Exe Valley Introduces Catch & Release Permit Options


The latest News from Nick Hart at Exe Valley

During the 15 years that I have been involved with Exe Valley Fishery, firstly as an instructor and then as the manager, the only option available has been to catch & kill any Trout caught. 

However times are changing rapidly and increasingly I talk with anglers who don’t want to dispatch fish and fill their freezers.  I also meet plenty of anglers who are put off by the thought of reaching their limit and then having to head home prematurely, cutting short their enjoyment & experience.

Therefore after a number of successful catch & release events, such as this one in December 2016, I have decided to introduce a new trial permit.

The Catch & Release options will start on Tuesday 7th February 2017 and will be available until Sunday 9th April 2017.  During this time we will listen to your thoughts and welcome feedback.  If the fishery is well supported during these changes the options will be made available throughout the year, other than during periods of high water temperatures.  Full details will be available at the fishery regarding the rules applied to catch & release.  The key points include:

– Catch & Release available on Anchor Lake only

– Rubber mesh nets only (we can loan nets)

– Barbless flies only (not debarbed – barbless flies will be available for purchase in the shop)

– Fish to be released must not be removed from the water. 

– No Boobies.

– Kill tickets – Fish limit must be killed prior to Catch & Release.

Catch & Release Permit Options & Prices (07.02.17 to 09.04.17)

10 Fish Catch & Release Only – £25

2 Fish Kill & 2 Fish Release – £30

3 Fish Kill & 3 Fish Release – £35

4 Fish Kill & 4 Fish Release – £40

5 Fish Kill & 5 Fish Release – £45

Although there is an increase in permit prices, the first for several seasons, the new structure with the inclusion of catch & release offers some of the best value small stillwater fishing in the West Country if not the UK.