Big Carp catch from South West lakes Trust Water

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Gerald Gough sent me this report on a spectacular catch from an undisclosed South West Lakes Trust Water in North Devon.  Fishing on Saturday October 1st as heavy rain beat across lake Gerald landed  5 carp weighing 17-12,18-00, 20-03, 21-00 and 37-12 caught on a popped up snowman rig about 4 inches off the bottom using 18mm fish boilies.the big carp took about 30 minutes to land from 100 metres out tremendous fight over which I had very little control , I didn`t see the fish until it popped up in front of the net STUNNING FISH safely returned.

Gerald was fishing alone and was unable to get a decent picture of the fish as rain and wind made for poor photography conditions. Gerald has sea fished for many years making some excellent catches of specimen sea fish from all along the coast of North Devon and has turned to carp fishing in recent years as the dangers of sea fishing from remote rock marks has become less appealing.