St Leger Custom Rods – Renegade

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When I decided to go to Norway with my son I wanted to target some of the species using tackle that would maximise the enjoyment of the catch. Some friends had landed some large coalfish on a trip to Norway last year and I decided that the opportunity to catch twenty pound plus fish on spinning gear was likely to be an exhilarating experience.

I contacted St Leger Custom Rods and was provided with a matching pair of their Renegade lure fishing rods. When the rods arrived I was very impressed with their smart appearance and the pleasing addition of our names neatly inscribed on each blank. I will confess however that I was a little unsure whether such a light rod could handle big fish?

My first couple of outings with the rod in early summer targeting bass in homewaters proved unsuccessful fish wise but an eye opener as regards to the rods casting performance. Matched up with a reel loaded with 20lb b.s braid they put a standard sized plug out a good distance with ease. The rod also transmitted the movement of the plug well.


The rods true test was to come in Norway’s Havnnes Handelssted where we would be targeting cod and coalfish. On the first day of our trip we set off in search of fish and I caught my first double figure fish on the rod an evil looking wolf fish of 11lb 2oz. The rod handled this hard fighting fish with ease whilst ensuring that the account was an enjoyable one. Several cod up to 10lb followed with the rod absorbing the lunges of each fish well yet still ensuring an enjoyable tussle.


The rods first real test came when we fished the deep waters of the Rotsund. A six-ounce lead, a boom with an 8ft trace and a sidewinder lure was sent to the depths over 100 metres beneath the boat. I had matched the rod with a Penn   loaded with 50lb b.s braid. The rig was slowly retrieved through the depths searching for the        coalfish that we knew haunted the deep clear waters. When the take came it was brutal the rod locked over in an intense curve the reel singing as the coalfish crash-dived. At the end of each dive heavy pressure was applied and the fish encouraged towards the surface. The Renegade had far more backbone than I had at first thought and handled these exceptionally powerful fish well allowing an exhilarating battle whilst giving confidence that the battles outcome would be successful. I used the rod to land several coalfish the best scaling 24lb. My son James also used the rod to successfully land several coalfish up to 14lb along with plenty of cod up to 10lb.

20lb plus coalfish

The rod also proved a very versatile tool and gave great sport targeting dab off the harbours pier. Easily casting a 3oz lead and a two hook rig for the dabs that we caught to well over a pound. I could happily travel the world with one of these rods knowing that they could be used to target a wide range of species.


The one-piece design certainly gives the rod a very pleasing action with a steely backbone that can tame the largest of fish. The only disadvantage is of coarse the length of the rod necessitating the use of a rod tube to transport when flying. I have also suggested the inclusion of a hook retention eye to secure the lure when moving around.

Rod Specifications

Length 7ft one piece

Action – Medium Heavy Fast

Handle- EVA

Reel Seat – Aero

Guides Microwave and Minima


St Leger Custom Made boat rod

The second rod I took with me to Norway was a 30lb class through action boat rod. Smart eye catching livery and quality line guides with a pleasing to the touch duplon handle oozed quality. I coupled this with a multiplier reel and 50lb b,s braid. This rod was put to use where the depth and current dictated the use of heavier leads and lures to reach big fish that lived within the depths of Norway’s majestic fiords. It was also used in the hope of hooking the huge halibut that can be caught all around Havnnes.

A brace of coalfish

The rod proved a joy to use with a responsive tip that registered takes well. On hooking the fish there was plenty of reserve to bully big fish and a forgiving action that absorbed the lunges of the fish. It would have been good to put the rod through a good test but in the event I only managed to hook cod to 22lb and halibut to 13lb. On a few occasions I snagged the bottom and sensed the rods steely backbone. I would confidently take the rod in the search of bigger fish including large halibut and shark.