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It was the first really cold night of the season and our breath hung misty in the still air as we waited beside the calm waters of the Bristol Channel. The lights of welsh towns and villages shone brightly across the water and in the sky above stars shone brightly in a vast cosmic vista.

The throbbing of a boats engine carried far across the sea as it moved up channel to offload its cargo. Occasionally the rod tips nodded as a dogfish or small eel toyed with the baits anchored out within that mysterious dimension.

The amber fiery glow of the steel works of Port Talbot had illuminated the sky earlier in the evening but later as we contemplated heading for home another glowing ember caught our attention.

A red apparition was slowly materializing above Cardiff to the North East. We speculated on its source as it slowly grew in size growing ever redder as it rose from the land. After ten minutes its crescent shape materialized as the moon climbed slowly, red fading to amber and then to silver. The moonlight painting a swathe of light across the swirling waters of the Bristol Channel as the tide began to ebb.

We slowly packed away our tackle fingers stinging in the frosty air. We trudged back to the van thinking of a warm bed and a good nights sleep. On arriving home I found the lawn glistening with a layer of frost. Owls hooted in the nearby woods.

I am often asked why we go fishing especially on cold winter nights when you often catch nothing.  And It’s not easy to answer but sometimes it’s just good to be there waiting watching the world.