QUAY SPORTS – First Year Anniversary

I was delighted to look in at Quay Sports on their first year anniversary celebrations. Tackle shops have always been a central part of the angling infrastructure where anglers meet to exchange stories and plot future forays. There is nothing better for the sport and the industry than this social interaction. In addition to coffee, cakes and raffles there were fun casting games to test the skill.

Mark Potter has a few fun casts

Chris Connoughton of Quay Sports commented

“Quay sports would like to thank everyone for their support since opening. The backing we have received is amazing and to see the community come together like it has, is a joy to be a part of.

To see everyone smiling and to help a cause such a Children’s hospice southwest makes us proud. 

In the end with Mark potters kind generosity and Chris Connaughton’s organisation and planning combined with  the effort of all staff and customers kindness, we managed to raise £1000 for the cause which is phenomenal! 

We should also give thanks to all of our suppliers for providing some great prizes.

We are so pleased to have built up such a great store and group of people who enjoy the shop and the friendship and camaraderie that comes with it, it’s been great to see local people, anglers and non anglers alike creating their own fishing hub, where we can all meet and talk and tell fisherman’s tales to each other, it’s been fantastic. 

We hope that our head quarters will remain central to the local angling community for many years to come. 

So we will keep building, keep listening, and keep helping people enjoy our wonderful pastime. 

Many thanks to everyone who has supported us we can’t thank you all enough.”

Pleased to secure a mystery prize in the fun casting in aid of Childrens Hospice