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(Above )Yona Wiseman, Libby Ross, Dan Wiseman, Wayne Thomas

Just got back from an interesting day filming along the North Devon Coast with Wiseman Productions and Libby Ross one of our local Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority Officers. The video is part of The FishTrail project for The West Country Rivers Trust and IFCA. It is funded by E.U COSME to promote Inter European Angling Tourism and promote conservation minded angling. Part of the project is also the building of a fish planner website to give a clear summary of legislation that relates to angling.


I must give special thanks to local anglers and fishing mates Kevin Legge, Callum Gove and James Hunter who joined me with some success in the hunt for fish. I will share the video on this site when it is  released.

attachment-1       Callum managed this mullet half an hour after filming ceased; I think that what they call sods law!



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