SOUTH WEST LAKES TRUST – Trout Fishing Report

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South West Lakes Trout Fisheries Report (July 2017)


Temperatures have remained high throughout the month and, with bright sunshine and water at around 20 ºc, the Trout, particularly Rainbows, have been lethargic and not keen to feed, preferring to retire to the cooler deeper waters of the fisheries. Water levels have now started to drop, exposing fresh areas of bank.


Kennick – The warm conditions meant that fishing proved challenging during the main parts of the day, with best results to be had early in the morning or in the evenings, with the Top End and the Narrows producing the best fishing for boat and bank anglers alike. Fish were still happy to feed near the surface, with Hoppers and dry Buzzer Emergers producing reasonable results, although sub-surface nymphs, particularly Damsel Nymphs and Diawl Bachs or teams of Buzzers, fished on an intermediate or sink-tip line caught the most fish, with the occasional Trout taking a deeper-fished Tadpole. The best fish caught in the month was a 4lb 8oz Rainbow, caught by Mr A. Dunstone from Plymouth, using a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear nymph fished from the bank at the Top End, as part of a full bag. During the hot weather the lake will now be stocked with Brown Trout.

Siblyback – Late afternoons and evenings produced the best fishing at Siblyback, when fish could be taken on Daddylonglegs and Dark Hoppers from the surface, or more successfully on a selection of sub-surface nymphs (Diawl Bachs, Buzzers and Montanas) fished on floating and intermediate lines. The best fish of the month was a 3lb 3oz Rainbow, caught by Dave Johns from Holsworthy.

Burrator – The banks at Longstone Peninsula and along to Sheepstor Dam have produced the best fishing over the month, with Hoppers, Hawthorns and Black Gants all taking rising fish. The majority of fish, however, have again been caught on sub-surface nymphs (Damsel Nymphs, Montanas, sunk Bibios and Kate Mclarens) fished on either floating or intermediate lines, while the occasional deeper fish have taken pulled Vivas and dark Cats Whiskers.

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Stithians – In spite of the high temperatures, anglers averaged just under 2 fish per rod during the month. The most productive locations included Yellowort Bay, Chapel Bay, Pub Bay and Pipe Bay. With a lot of midges and brown beetles blown onto the water, fish are still looking up to feed and dry patterns have fished particularly well – in particular Beetles, Black Hoppers, Hawthorns, Bobs Bits and dark dry sedge patterns. A selection of small sub-surface nymphs have also produced some good results, particularly Hares ears, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and Pheasant Tail Nymphs, when fished on sink-tip lines. The best fish caught during the month was a 3lb Brown Trout, caught by Mr R.Keast from Penryn, using a Gold-ribbed Hares Ear at Yellowort Bay.

Drift –Rods averaged 3.5 fish per angler, which included a number of full bags of both Rainbows and Brown Trout. Bank anglers achieved the best results fishing from Badger Sett Bank and the North Bank, while boats and float-tubes caught well off the woods and by the dam. Subsurface patterns fished on a floating line caught the most fish, with Diawl Bachs, Black Crunchers and small black nymphs, all producing good results, either singly or fished in teams.

Roadford – In spite of the hot weather, the Brownies at Roadford have continued to look to the surface to feed, particularly off the banks (Daveys and Gaddacombe), where fish have been taking a selection of small nymphs, wets (fished on sink-tip lines) and dry patterns (including Daddies and Beetles). Boat anglers have also enjoyed success while fishing into the banks and over the boils – Andy Birkett from Plymouth caught the best fish of the month, a stunning 5lb 8oz Brown (as part of a bag of 16 fish), while fishing a Soldier Palmer under the bubbles.

Fernworthy – Anglers have had a tremendous month at this picturesque Brown Trout water, averaging over 6.5 fish per rod. The annual arrival of the swarms of beetle have meant that the fish have been looking up to feed, resulting in excellent dry fly sport, with foam beetle patterns, Dry Bibios, Sedges and Spiders producing outstanding sport, with a few sub-surface feeders taking Hares Ears, Montanas and Damsel Nymphs. Fish have been feeding well throughout the day, with most fish caught by the permit hut and from the Lawns. The best fish caught during the month was a grown-on Brown Trout of 2lb 1oz using a Bracken Beetle, while Paul Ackland from Plympton caught and returned 32 fish using a Black Ethafoam Beetle – in his words, a ‘red letter’ day!

Colliford – The fishing has at last started to pick up at Colliford, with local angler Dean Boucher losing a fish estimated at over 5lb at the net, as a final run pulled the hook.