Reed – Providing Vital Protection from the elements for Twenty Five Years

The Reed Storm Jacket on a cold December day back in 2016

Being an all-round angler and fishing throughout the year coping with what the elements throw at me is an important part of my fishing preparation. An adage that is often thrown around is that there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing. Well there is perhaps some truth in that though generally I prefer a warm sunny day to a cold wet one!

I enjoy my fishing excursions throughout the year and keeping warm and dry undoubtedly makes the experience both more enjoyable and productive. You will not fish well if you are cold wet and miserable.

Playing a hard fighting trout during a heavy downpour

I have worn a vast range of weather proof garments over the past fifty years some good some not so good. Several years ago I was introduced to Reed Chillcheater clothing by my good friend and fellow angler Kevin Legge. Kev extolled the virtues of Reed Chillcheater products and in 2016  I invested in an Aquatherm Fleece Storm Jacket.

North Devon sea angler Kevin Legge embraces the elements in his Reed Storm Jacket

I was immediately impressed by the comfort and resistance to the winter weather the Aquatherm Fleece provided. The inner fleece provides warmth and the outer fabric provides a waterproof barrier.

I also combine the wearing of Transpire Fleece base layers during the colder months and find this ensures I can endure the coldest of days. I occasionally wear the double thickness transpire under top and trousers but generally find that I get too warm unless its static fishing.

The true test of clothing is undoubtedly its endurance overtime and whilst most waterproofs I have used in the past start leaking after a couple of seasons my Aquatherm Fleece Storm Jacket is still doing its job over eight years later.

(Above and Below) Keeping out the chill Arctic air in Norway

After speaking with company owner Chris Reed I put the jacket into the washing machine. It now smells far better and with the slightly fishy aroma removed it still repels the rain. The pockets have ripped and it’s getting a bit jaded but it still keeps out the rain. I will be investing in a new jacket for this coming winter.

At home in both fresh and salt water.

I visited Reed premises a few weeks ago to discuss their ongoing support of North Devon Angling News and enjoyed a tour of the premises. I have been pleased to help promote their excellent products since 2016 when I launched NDANs. The products are manufactured In Braunton by a small team of skilled workers. Reeds have been producing products aimed primarily at the Kayaking, Canoeing and outdoor adventure fraternity for twenty five years. Local anglers have discovered the benefits of Reed products with the clothing stocked at Braunton Bait Box and at Veal’s Mail Order and of course direct from Reeds at Braunton.


Chris Reed shows me around their well stocked storeroom

The work place

Huge Rare Shad from local estuary

         Dan Spearman was spinning for thin lipped mullet and had a shock when a huge allis shad estimated at 5lb seized his baited spinner. The fish gave an exciting account leaping from the water and making several long runs. The fish was landed and carefully returned to the water. The shad is a rare and endangered species and are not to be fished for intentionally.  The population appears to be increasing on the Taw with several reported each year by salmon anglers. The species spawn during late spring and early summer.

Thin lipped grey mullet are moving into the estuaries of the Taw and Torridge providing exciting sport for anglers using baited spinner tactics. Combe Martin SAC member John Shapland caught a fine  specimen thin lip of 4lb 4oz.


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Bidefords March  48-hour results.

1st Andrew Clements  Bull Huss 12lb 9oz 125.625%

2nd Graham Snow  Thicklipped Mullet 3lb 6oz 84.375%

3rd Graham Snow Thicklipped Mullet 3lb 4oz 81.250% 

Bull huss from Ilfracombe

Combe Martin SAC member Paul Lorrimore landed a personal best bull huss of 12lb 5oz whilst fishingf an Ilfracombe shore mark.


Combe Martin SAC Junior member Lenny Lake fished from John Barbeary’s Bluefin out of ilfracombe to boat a fine bull huss of 12lb 2oz.

Billy Evans won Appledore Shipbuilders league competition with a smoothound of 9lb 6oz. Andrew Atkinson was runner up with a smoothound of 9lb 0.25oz and Graham Snow third with a thick lipped grey mullet of 3lb 6oz.

Combe Martin SAC AGM and presentation night.

Kyle Bishop recieves his well deserved Merit award from club secretary Nick Phillips.

Combe Martin SAC held their AGM and presentation night at the White Lion Inn Braunton on Friday January 26th. The club had enjoyed a successful year in 2023 with members registering a good number of specimen fish. The club are introducing a predator award next season for the member registering the best tope, conger, bull huss and spurdog specimen rating total. The winner will receive a megladon sharks tooth for 12 months from club member Daniel Welch.


