The Memorial Flounder Competition memory of Teddy New Stephen Williams and Kevin Stanley Bridson.

Congratulation to Nick Braunton who helped to organise this brilliant competition that attracted a a large number of local anglers.

1st  Nobby Jefferys 1lb 9ozs  winning £250 

2nd Dick Talbot 1lb 8ozs

3rd Paul Burslem 1lb 7.1/2ozs

4th Tony Gooch1lb 7.1/4oz 

5th Johnny Weeks 1lb 6ozs

6th Matt Horsham 1lb 4.1/2oz

7th Mark Jordan 1lb 4.1/4oz

8th Graham Parsons 1lb 4ozs

9th Paul Simmons 1lb 3.1/2

10th James Mayhew and Matt cleverly 1lb 3 1/4oz

  59 seniors fished

The result of the juniors was

1st place Barnaby Raymont 1lb 5ozs

2nd Bailey Phipps 1lb 4ozs

16 juniors fished in total 75 fished the event..Tony Gooch and Dick Talbot won the blind pairs with a total of 3lb 5ozs..Great day but with minus 5 degrees it took some fishing..

Every junior won a prize donated by Summerlands Tackle,  Angler’s Heaven,  Quay sports and Sakuma Fishing & Bullet Bait.

Over £800 of cash prizes paid out and £706 raised for the Pollyfield Bar Refurbishment.



Flounder Competition – Round Up

It was an incredibly mild day for mid November and a perfect tide for the estuary. Several clubs held flounder competitions and a large number of anglers were spread out throughout the estuary at all of the tried and trusted venues. I was fortunate to tag along with my good friend and fellow club member Dan Welch and his young son Solly. Dan certainly found a good spot with Dan and Solly catching close to fifty flounder between them to 1lb 10oz.  I also enjoyed some good sport catching over a dozen flounder and a pleasing 4lb bass. One of the joys of flounder fishing is that it is perfect for dads and lads and families with big flounder likely to take anyones bait. No specialist tackle is required and no need to cast long distances. Just flick out a trace of ragworm and wait for that tell tale rattle on the rod tip. The estuary with its many wading birds, ever changing lights and shades is beguiling. I have added a few pics of the day after the results section.

Thank you to Nathan Clements for the Bideford results.

Cyril Petherick Memorial Competition results

1st Nick Braunton Flounder 1lb 12 1/2oz

2nd Andrew Clements Flounder 1lb 11 3/4oz

3rd Dick Talbot Flounder 1lb 11 1/4oz

Congratulations all its been a lovely day for it!!!!

47 angler’s fished a brilliant turn out with some reasonable fish caught 🎣 


We have an absolutely massive prize fund for this one so don’t miss it.

More details to follow this week.

All the best and tight lines 🎣


Braunton Small Boats – Annual Flounder Match

1st – Andy Henderson – flounder 1lb 6oz

2nd – Jeremy Long – flounder 1lb 1oz

3rd – Jack Philips – flounder 12oz

Combe Martin SAC – Flounder Competition

1st – Daniel Welch flounder 1lb 10oz

1st = Damiel Welch flounder 1lb 10oz

2nd – Daniel Welch & Solly Welch – flounder 1lb 9oz



Solly Welch – flounder 1lb 9oz
Daniel Welch flounder 1lb 10oz
Two at a time for young Solly Welch



School bass for Daniel Welch



A plump flounder for me


A pleasing double shot for Dan

4lb bass that gave a great account on light flounder gear.


A skien of Canada geese


Solly Welch with a good flounder

Bideford Sea Rover – Results

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Flounder dominated the November competition results for Bideford Angling Club. The flounder season has certainly been the best for several seasons with numerous flounder caught over the 2lb mark.
November Rover Results
14 angler’s 8 fish weighed
1st – Nathan Clements – Flounder 2lb 11/2oz 104.687%
2nd- Terry Dymond – Flounder 2lb 0 1/2oz 101.562%
3rd-  Nathan Clements Flounder 1lb 11 1/2oz 85.837%
4th – Julien Stainer – Flounder 1lb 9 1/2 79.687%
5th – Julien Stainer Flounder 1lb 9oz 78.125%
6th – Antony Smith  Flounder 1lb 8 1/2oz 76.562%

Good Start to Flounder Season

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It’s been a good start to the flounder fishing season in the Taw estuary with plenty of quality flounder being tempted. These obliging flatfish offer relaxing fishing amidst the splendid scent of the estuary. Ian Laird caught four flounder over 1lb on light tackle the best 1lb 8oz.


