Exe Valley Weed Party!

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Nick Hart at Exe Valley is seeking help in an innovative project where anglers get the chance to join in with the fishery in maintaining the quality fishing they love.

Its the first time in around a decade that we have seen so little algae (blanket weed) at Exe Valley, despite this summers high temperatures. Check out the pic taken today and note in particular how clear the lake bed is. However the pond weed is now spreading quickly and so next Sunday 8th July we will be closing to clear as much as possible using our very successful weed rakes, boat etc. But we need some help!

Would you like to join us for a weed party?! The deal is we drag as much weed out of the lake as possible and those who help receive 2 x 3 fish permits for their efforts, a BBQ and beer into the bargain plus the satisfaction that they have helped us to keep the fishery open.

Interested? Please message us, comment below or call the fishery on 01398 323008