Carp Stafford Moor

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Todd Robinson banked this 25lb 12oz beauty from lodge lake at the weekend , Todd caught on Sticky baits krill pop up and a tiny mesh bag of pellets.

(Below) Steve Pullen and Jordan Rowe banked a few out from Beatties Lake fishing the beach swim then moving to the inlet swim , Steve now has a new personal best of 25lb fish were caught on Mainline cell boilies.

(Below) Dave Willcocks who had 3 fish out up to 35lb 2oz from swim 1 up on Lodge Lake fishing with Sticky baits Manilla 16mm boilies and house pellets and C.C Moore northern special pink pop up.

Stafford Moor Carp Catches

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Some stunning carp catches from Stafford Moor as we enter the Autumn months when the carp are in the peak of condition.
(Below) Cory Troy Harris banked 30 fish from Silver birch lodge located on Beatties specimen lake including 2 x 34lb beauties !
Corey was using our House boilies & house pellets and Mainline cell boilies.
(Below)  Jason A Hammond  fished on swim 1 (three islands) up on lodge lake  and had 8 fish out all caught on DNA bug and hydro syrup and house pellets.
(Below) Gary Davis fished on swim 11 (beach 2) up on lodge lake and had a few out up to 30lb 4oz , all fish were caught on uzit bubblegum wafter and pellets.

Never weigh them as the joys in landing them!

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 Gary Strachan has just finished fishing up on lodge lake and sent Joanne Combes at Stafford Moor such a lovely email she wanted to share he had a few fish out and sent me some fab photos thank you Gary & Pauline for your kind words.
Hi Jo.
Well Paulines loving the camping, I’m loving the fishing so what’s not to love?
Listened to your advice, as all good anglers should and got a PB and some lovelies. Never weigh them as the joys in landing them.
So big advice to visiting anglers to Stafford Moor…. Listen to Jo.

Stafford Moor Carp Update

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(Below)Lee James who had 4 fish out from swim 5 (lord island) on Beatties lake, Lee caught on Sticky baits Manilla over our house pellets plus Lee now has a new pb of 26lb 4oz.

(Below) Geoff Wright and nephew Jon Bentley who had 37 fish out from the beach swim on Beatties lake , all fish were caught on sticky baits krill boilies and krill 16mm wafters.