Hacche Lane Forty

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Steve Pinn has banked Hacche Lane fishery’s first forty a stunning looking fish in pristine condition. Well done and well deserved.

“A massive milestone for us all here at Hacche and what a fish to have as our first 40 plus..probably for me the most special fish on site as it was one fish amongst the hundreds of tiny leney fingerlings that were here on site when we started nearly ten years ago. It’s also very fitting that the captor was none other than our very own Steve Pinn…Steve has been invaluable with his help around the fishery whilst I was trying to juggle a full time job and the running of Hacche…I think Steve was a bit disappointed it wasn’t the bullet tbh but personally I’m over the moon as it means there is probably two 40s not just the one!”

Snap shots from the waters edge

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North Devon has a vast range of waters to fish with an abundance of different species to target. Below are a few snap shots from the Water Edge,

The dwindling waters of Wistlandpound on a late spring evening.

A typical Wistlandpound brownie; great fun on a 5 wt.

(Above) An unsuccessful trip to the coast with the lure rod the sea full of suspended weed; but it was still good to breath in the salty air.

(Above) A short morning session resulted in this mirror carp at Bideford Clubs Karens Lake.


Sometimes its good to get back to basics. James joined me for a session at Jennetts watching a crimson topped float close to the water Lily’s. Watching the float disappear was a delight and resulted in small roach, skimmers and a tackle twisting eel that reminded me of my younger days when these slimy tackle twisters were a common feature of catches.

Kracking Thirty

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Callum Regan banked  a 34lb 10oz Mirror from Nirvana’s day ticket Kracking Carp Lake.
Callum shared –
“After seing a fish show on the wind I quickly set a trap consisting of a multi hinge rig paired with a munch baits citrus pop up. Introduced a scattering of approximately 50 munch baits bio bottom baits generously dusted in bio liquid food and bloodworm complex with a dusting of bio stick mix”.

Stafford Moor – Carp Catches

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(Below)  Kamil Wos who had a few fish out up to 25lb from swim 7 (The nook) up on lodge lake , Kamil was using Sticky baits krill boilies

 (Above) Debbie Stevens who had 8 fish out from swim 2 (The Triangle) on Beatties Lake. All fish were caught on DNA secret 7 boilies and Remix wafters over pellets and boilie mix.

Anglers await the opening of new carp lake near Barnstaple

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North Devon’s anglers are looking forward to the Opening of new Day Ticket Carp Fishery at Bulldog Fish Farm Ltd

Richie Eaton was lucky enough to be invited for a nights fishing at the new carp lake which is soon to be opening to the public for day tickets  this common being the biggest of a couple fish landed.

I will announce full details of opening as soon as I receive them along with a full report on my own visits to water.

(Above) Father and son team Nigel & Tom Early

A Kracking Forty

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Congratulations to George West from Plymouth who caught a new UK  personal best 41lb 5oz Mirror Carp from Nirvana’s Kracking Carp Lake.
George used crushed boilies, sweetcorn and 2mm Manilla pellets to entice the Specimen from Swim 4 with the help from his baiting pole.
Anglers Paradise

Carp from Paradise

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Massive congratulations to Joe Dietrich who battled the wind and rain on Sunday  and it paid off by catching his personal best!!!
Joe caught this beautiful 25lb 9oz Common from the Bottom Cat and Carp Lake 2 at Anglers Eldorado he also had a 16lb 8oz Common all in a day’s session!
Anglers Paradise


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Persistence paid off for Gerald Gough who  fished Jennets  reservoir to bank a fine brace of common carp weighing 26lb 8oz and 18lb 12oz. The fish were taken after six blank sessions so far this year. The fish were tempted on boilies fished in conjunction with a PVA stringer and no groundbait.