Summer Images 2018

The summer of 2018 will be etched upon our memories as one of those rare summers of sunshine and warmth. Those of you old enough may be able to remember that notorious summer of 1976 when the country had many weeks without rain when the grass was parched and beaches packed with tourists. Last week I asked for images of angling in North Devon during mid summer 2018. Below are a few images that illustrate one of the reasons we spend so much time at the waters edge in search of fish. Sometimes catching is just a bonus.


Roger Ackroyd – Misty Dawn at Lower Tamar Lake

Estuary Sunset


Jeff Pearce – Summer at Blakewell Fishery – Trout on!
Just another couple of casts!
Fly Fishing on the beach for the elusive grey mullet – Jeff Pearce


Taw Marsh source of the Taw

Danny Watson – Sun and lures