Sea Angling Round Up

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Cooler temperatures a bit of fresh and the flounder season is well underway. Flattie fanatic David Jenkins has been targeting the Taw flatties catching close to 100 up to 1lb 8oz during a weeks fishing for his favourite fish. He also caught several bass with several over 3lb.

Steve Finn with a good sized Taw flounder.

Bideford Angling Clubs monthly Rover was dominated by flounder.

1st Julien Stainer – flounder 1lb 8.5oz 76.562%

2nd  Andy Sanders – flounder 1lb 7oz 71.875%

3rd Dick Talbot flounder – 1lb 5oz 65.625%

3rd Julien Stainer flounder –  1lb 5oz 65.625%

Appledore Ship-Builders

Fourteen members fished the clubs October rover. Andrew Atkinson was victorious with a Pouting of 1lb 3 1/4ozs. He also claimed second place with another Pouting of 1lb 1 1/4ozs. Michael Hammett was 3rd with another Pouting of 1lb 1oz.
 A reminder to club members that the Agm is on Friday 22nd. October. This will be held at The Royal Appledore 7pm start. Agenda will be emailed out to the members soon.
October is great month for the sea angler with a vast range of species available from both the estuary and the Open coast. The next two months offer the best chance of a double figure bass so I look forward to receiving a few reports from North Devons angling fraternity.

Flounder Fishing on the up

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David Jenkins caught this fine 1lb 13oz flounder from the Taw estuary. The recent flood conditions will have flushed some of the crabs out of the estuary increasing the chance of catching the humble flounder a favourite species of Barnstaple’s anglers for many years.

A Bit of Flounder Fishing

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The humble flounder of the estuary have a certain appeal that I had somehow forgotten having neglected the species for several seasons. Our son James seemed keen for a short session so having gratefully secured a pound of worms from a local bait digger we found ourselves surveying the bleak cold and grey expanse of the estuary. We had arrived just before the flooding tide and the first hour passed by without any action. But it was  good to be by the water watching the plentiful bird life on the exposed mud banks.

I have fond memories of fishing the area back in the late seventies with my cousin who would take me fishing on cold frosty evenings to fish from the railway line that was at that time still in partial use running to Bideford. As the tide started to slow the downstream flow I caught the first flounder of the day that was quickly slipped back.

Shorty after retreating onto the higher bank my rod tip gave a couple of nods. A few minutes later I was pleased to feel a weighty flattie pulsating on the line and hanging deep as it approached the shoreline. A plump flounder of 1lb 11oz was a good result and a good omen for Combe Martin SAC’s Flounder competition and Triple Hooks Open Flounder Competitions this weekend.

Having caught a couple I was hoping James would get in on the action before we packed up.  His rod tip gave a few gentle nods resulting in a double shot of flounder to end the session.

I really must make sure I enjoy a few more sessions after these obliging flatfish that will often give sport when little else is happening. I intend to try caching a few on ultra light LRF tactics as I have caught them on the open coast using jig heads and Isome worms. The latest book on Lure Fishing by Dominic Garnett has a chapter dedicated to this type of fishing. I have also caught flounder in the past trotting a bunch of ragworm beneath a float using ultra light coarse tackle; great fun!


Club Record Gilthead bream

Combe Martin SAC member Robin  Bond fished a mark in the lower Taw estuary and landed a new club record gilt head bream scaling 5lb. These hard fighting fish are being caught on a far more regular basis in recent seasons a possible result of climate change? During the eighties these fish were tempted from South Devon marks and seemed to begin to populate Cornish marks as the seasons progressed. They are now caught a across the South West, South Wales and from Southern Ireland and beyond.