Tope runs off with rod!!!!!

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Keith Armishaw of River Reads sent me this story abut a recent boat trip. When the tope are about hang onto your tackle!!!!!

Has anyone seen this rod which was heading to Lundy? Monday was a day spent sea fishing. After a slow couple of marks, we finally anchored off Welcome and must have been in a middle of a shoal of tope. In a couple of hours, I had 7 and lost about 5, Jonathan had 4 and lost as many, Mike was feathering and never managed to get a fish to the top although he had tope on several times his tackle just wasn’t strong enough. Lee had 5 but… as I was unhooking one of mine in the sea, Lee got nudged and loosened his grip on his rod and a tope ran off with Greys Spinflex and Shimano baitrunner in tow. It was last seen heading for Lundy. Should you be tope fishing and hook it up, he would be delighted to have it back!   Keith Armishaw