Updated pike rules at South West Lakes

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South West Lakes Trust have updated their pike fishing rules adapting them to fit with good practice within the pike fishing community. Pike are delicate fish that require careful handling. The use of strong braid will improve bite indication reducing deep hooking and the extra strength should reduce the risk of fish breaking free. There is nothing sporting in losing fish that could become tethered and die.
Updated pike rules for Argal and Lower Slade can be found on their website: https://www.swlakestrust.org.uk/coarse-fishing-rules
Please familiarise yourself with the rules before visiting. Changes to the rules are that treble hooks are now allowed and the mainline has changed to 40lb plus braid.
Pike fishing rules remain the same at Porth and College.

Additional Pike Fishing Rules (all of the above apply also).

  •   Permitted methods of fishing are: Plugs, Spinners, Jigs, worms or dead sea fish
  •   Do not discard dead sea fish into the reservoir when leaving to avoid pollution and false alarms
  •   Treble hooks are allowed but have to be semi barbless. One hook on each treble may be barbed to holddead bait on and no bigger than a size 6. No more than two trebles on a rig.
  •   Braided mainline to be used (Minimum 40lb), Snag leader to be used dead baiting where necessary, mustuse a break away lead system.
  •   Hooks must be mounted on a wire trace
  •   Anglers must have forceps
  •   No gaffs allowed
  •   Pike must be weighed in a sling or net. They must not be hung by the gills
  •   No sacks for holding fish – flotation slings only for setting up photographic equipment
  •   Fish must not be held in a retaining sling for more than a few minutes while cameras are set up.
  •   Unhooking mats must be used.