Upper Tamar Thirty!

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Still on a role after winning the £3500 Pallatrax Pairs Open in September Karl Yates has banked one of our newly stocked fish from Upper Tamar Lake. Karl caught the sparsely scaled mirror at 36.08. The fish was stocked in early September along with another 25 Carp including 3 over 30lbs and 15 fish over 20lbs. Its great to see the fish doing so well and it has gained 1lb in weight since stocking. As it stands this is the largest fish caught from Upper Tamar for several years, although there are larger in the lake! It’s a new PB for Karl beating his previous best by over 12lbs. The fish fell to a Mainline wafter with a 4oz Hex lead from Westcountry Leads. Congratulations to Karl who has been rewarded for putting some time in at the venue and well done to his young son Alfie for taking the pictures.

(Below)Jason McEvoy and Leanne Rule have been back on the banks at Upper Tamar lake landing a few fish. Leanne banked the first of their four fish at 16.02 and the Jason managed the next three fish with commons of 10.00 and 14.02 and one of our newly stocked fish, a mirror of 20.02. The fish fell to either mirage baits king crab boilies or Marcus Watts scopex and pineapple.