Boobies, Buzzers and Wets the Art of Fly Tying

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Many thank’s to my good friend Jeff Pierce who sent me this short article that demonstrates the Fly Tiers Art.

(Above) Amazing poppers, Jeff ponders that they would be good for Bass & Pike, tied by Stack Scoville USA

Fly tying is a fascinating & most absorbing hobby in its own right, but made even more hypnotising when you catch your first fish on a fly you tied. That’s when it takes on a whole new dimension, the obsession of outwitting the trout not only on the water but on the vice, in the comfort of your own home. Blending, colours & textures of natural & synthetic materials together to match the hatch & fool the fish, trust me you’ll be immersed in no time, not to mention being buried in fly tying materials & hooks! Or to the uninitiated, creating an imitation of fish food by wrapping feathers, hair & synthetic sparkly materials to a hook, hoping it will fool a fish to take it…

Stuart Smith Scotland a true work of art recon’s Jeff!
Fabien Moulin, beautiful wets!

A favourite sea trout fly
A blinged up north country spider
Buzzer selection
Jeff’s own boogie selection
Boobies et al.