Tempting thin lips

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Thin lipped grey mullet are providing exciting sport in both the Taw and Torridge estuaries where they are tempted with small spinners tipped with harbour ragworm. As in many methods used in angling I often wonder how the method was discovered. When I used to spin for salmon on the Lower Taw it was not unusual to get thin lipped grey mullet following the spinner to the bank veering away at the last moment. Perhaps anglers witnessed this behavior and added ragworm to the hooks in an attempt to provoke an attack from the mullet? Where did spinning for grey mullet originate? In the 1960 book “Sea Angling With the baited spoon” John P Garrad covers fishing with the baited spoon in great detail for flounder; he also mentions bass. If mullet were widely targetted with the baited spinner pre 1960 I suspect it would have seen a section dedicated to it within this tome. A quick glance through shows no mention of spinning for grey mullet. The latest book on fishing for grey mullet; “Fishing For Ghosts” covers the method spinning for grey mullet; other than this book literature on the method is scarce. I suspect that North Devon anglers were at the forefront of the development of this technique as I know Alan Paddon and Ray White successfully targetted the thin lips using these methods back in the 1970’s. If you know more feel free to share on NDAN facebook page.

Combe Martin SAC member Ian laird enjoyed recent success landing several thin lips to 3lb 3oz.

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