Take Care there is a sting!

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I received this message from Matt Pengelly a friend of mine from deepest Cornwall. Don’t think I have ever seen a greater weaver caught from the North Devon shoreline. Your bound to tell me differently. CMSAC have not got a record for them. Take care when handling as these fish have a venomous sting similar to that of an adder bite!

┬áSomething that might interest you as a bit of an angling connoisseur! We’ve had a cracking run of big Weevers on the north coast over the last few days, a mate had a few to 1-7-8 last night and I sneaked a couple of hours tonight and had 4, with 2 of 1-6-12 and 1-8-4. Wanted one for many,many years. Great scrap on a bass rod!