NEWSREEL: SPRING 2023 Torridge Fishery

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The River Torridge Fishery Association

President: Lord Clinton


Chairman: Paul Ashworth                                                    Secretary: Charles Inniss

                                                                        Beeches Sheepwash Beaworthy Devon EX21 5NW

                                                                                                tel: 014109231237

                                                                                    e-mail: [email protected]


Subscriptions for 2023 are now due. If you have not already paid please forward your cheque for £20 to the Secretary at the above address making cheques payable to The River Torridge Fishery Association.

                                                If you prefer to pay by BACS:

          account name: Torridge Owners Association: a/c no 00827770: sort code 51 70 16

Our AGM: 24th March: It was an excellent meeting with over 30 attending and The Half Moon laid on the usual superb buffet at the conclusion of the business. Izzy Moser gave an interesting and informative presentation on the work of the Devon Wildlife Trust. This led to a discussion on the pros and cons of Beavers which before long, whether we like it or not, will become established in the headwaters of our catchment.

Election of Officers: the agm re-elected the officers and committee “en bloc”.

Chairman: Paul Ashworth, Vice-Chairman Steve Phelps, Sec/Treas Charles Inniss, T. Harper,

 S. McClaren, D. Betts, D. Williams, P. Coles, K. Dunn, J. Graham. T. Birkbeck

Our President, Lord Clinton, is an honorary member of the committee.

Hatchery Update: there was a long discussion at the agm regarding the future of our hatchery. All those present were determined that if at all possible the hatchery project should be continue. The Chairman pointed out that it was very time consuming and more volunteers were needed. The EA would only give the go-ahead if a detailed risk-assessment was drawn up and approved by them. It was agreed a small sub-committee prepare a detailed draft risk-assessment and to co-ordinate with the River Axe, which is now operating its hatchery again. Members offered their support to be part of the sub-committee and to undertake any structural work needed at the fish pass.

A proposal for 100% salmon catch and release: the EA has deferred this proposal for twelve months. If implemented for the 2024 season mandatory release will only apply to salmon not sea trout. With stocks in decline your committee strongly recommends that all fish are released without where possible removing them from the river.

Our North Devon Fishery Protection Officer: for personal reasons Callum Underhill has been transferred to work nearer his family home in the south-east.  Callum has been very supportive particularly with regard to the hatchery. The EA are currently interviewing for a replacement.

The season so far: after a very dry February the river was quite low for the first week. A few kelts were caught from the middle river and two fresh fish were lost below Beam Weir. For the last three weeks the river has been in spate and unfishable. Patience is a virtue: when the river settles let’s hope there will be some fresh spring salmon to be enticed to our flies.

The Egg Box Dinner: Saturday 30th September at The Half Moon Inn. Book early with the Half Moon to avoid disappointment. Tel: 01409231376. e-mail: [email protected]