nominated charities are Air Ambulance, local food banks, defibrillator for Ashwater etc.
The nutty netters come from far and wide to help in the netting, raising funds through such activities as Race Night, Bingo, Fishing Match, Archery, Quizzes and Disco culminating in a Bonfire and Fireworks spectacular on Friday 3rd November.

A particular thank you to Phillip Warren Butchers and graziers of Launceston for their generous donation of hot dogs and beef burgers.

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