Sea Angling Round Up

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(Above) Chay Boggis 13lb 7oz smoothound

North Devon’s anglers have been relishing the lifting of lockdown and heading to the water’s edge where social distancing is easy to undertake. Sea anglers have not found the fishing easy with high pressure and north east winds not generally  conducive to good fishing. Most anglers have just been glad to once again smell the sea air and be there fishing. Smoothound have provided some exciting sport with Chay Boggis landing a specimen of 13lb 7oz and Kody Chugg a hound of 10lb 6oz.

(Above) Charlie Jenkins with a 12lb smoothound

David Jenkins and Charlie  enjoyed a successful beach session landing ray, bass and smoothound.

Kody Chugg – smoothound 10lb 6oz

Several bass have succumbed to lure fishing tactics on the coast and in the estuary.

(Above)Mark Tossel with a lure caught bass

Wrasse are a fish that always respond to clear water and several have been caught from the kelp strewn gullies of the open coast. Anglers fishing soft plastic lures slowly through rough ground can tempt wrasse a tactic that is often underused on the North Devon coast where bait fishing tactics have traditionally reigned supreme.

Grey mullet are showing from both coast and estuary providing exciting and challenging sport on light tackle.

(Above) Steve Pinn with 3lb 4oz thick lipped grey mullet
(Above) Jack Phillips with a 2lb thick lip grey mullet from the Open Coast.

Kody Chugg with a well marked bull Huss