Extreme Heat warning for large areas of the UK !  Not a problem 50 odd miles West of Ilfracombe  where I enjoyed a great day drifting for shark on Reel Deal skippered by Dan Hawkins. Armed with a couple of cameras I attempted to capture the day enjoyed by three Welsh anglers and an Italian. I intend to write a full feature on the trip but thought I would share a few images of the day that speak for themselves.

Many thanks to Dan Burt, Nick Davis,Tom Lardner and Stefano for making me welcome and to Dan Hawkins Skipper of Reel Deal for sharing his thoughts and expertise.



Steaming Way out West – Leaving the Dramatic North Devon Coast behind.
Fifty-Three miles out in the deeps and the wait begins – ‘Expectation’
Blue Skies – Waiting rods
Shark on ! The joy and excitement is clear to see as Stefano battles with a denizen from the deep.

All shark are now realeased boat side.

Dan grabs the rod and sets the hook as  a shark grabs a bait fished boat side.

Fulmars often give warning that sharks are about taking off suddenly.

A blue shark appears in the clear water after the fulmars take off in alarm


Dan Hawkins works hard setting up rigs and unhooking constantly offers advice. Along with regular tea and coffee
Dan Burt feels the hurt as a shark dives deep.
Dan Burt with a fine blue estimated at 90lb +


With barbless circle hooks all the shark were released at the side of the boat

Nick Davis plays a hard fighting blue as Dan looks on offering encouragement


Tom Lardner in action


Floats bob optimistically upon the vast ocean – Any second—what is beneath?
Neatly hooked in the scissors


Quality Penn tackle supplied by High Street Tackle

On the way back we are treated to the wonderful sights of dolphins