Stafford Moor Sunday Open Result

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The latest result from Stafford Moor was reported to me by the enthusiastic owner Joanne Combes

Tanners and Woodpecker lakes had a field of 39 fishing in Stafford Moor’s Sunday Open on June 19th.
Weather conditions: rain all day!

Chris Davis - Winner of Stafford Moor's Sunday Open
Chris Davis – Winner of Stafford Moor’s Sunday Open

1st Chris Davis Woodpecker peg 17 with 176lb 7oz( fishing 8mm into the bank)
2nd Ricky Johnston Tanners peg 36 with 131lb 2oz ( fishing 8mm on the lead)
3rd John Heath Woodpecker peg 34 with 86lb 15oz (fishing 8mm on the lead)
4th Mark Hayman Tanners peg 18 with 113lb 1oz (fishing 8mm pellet waggler)
5th Phil Hardwick Woodpecker peg with 86lb 2oz ( fishing down the edge)
6th Mike Kempson Tanners peg 1 with 100lb 5oz

Silvers winners:
Dave Panny Tanners peg 34 with 20lb 3oz
Bruce Hunt Woodpecker peg 16 with 28lb 9oz

Section winners :
Lee Hicking Woodpecker peg 3 with 69lb 7oz
Dave Stockton Woodpecker peg 22 with 82lb 11
John Traynor Tanners peg 3 with 97lb 5oz
Dave Vigus Tanners peg 20 with 59lb 13oz