Wild Brown Trout Sport at Wistlandpound

After a successful trip to Wistlandpound last week and reports of good sport from other anglers I headed back to the reservoir again. On arrival I met up with Fluff Chucker Rodney Wevill who had travelled up from his home close to Launceston. It was good to meet up with Rodney on his first visit to the picturesque water close to my home in North Devon. We chatted fishing on our way to the water and I was able to give a quick run down of the waters history since I started fishing it in the late 1970’s.

Starting on the South Bank of the lake we commenced putting out a line on the water. We both connected with hard fighting browns within five minutes and admired their spotted flanks and varied hues. I was using a small black lure on the point with a black spider pattern on the dropper. The fish were hitting the point fly and a slow retrieve seemed to be the favoured approach.

Rodney hooked a cracking fish that came off close to the net whilst I was pleased to bring a pristine fish of around 10″ to hand.

Rodney Wevill hooks a good brown

Martins swooped above the lake and birdsong filled the air. It really felt that spring had arrived at last after weeks of predominantly North and East winds.

Rodney with a typical Wistlandpound brown trout

We fished an enjoyable session with Rodney catching eleven browns to just under 1lb. I managed eight fish the best a stunning trout of 15″, Its buttercup flanks dotted with spots of brown, black and crimson.

A stunning trout of 15″, Its buttercup flanks dotted with spots of brown, black and crimson.

These fish though small by commercial fishery standards are a delight to catch offering truly wild fishing at a very reasonable cost. Day Tickets are £11.00 from



Fluff Chuckers – Brown Trout Bank Day – Colliford

I joined the Fluff Chucker’s group event at Colliford Lake on Saturday March 26th in search of wild brown trout. Cast off for this informal competition was at 9:00am with pre meet at 8:00am.

I arrived on time at the car park to meet with fellow fluff chucker’s who were eagerly debating the day ahead and recent excursions with their fly rods. It was my first visit to this vast lake of 900 acres situated high on Bodmin Moor and my first impression was that it was a little daunting. These fears soon evaporated after chatting with fellow anglers who assured me that the trout were often found close to the margins.

I had undoubtedly been lulled into a false sense of security over recent days of warm sunshine as I had underestimated how cold it was likely to be. Whilst there wasn’t a cloud in the sky a bitter east wind was blowing across the lake creating many white caps.

We all donned our waders and set off shortly before 9.00am eager to cast a line with the majority heading for a bank that gave some shelter from the wind.

The lake is surrounded by ancient moorland with craggy granite outcrops and wind swept stunted trees. Sheep grazed here and there with old stone walls and fences dividing this harsh yet beautiful landscape. The water clarity was good and peat stained resembling the finest malt whiskey.

I approached the water’s edge with a degree of stealth and put out a short line with a small black lure on the point and a black spider pattern on a dropper. As I retrieved and lifted the fly ready to recast there was a swirl in the water and the glimpse of a golden flank. This gave my confidence an immediate boost.

It was however three hours before I actually made contact with one of the resident trout after moving to a bank that was being battered by the strong wind. A pleasing wild brown of 12” bringing welcome reward for my efforts. I had spoken with a few other anglers as I wandered the shoreline and knew that no one seemed to be catching a lot which was not surprising in the conditions.

I wandered back and forth along the shoreline trying different retrieves and searching the water. I had confidence in the flies on my leader and stuck with the tried and trusted.

Success came once again as I stripped the lure to suddenly feel that delightful connection as a good fish hit the fly leaping from the water in a somersault of spray.

I was relieved when a pleasing 15.5” wild brown was safely within my net. After a quick photo and careful measuring the fish was returned and swam strongly away after holding in the cold water for a few moments.

The remaining hour or so was a little frustrating  with four more trout being hooked briefly before shedding the hook.

It was all back to the car park for 5.15pm and the prize giving. The event was generously sponsored by Partridge of Redditch, Yeti, Hooks and Hackles and South West Lakes Trust.

I was delighted to receive the runners up prize for the second biggest fish of the day.

Full results below with thanks to Rodney Wevill who was the events main organiser.

Fluff Chuckers / Partridge of Redditch Brown trout bank event.

Not a great day for pictures at the event today.

Bitter cold easterly winds made it a day of heads down and try very hard to find some fish.

A very good turnout with anglers travelling from North Devon, Somerset and the usual pirates from Cornwall.

The overall winner was Roger Truscott with the longest fish and the most fish caught.

The runners up being Jack Welshman, Wayne Thomas and Jon Allen.

Even though it really wasn’t ideal brown trout weather there was a good amount of fish landed with respectable fish from 13” to 17”.

Fluff Chuckers would like to thank all the anglers that supported the event a great turnout and most importantly the sponsors for their great generosity providing the prizes.

Partridge of Redditch


Trout Fishing South West Lakes Trust

Hooks & Hackles

South West Lakes Trout Fisheries Pre-season Information 2022

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Looking ahead to the 2022 season at the lakes, the trout fisheries will be stocked, opening and operating under the latest Covid-19 guidelines, in line with the Angling Trust and Government guidelines.

