Having read the recent book, The Catch By Mark Wormald I was keen to obtain a copy of West Country Fly Fishing by Anne Voss Bark. This book is referred to frequently in Wormald’s tome that reflects upon Ted Hughes his life and poetry much of which is West Country linked. My good friends Keith & Sandy Armishaw are owners of one of the countries top specialist angling book shops with a vast range of angling and countryside books. So it was a good excuse to call around for a catch up and browse through a vast selection of angling books.

I have not yet read West Country Fly Fishing but glancing through its pages and illustrations I am immediately struck by the richness of angling just 40 years ago and references to a previous golden era of fishing. It is tragic that our rivers have declined over the decades especially the once prolific runs of salmon and sea trout. Just forty years ago salmon were taken for the table as a matter of course. Today catch and release is the accepted normal as catches dwindle and anglers are determined to preserve the remaining stocks.

The many volumes of angling literature upon the shelves at River Reads are an invaluable insight into anglings rich history and very well worth visiting.