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The mailing systems between and Angling Heritage and River Reads have now been separated so we can now focus on AH individually, rather than on the back of the River Reads newsletter necessary to minimize the costs as we get established. The archive now generates sufficient funds required to move the Trust on to the next level.

Over the last month we have received a written piece by Hugh Miles about ‘Filming the Great and the Good’ which is free to view in the “Articles” section, together with a selection of photographs of him filming Peter Stone which can be seen in the ‘Photographs’ archive.
If you read Hugh’s notes, you will see that the series of films that he made whilst at college have sadly been disposed of. This is a tragedy for Hugh and for angling losing the film of these famous anglers. We don’t know if copies were ever made, and I have spoken to Barrie Welham and David Carl Forbes’ family without success, so if you know of it surviving anywhere, please let me know so that both Hugh and AH can get a copy.

This shows how badly needed the angling archive is to preserve any film for the future, and we are grateful for the donation of an old 8m cine film that is currently being digitised for the archive (and the donor gets DVD too). If you have any such film of footage, please loan them to us for preservation. We are not looking to keep it, merely to try to preserve it and return it to the owner (whose name is credited with the donation on the website too).

We have also added a video of over an hour in length of the interviews we made when supporting Hereford Museum on their River Life Project in 2013 which is accompanied by a series of photographs appropriate to the text. This shows how our work can be galvanised when working with other organisations; something we are looking to expand on in the future.

As ever, the Trust relies on you, in donations (financial and of material), archive loans, and also in paying to view the archive or becoming members, and we thank you for your growing support.

Keith has just returned from a fishing trip to Canada with renowned wildlife photographer Hugh Miles.