Steve Pinn Enjoys a frosty session

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Steve Pinn gives an account of his second session on Willow Lake. Almost a blank until the sun came out on the last day. This was when the larger fish came out, just before an amazing Devon sunset (only 17Ib but another willow, mint beauty). Had to wait until an alarm call at dawn on the last day when the smaller fish of the 2 woke me with a screaming run, I’d had similar runs from a swans leg but this time it was for real. I emerged to temps of -4, a heavy frost and the smaller of the 2 fish which wasn’t weighed but was a beautiful linear. You can tell by my disheveled appearance that I have literally just woken up in the picture!! Both fish were had on a new delivery of 12mm nuts tipped with a very chopped down fake corn and a red hair stop on a bed of red maggots and freeby 12 millers. A memorable second session of 2018 not just for the fish but also the wonders of nature.  Angling Artist Thanks to David Blackaller for supplying the good luck, the sunshine and the camera skills.