Stafford Moor – Winter Carp Form

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Stafford Moor continues to reward anglers despite the cold weather. Below is are some of the recent catches.

Barry Lee banked carp from the dam wall on Beatties Lake all caught on C C Moore live system wafters in Almond goo over a small amount of hemp & corn feed. (Below)

Sam Heno who fished on the inlet swim on Beatties lake ,Sam had 6 fish out all caught on C C Moore live system boilies. (Below)

(Below) Simon White who hasn’t been to Stafford Moor for 10 years so a lot for him to take in change wise on site but all good Simon has 5 fish out up to 29lb all caught in swim 1 on lodge lake all caught on C C Moore 10mm live system boilies tipped off with Sticky baits peach & pepper.

Keith Medlin  fished up on swim 2 on Lodge Lake and now has the new lake record of 33lb 2oz.  Keith had 10 fish out in total all caught on Sticky Baits 20mm Manilla boilies which were glugged with Manilla and Sticky’s peach n pepper pop up snow man style. (Below)


Aaron Jones sent us in this catch report from Melbury at the weekend. ‘After work session on melbury Friday night produced these 4 lovely carp to 18.14lb, all caught using Nash scopex squid off of the pre baited spot. 2 large hand fulls of 18mm baits over the spot after each capture kept them feeding’. Nice one Aaron…

Aaron Jones did a quick overnight session at  Melbury  and had been hauling again!!! Aaron said ‘After my Friday night session I decided to have another go last night and again they kept coming, all fish caught off the same pre baited spot of Nash scopex squid again topping up after each fish with 2 large handfuls of 18mm baits’. Aaron’s fish were 20lb 3oz, 17lb 4oz, 17lb and a low double.

Stafford Moor Carp

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Alan Clarke  fished up on swim 2 on lodge lake and had 11 fish out all caught on DT Baits n blend boilies & CWGB white wafter hook Baits.

(Below) Rob Shann caught this fine mirror carp of 23lb from Lodge Lake using Sticky baits Krill Boilies.

Late Autumn Carp to 32lb 16oz at Stafford Moor

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Andy Barnes banked seven carp  up to 32lb 15oz  from the beach swim on Beatties Lake.  All fish were caught on Sticky Baits Krill and Manilla boilies.

(Below) Oli Dietrich caught a brace of carp the biggest a 27lb mirror, from swim 3 (small island) on the dam wall on Beatties lake yesterday Oli caught on Crafty bait citrus fruit which is a tester bait.

Low Pressure Big Fish!

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Big low pressure systems with mild air from the South West combined with wind and rain often bring the big fish the feed as anglers found whilst fishing South Molton Lakes at Furzebray and Hacche Lane.

(Above) Graham Kelly  made the most of a  cancellation at Furzebray !!! Graham banked one of his target fish from Island Lake  The mint common at an all time high of 35lb 12oz.

Lee Rolls has been a long time member of the Hacche Lake  syndicate and set a new  lake record banking 32lb 14 oz he then went on and broke it again a couple of hours later with another fish of 33lb 8oz.

Stafford Moor – Carp

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Kevin Dobson and friend Ben fished  on Stafford Moors Lodge Lake  on swim 1. They had 4 fish out up to 24lb. Ben smashed his personal best twice ! Bens old pb before he arrived was 9lb he then had an 18lb 8oz then smashed it again at 19lb 4oz.  They were fishing with Nash squid & Krill boilies.