CMSAC – Where have the mullet gone?

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During the writing of my book “ I Caught A Glimpse” recorded the memories of several anglers and one particular place that had a big impact on many anglers lives was the bend at Bishops Tawton. I wrote a piece on this a while back ;

I returned to this location once again with members of the Combe Martin SAC in search of thin lipped grey mullet. On this very pleasant and sunny summers day it was good to cast a line once again into familiar waters. This was the one of the clubs first events since lockdown and only a handful of us were present.

Strangely the entire estuary from Rock Park up past Bishops Tawton seemed devoid of mullet with not a swirl or glimpse to be seen. A couple of small bass succumbed to our baited spinners and solitary flounder. Plenty of mullet had been caught from the estuary back in June but they have disappeared since. Where have they gone? There is no legal netting in the estuary so I can only assume they have migrated elsewhere.

On the big bend I was intrigued to find an angler in a bivvy. It turned out to be an angler who has been fishing the river for several years trying to unlock its secrets and see if those ancestors of those big roach still dwell.

Walking the riverside patch beside Venn Stream to the river there is a sense of timelessness with the gurgling waters and the resting tombstones in the churchyard.