Result! – Ministers Dismiss Bass Fishing Ban, But Catch & Release Only In 2018 – For Now…

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Perhaps it is worth speaking up; a partial victory for now see press release below.
Petition update
European Anglers Alliance

14 Dec 2017 — Thanks to YOUR support the EU Council of Ministers has rejected the Commission’s proposal to ban members of the public fishing for sea bass in the first half of 2018. Anglers, charter boats, bass fishing guides and others will now be able to legally fish for and catch bass throughout 2018.

However, as things stand no member of the public fishing recreationally will be able to keep a single bass to eat in 2018, while commercial hook & line vessels will be able to land up to five tonnes each in 2018. This isn’t fair BUT our pressure has helped to ensure that, following the results of a science benchmarking to be completed in March, the EU Commission will reconsider whether the public should be able to retain bass for some months in the second half of 2018. We are confident that this benchmarking will reduce the estimate of the impact of angling and open the door for anglers to be allowed to keep fish to eat within sustainable limits and whilst allowing the stock to recover.

We will therefore be keeping the petition open so we can update you on progress. In the meantime, please keep sharing the petition with your friends, colleagues, family and neighbours. It has become apparent that despite the important message of the campaign, and the amazing support of nearly 18,000 people, it is extremely difficult to communicate with the estimated two million people across Europe who fish recreationally for bass.

Thanks again for your amazing support. Each one of you should be very proud of standing up for your right and helping to influence the EU decision-making process. Generations of anglers and recreational fishers to come will owe you a debt of gratitude for making a stand and defending the right of the public to access a publicly-owned resource.

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