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The latest Newsletter from Blakewell Fishery

Well Summer has passed and we’re starting to get an autumn flavour with the leaves turning that lovely golden colour. The start of Autumn has seen the weather remain reasonably mild and settled which is producing perfect fishing conditions at our refurbished lake. Consequently, we are pleased we took the decision to drain the lake in August to undertake some extensive maintenance. The lake is now looking fabulous, completely weed free and fishing very well with a settled and comfortable water temperature of around 12 degrees. The trout have been in the top few inches for the first part of September and as you would expect they are happily taking Daddy’s off the surface especially when there has been a ripple. When it has been very bright, anglers have also been having good success in the top couple of feet with either a drowned daddy or gold head version.That time of the year when the trout like to take the daddy long legs off the surface! Apparently we are in for a bumper year for Daddy’s so best come to the tackle room and stock up as they’re already favourites with the Blakewell fish!

Don’t ignore the margins, some serious Rainbows have been seen cruising just a few feet from the bank! They’ve likely learnt that there are good pickings to be had close in where the water is much shallower and the fry can hide!


Jerry pictured above had seen some big fish cruising the margins and adopted a stalking approach to his fishing, very successful he was too! Fishing a 9wt Shakespere rod with a 6.4 lbs fluro Carbon Tippett he induced takes from two double figure rainbows just a foot out from the bank. The brace of rainbows weighed in at 18lb 2oz and 16lb 10oz, his fly was a gold head damsel with lure flash in the tail. Apparently a fly he swears by when stalking.