Award winner for 2023 were as follows :-

2023 Trophy Winners

Cod Trophy    Mark Jones.    6lb 12oz

Bass Trophy   David Brooke – 12lb 6oz

Mullet Cup       Kyle Bishop = Thin Lipped grey mullet    5lb 3oz 129%

Conger Cup       Shane Pavio Hook Way – 23lb 7oz

Flatfish Cup       Daniel Welch.  Flounder 1lb 9oz

Shore Shield       Kyle Bishop   tope 61lb 9oz  205%

Medway Cup     Mark Jones  Porbeagle Shark  151% calculated by formula

Ray Shield    Jamie ~Steward small eyed ray – 12lb 13oz

Wrasse Trophy   Daniel Welch   5lb

Burgess Trophy     Charlie Stanway – ballan wrasse 4lb 15.5oz 110%

Scouse Shield     Wayne Thomas  – rockling 15oz

D Kyte Award     Wayne Thomas 4 mullet total 312%

Out Of Limits    Ollie Passmore –  ballan wrasse     5lb 6oz

Ollie Passmore recieves the Out Of Limits trophy for a fine wrasse of 5lb 6oz


Thornback Cup     – Mark Jones 13lb 10oz

Specimen League –    Kyle Bishop

Bass                     10lb 6oz      129.688%

Bull Huss                15lb 5oz.     153.125%

Spurdog                13lb 3oz.      132%

Thin Lipped grey mullet. 5lb 3oz.  129.688%

Tope                      61lb 9oz.         205.208%

Ballan wrasse         4lb 15oz.         109.722%

                                           Total – 859.306%


Runner up Jamie Steward

small eyed ray 12lb 13oz 128.125 S
tope 37lb 12oz 122.083 S
gilthead bream 4lb 4oz 141.667
thin lipped grey mullet 4lb 14oz 122.875 S
smoothound 13lb 3oz 131.875 S
bull huss 11lb 4oz 112 S



Top four boat specimens

Mark Jones –

bass 9lb 1oz 113.281 B
porbeagle 265lb 151.43 B
tope 36lb 90 B
pollock 7lb 4oz 72.5 B

Club Records 

Kyle Bishop – Skate 13lb 8oz

Shaun Quartly – blue-mouth 6oz

Kyle Bishop – bull huss  15lb 5oz

Daniel Welch – bonito 3lb 15oz (Boat)

Shane Pavio Hook Way – Thresher Shark – 300lb ( Estimated)

 Fish of the season –

Winter 22/23    David Brooke – bull huss 15lb 2oz             151%

Spring 23            Jamie Steward – Gilt head bream  4lb 4oz 141%

Summer  23       Kyle Bishop.   Tope     61lb 9oz.                      205%

Autumn 223–     David Brook.   Bass  12lb 6oz                          154.688%

Merit Award  –    Kyle Bishop outstanding catches throughout the year.

Kyle Bishop with the 61lb 9oz tope that won the best specimen award

The club are also launching an Ilfracombe based species league that will be run in conjunction with keen Ilfracombe anglers

Species competition Format

  1. Most species wins
  2. All fish to photographed with captor and proof of location
  3. Boundaries from lime kiln to Cheyne beach
  4. CMSAC Club members
  5. Comp starts 1st of Feb 2024 until December 31st 2024

Subsequent years will be as per calendar year

  1. Entry for CMSAC members is free as part of membership
  2. Fishing to club rules – 2 rods, four hooks

9 . Prizes upfront

 1st, 2nd , 3rd

Season Ticket for aquarium ( Family TBC)

£25.00 Voucher High Street Tackle

Voucher for local butchers ( TBC)

  1. Catch a Release encouraged

Entries to be sent to Fish Recorder Wayne Thomas or Toby Bassett.

Photos required clearly showing fish, captor and location.

League will be kept updated by Fish Recorder and in addition to individual entries a tally will kept as a club tally as a collective team effort.

Will try and arrange a few pop up species days throughout the year to encourage social interaction with members.


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Club’s members fished a competition over the festive period that concluded on January 7th. A range of species were caught from the North Devon shoreline, including bull huss, conger, grey mullet. ray and whiting. The winner of the competition was Wayne Thomas with a bull huss of 9lb 11oz.

Runner up was also Wayne with a thick lipped grey mullet of 3lb 11oz.


Bideford Angling Club  – January Rover

Bideford Angling Clubs January Rover was won by Julien Stainer with a bull huss of 9lb 5oz. Nathan Clements was runner up and forth with huss of 8lb 10.5oz and 7lb 13.5oz. Paul Ackland was third with a dogfish of 2lb 7oz.

Appledore Shipbuilders January Rover

       19 fished Appledore Shipbuilders January rover.

The Anglers reported targeting several different species with most catching their targets. Some lovely fish were caught today with 4 specimens recorded at the weigh in.

Claudio Pinto had a fine Small Eyed of 9lb 4ozs and Josh Atkinson had a Whiting of 1lb 11 3/4ozs both coming in at 115.87% to take joint first place. Andrew Atkinson was third with a Whiting of 1lb 10 3/4ozs.


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Thirty Five anglers fished Triple Hook Clubs Christmas Flounder Open and only six of the competitors registered flounder. N. Wilkinson won the top prize with a flounder of 1lb 8.75oz. Runner up was Taz Wotton with a flounder of 1lb 5.5oz. Mark Beer was third a flounder of 1lb 47/8oz and Rob Hancock was fourth with a flounder of 1lb 2oz and Kevin Hancock fifth with a flounder of 1lb 0.25oz and sixth Mark Hancock with a flounder of 15oz.


Stephen Found won Bideford Angling Clubs forty eight hour rover with a dogfish of 2lb 7oz. Tony Gussin took second and third with a conger of 14lb 5oz and a pouting of 1lb 1oz.


Bull huss dominated Combe Martin SAC Christmas Competition with Ross Stanway securing top spot with a huss of 12lb 11oz. David Brooke took second and third with huss of 10lb 5oz and 9lb 14oz. Kevin Legge was fourth with a huss of 9lb 7oz.

Ross Stanway with his huss of 12lb 11oz
Ross Stanway huss 9lb 2oz.


David Brooke with huss of 10lb 5oz and 9lb 14oz

Members also caught thick lipped grey mullet, dogfish, conger and codling.