Stafford Moor Carp Catches

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(Above)Wade  Holmes had this 30lb 10oz beauty from swim 6 (the outlet) up on lodge lake, Wade caught using Mainline hybrid boilies.
(Above) Richard Roberts  fished up on lodge lake and had 9 fish out up to 27lb 12oz  all fish were caught on Mainline cell and sticky baits krill boilies.
(Above) James Winter and friend Gavin who had 7 fish out from lodge lake including Gavins new pb of this stunning 30lb 8oz catch. All fish were caught on 12mm Sticky baits signature squid pop ups and the new Sticky baits Mulbz, CC Moore live system & Pacific tuna.

Fine carp from Tamar and Slade

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Tim Surridge is getting to grips with Upper Tamar’s carp and having only started fishing the venue recently he has just finished a session resulting in 15 runs, landing 11 fish! The best being a 24.08 common. All on Cornwall Bait company’s red seed mix boilies in just 36 hours.

(Below) James Drowne aged 11 caught two cracking fish. The common was 32lbs and mirror 24.05lbs. The common was stocked at 23.04lbs in September 2017. Another new 30 for the venue but more pleasingly is this great capture for James.

(Below) Zac Perkins caught this stunning 25lb 10oz common carp from Lower Slade Reservoir.

Stafford Moor Triple Twenty

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Sean Thorne has returned to fishing after drifting away from the sport for a few years. During the past season he has been making up for lost time fishing many of the North Devon venues he fished during his initial angling years. His latest visit to Stafford Moor saw him land three twenty pound plus carp. The fish scaled of 29lb, 22lb and 21lb 4oz. ” I’m well chuffed to say the least! The 29 is my biggest carp to date… and … it was cracking weather!”. I am sure that Sean will agree that the size of carp now available to North Devons anglers is far higher than it was even twenty years ago.

Kracking Great Carp

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Jacob Middleton, 17 had a session on Nirvana’s day ticket Kracking Carp Lake and caught Parrot at 45lbs 6oz making it Jacob’s new personal best!

Jacob shared – “I managed to set up on peg 2 and flicked out my right hand rod tight to lily pad spot that I had previously baited. I was fishing a Krank style rig topped off with an IB essential mainline wafter, clipped on with a pva mesh bag. It weighed in at 45.6 which was a new pb for me. Once again Anglers Paradise producing the goods for new PBs!”


Congratulations to Arlene and Fred Mackenzie who together with team work landed Silverback at 50lbs 5oz from the Kracking Carp Lake.

Arlene shared – “What a wake up call 50lb 5oz but can’t claim it for myself as it was too much for me to land!! It was a joint effort with my better half Fred, not one hundred percent sure but think it’s called siiver back!”

Anglers Paradise

Upper Tamar carp

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Ashley Bunning has these two beauties from Upper Tamar this week. The common was 23.12 and the mirror was 17lb. The fish fell to a NashBait 20mm cultured hookbait.

(below) Shaun Freeman has this beauty from Upper Tamar at the weekend. 22lbs on the nose caught using a Stiff hinge with mainline link pop ups casting to showing fish from the Bradworthy arm area of the lake.

(Below) Ryan Tester proudly displaying his new personal best. carp of 23lb 10oz from Upper Tamar. This stunning mirror was tempted on a milky malt hookbait in just 2ft of water.

Stafford Moor Carp Catch latest

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( Below) Danny Hayman fished in Swim 15 (Albert square ) and also black island up on Lodge Lake. Danny had 8 fish out up to 28lb 6oz all fish caught on Nash Scopex squid and Sticky baits krill boilies.

(Bellow)  Chris Sansome fished up on swim 6 (the outlet) on lodge lake.

Chris smashed his personal best 3 times in this session ! Including a 30lb 1oz and then a 33lb 3oz all caught on Vader baits.

(Below) Stephen Smith who had 5 fish out from the inlet swim on Beatties lake up to 24lb 2oz all caught on Sticky baits krill over Manilla and house pellets soaked in red krill glug.

(Below)Nigel Bassett had 7 fish out up to 27lb from swim 11 (beach 2 ) up on lodge lake, all caught on Sticky baits Manilla boilies.

Stunning carp from trusty waters

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Some stunning carp from North Devons trusty South West Lakes carp waters!

(Below) Carl Watkins  had this beauty from Lower Tamar yesterday. ‘25.2 caught with a single 14mm vitalbaits kraken pop up over 18mm kraken freebies soaked in vitalbaits robin red and black squid, and salmon protein hydrolysate‘.

(Below)Karl Yates had a cracking session on Melbury at the weekend. 6 fish to 23.10 with three over 20lb!

(Below)Mervyn Beale has been back on Upper Tamar and rewarded with this lovely 21lb Mirror and 16lb Common yesterday. 20mm Nash Scopex Squid boilie doing the trick for Merv with a 5 bait stringer.

(Below) Tim Surridge has this 20lb common from Upper Tamar on his first visit to the venue. Tim also caught two more to just over 16lbs. Fishing the lookout swim with Cornwall Baits red seed and special occasion boilies.

Stafford Carp Report

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Connor Harold fished on the back bays swim 9 on Beatties lake . Connor had in total 25 fish out ! Up to 26lb 12oz all fish caught on Nash Scopex , candy nut crush and Mainline cell boilies. (Below)

(Below) Nigel Bassett who fished beach 2 (swim 11) up on lodge lake and had 9 fish out up to 26lb fishing with sticky baits Manilla and a spod mix.

(Below) Richard Roberts who fished up on swim 13 on the spit on lodge lake. This was Rich’s first time here in which he caught 5 fish out all caught on Sticky baits krill 16mm boilies.

(Below) George Ward who just finished his 48 hour session yesterday up on lodge lake and had 14 fish  out up to 31lb 2oz a new personal best for George ! All fish caught from swim 7 (the nook) using Sticky baits Krill 20mm boilies and house pellet.