Tickets and boats:

The on-site permit huts will not be open, so day tickets, season tickets, and boats should be pre-booked online (www.swlakestrust.org.uk/trout-fishing) or via telephone. Alternatively day tickets can be purchased using the Westcountry Rivers Trust FishPass app, or from the Kennick, Siblyback, Burrator, or Stithians Clubs (available for club members only).

Boats will be available for pre-booking at Kennick, Roadford, Siblyback and Stithians, with boats available via the Burrator Club for club members only.

Opening dates:

The rainbow fisheries (Kennick, Siblyback, Stithians, and Burrator) will open on 12th March (with one-day preview days for season ticket holders on Thursday 10th March at Kennick, and Friday 11th March at Siblyback). The brown trout waters (Roadford, Fernworthy, Wistlandpound, and Colliford) will open on 15th March.

Early in the season the water will still be cold, so expect the fish to be lying deep, with sunk lines and weighted lures (Blobs, Nomads, Tadpoles, and Cats Whiskers) or Goldhead Damsels and Montanas the most likely patterns to produce results.

South West Fly Fair:

The annual South West Fly Fair will be returning to Roadford on Sunday 6th March, with fly tying, casting, and cooking demonstrations, along with tackle and trade stands, and will be opened by Charles Jardine at 10am.


The Siblyback Team Bank competition will be held on 10th April, Kennick Bank Pairs on 8th May, and the Peninsula Classic at Kennick on 26th June.

Self-launch float-tubing will be available at Kennick, Roadford, Siblyback, and Stithians (this will only be available with a ‘buddy system’ or if safety cover is present) – see the Trust’s website or telephone for more information.

Please visit the South West Lakes Trust website (www.swlakestrust.org.uk/trout-fishing) for the latest updates, as well as details on season and day ticket prices, fishery information, clubs, competitions, and boat availability.

Trout in Paradise

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Anglers Paradise is well known for its Coarse Fishing but it also has a trout lake offering Fly-Fishing and lure fishing  for a range of species. The option of lure fishing for trout might be advantageous for those who have not mastered the art of Fly- Fishing. In my limited experience in most lakes the fly will out fish the lure most days.
The fishing is catch and release with barbless hooks only.
Trout Lake (Fly fishing or Lure fishing) for various species of Trout and our predator Lake Valhalla (Lure fishing only)for some fun Pike action.
Zenia Gregory and her family enjoyed a couple of hours family time on their trout lake and caught Tiger, Rainbow, Blue and a Brownie Trout.  Joe caught a Pike yesterday from Valhalla Lake on a lure.
Day Tickets are £20

To book your session, please call 📞 01409221559 strictly between 9am to 4.30pm.

Anglers Paradise

South West Lakes Trust Season Report Summary

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Trout fishing report for the lakes and reservoirs in Devon and Cornwall.


All South West Lakes Trust rainbow trout fisheries operated under Covid restrictions, Angling Trust, and Government guidelines throughout the 2021 season, with self-service permit huts closed, and tickets and boat bookings made available via the telephone or online through the Trust’s website. The rainbow waters closed for the season at the end of November (Brown trout waters in Mid October).

Season Summary:

There was some good fishing across the region, especially at Burrator, Kennick and Siblyback, while the fishing improved dramatically toward the end of the season at Colliford and Roadford in the last few months.

The Snowbee Team bank competition at Siblyback in April was won by the Innis Fishery Team from Cornwall, catching 23 rainbows weighing in at 30lb 5oz;

The Snowbee Top Rod competition in June was won by Alec Hoare (of Abbotskerswell), catching five rainbows weighing 8lb 12oz; the Peninsula Classic Bank Competition at Kennick (also in June) was won by Darren Penfold, catching seven fish weighing in at 12lb 1½ oz; the ‘Best of the Best’ final was also held at Kennick on 17 October, with the winner, Dave Johns (from Cornwall) catching 12 rainbows weighing in at 25lb 2oz, and taking home the first prize of a cheque for £1000.

The ‘Fishing For Life’ project (supporting people living with breast cancer) continues to grow, with regular monthly sessions throughout the season at various fisheries.

Fisheries Summary:

Siblyback: Best fish – 4lb 4oz brown, caught by David Ryder in April, using a Black and Green Cats Whisker.

Kennick:  Best fish – 5lb rainbow caught by Sharif Adams (as part of a bag of six rainbows between 2 – 5lb) using a Gold Damsel.

Stithians: Best fish – 7lb Brown trout caught by Adam P on 25 June. The best rainbow weighed in at 3lb 8oz, caught by Clive P in July.

Burrator:  Best fish – 4lb  rainbow caught by Benjamin L in July. Al Lawson (from Plymouth) caught a 4lb brown trout on 22 October.

Colliford: Best fish – 2lb 8oz brown trout caught by Dean Boucher (part of a bag of eight fish) caught using Foam Beetles and Red Hoppers in early October.

Fernworthy:  Best fish – 3lb 1oz brown trout caught by Rodney Wevil in April.

Roadford: Best fish – 3lb brown trout (as part of a bag of twenty fish) caught by Jamie Gillman (from Plymouth) in September.

The season opening dates and prices for 2022 will be posted (along with other information) on the Trust’s website and on their Facebook page (Trout Fishing South West Lakes Trust).