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Izzy Moser of the Devon Wildlife Trust shared these images on Devon Wildlife Trust Twitter Feed today they show the extent of sediment in the Taw today following heavy rain. As game fishers we all look forward to a summer spate that brings fish in from the sea but we hope to see a river the colour of beer not a muddy torrent.

Izz Moser writes :- Sorry for circulation email but I was fairly shocked looking at the River Taw this morning to see how brown the water was after last nights rainfall. This is definitely the worst I have seen it. It was disgusting.

I thought I would use the photos to hopefully raise the profile of sediment issues.

Photos attached – although I have to say they really do not do it justice.

If anyone would like to share the photos further, please do… I have shared them via the Devon Wildlife Trust Twitter feed.

Izzy Moser (Left) at the Fly Monitoring earlier this spring.