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Oaktree Fishery has to my knowledge just the one catfish that gets caught from time to time growing ever larger each time well done to the latest captor ;-
Chris Blythe  caught the Oaktree Wells Catfish  at just over 57lb on a Pop-up Pinky
Fishing on Peg 1 during a 24hr session

The Oaktree catfish was first caught back in the late 90’s and I received this fascinating account of this first capture from Andy Sanders.

 I’ve just been reading the article about the oak tree catfish and found this photo for u. I was the first person to catch the catfish way back in the late 90s at a weight of 17lb. I was fishing with friends and had a drop back at 6.30 in the morning. I was yelling to my friends that I’d caught the catfish but neither belived me and would not come out their bivvies. I caught it on a cranberry boilie. Hope this is of interest. Andy.