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Daniel Hawkins is delighted to announce that Reel Deal Charters have been invited to take part in the CHART 22 Tuna fishing program. This exciting development could see anglers catching these huge game fish out of Ilfracombe bringing an exciting boost to angling. For more information on the CHART program follow the following link. https://www.cefas.co.uk/impact/programmes/chart/?fbclid=IwAR0lW-eHrORcK-ktqGRg3FwwM87oW4RzNPlzdI828viEERJUhGd0wdVvUbY

Fishing via the CHART program is strictly catch and release with fish tagged for scientific data collection that is vital in learning more about these iconic fish to ensure conservation of the species. It is hoped that long term game fishery can be sustained in UK waters.