North Devon Match Group – Result

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North Devon Match Group competition results : Champion of champions and Championship No.1 , @ Stafford Moor Willow and Woodpecker, 23 anglers fished,

1st Dodgy Downton 75lb 5oz

2nd Ian Croxton 71lb 15oz

3rd Chris Morris 58lb 6oz

4th Neilsen Jeffery 57lb 1oz

5th Andy Gratton 45lb 14oz

6th Kevin Shears 38lb 8oz

7th Martin Turner 38lb 1oz

8th Jim Grogan 36lb 3oz .

Willow lake has produced the top 3 weights in frosty, still conditions, Dave Downton has come out top with a net of small carp on a 14 metre pole and double red maggots over micros. Second was  Ian Croxton on peg 5 on willow, 3rd place and winner of this year’s Champion of champions is Chris Morris  with a net of pole caught carp off peg 16 on Willow, top weight on Woodpecker and 4th overall was Nielsen on peg 10 , pole in the margin 6mm hard pellet.

North Devon Match Group – Morchard Road

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Winter league No 4 today at Morchard Road, 21 fished which I think we came to the conclusion was a few to many with some poor areas having to be in the bag, however it was nice to fish in relatively dry conditions with little wind for a change.
A big well done to Chris Morris  who comfortably won with 58lb 2oz,  Chris  drew the car park point and made the most of it with about 30 small carp.
After Chris it was all very tight and Stephen Craker had the edge with 31lb 8oz from just past the left point, and 3rd place went to Stuart Burridge with 29lb from next to Chris Morris.
Also rans and those in the points were as follows,
4th Neilsen Jeffery  26lb 10oz
5th John Lisle 24lb 8oz
6th Martin Crouch 20lb 8oz
7th Damian Lawrence  19lb 8oz
8th Dave Downton 17lb 10oz.

Stafford Moor Open Match

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The latest Open Match on Tanners & Woodpecker lakes saw some good weights despite the time of year.

Chris Davis had 122lb 5oz from Woodpecker to win the match convincingly.

In second place was Ryan Shipp who bagged himself 113lb 6oz from  Tanners Lake

In third place was James Cooper bagged 73lb 9oz from  on Woodpecker Lake

Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly/Christmas Competition Results @ Tarka Swims.

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1st Richard Jefferies 15lb 13oz

2nd Reg Sutton 14lb 12oz

3rd Martin Turner 7lb 10oz

4th Tyler Scott 2lb 15oz

5th Steve Bailey 2lb 1oz ,

This Sunday’s weather was cold,wet and very blustery, not particularly pleasant, 10 brave / stupid ! fishers sat it out on George’s lake in the final match for this season 2019, first and second spots changed throughout the day,  Richard Jefferies just took the honours with a pole catch of carp and bream on peg 12.  Reg Sutton almost made it 2 wins in a row but settled for 2nd with 4 carp on peg 9 ,Martin Turner on peg 10 had bream and roach on tip and pole for 3rd . Junior member Tyler Scott came in 4th with a net of small roach and perch. The final points table is ,1st Martin Turner 108 2nd Pete Slade 77 3rd Richard Jefferies 74 4th John Lisle 72 .


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Wooda Lakes – 1/12/19

Good to see a nice turn out on such a cold day.
The match was split between Lake 3 & Lake 4.

Winner on the day (winning lake 3) was Wayne Mitchhell
Wayne fished the pole with maggots / caster and had 40 carp for 103lb 1oz total……. a brilliant weight considering it was a hard day for most.

Second on the day was Stephen Barrell, Stephen fished similar to Wayne, again with maggots, to put 85lb 11oz on the scales, to comfortably win lake 4.


Lake 3

1st Wayne Mitchell  – 103lb 1oz
2nd  Norman Martin – 45lb 12oz
3rd Andrew Gratton – 33lb 2oz
4th Kev Grant – 16lb 14oz

Lake 4

1st Stephen Barrel 85lb 11oz
2nd Simon Poynter 17lb 1oz
3rd Dave Nichols 14lb 12oz
4th  Gord Maeers 12lb 13oz

Thank you to all that attended today, bearing gifts, adorning Xmas hats!!! (even the homemade ones!!)

The match was fished in a great atmosphere & I hope you all enjoyed it.

Thanks to Mark & Michael Seward for coming all the way down from Reading to fish the match.

Well that’s it for another year…….

The last “thank you” and without doubt the biggest, must go to Kevin Wilton for running these matches for us all.

Hope to see you all at the presentation evening on the 24th January.

North Devon Match Group Winter League No.3 @ Stafford Moor results

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No.3 @ Stafford Moor results:

1st Tim Brown 54lb 10oz

2nd Stephen Craker 49lb 12oz

3rd Martin Turner 41lb 5oz

4th Kevin Shears 40lb 12oz

5th Nathan Underwood  30lb

6th John Bailey 29lb 14oz

7th  Paul Elworthy 29lb 5oz

8th John Lisle 26lb 7oz

20 anglers fished.

Stafford Moor lakes. Oak and Woodpecker were used for today’s competition. The cold snap certainly dampened the appetite of the residents .Oak has provided the top three wieghts , winner on the day was new member Tim Brown he has landed over 50lb on the pole and soft pellets from peg 20 . Second was match regular Stephen Craker  with a margin caught net on corn off peg 6 on Oak , Martin Turner has taken 3rd spot on peg 12 also on Oak , bomb and bread and 6mm hard pellets on the pole. Top net on Woodpecker and 4th overall was Kevin Shears on peg 11 Nathan was 5th on the next peg ,12.

North Devon Match Group Championship No. 11 @ Stafford Moor Results:

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North Devon Match Group Championship No. 11 @ Stafford Moor Results:

1st Kevin Shears 103lb 8oz

2nd Nielsen Jeffery 81lb

3rd Paul Morris 76lb 10oz

4th  Nathan Underwood 74lb 15oz

5th  Chris Morris 74lb 1oz

6th Dave Downton 71lb 4oz

7th Ian Croxton 66lb

8th Martin Turner 60lb 9oz

24 anglers fished Oak and Woodpecker lakes at the superb Stafford Moor complex, Kevin Shears drew peg 9 on Oak to win convincingly , he has fished the long pole in open water with sweetcorn , Neilsen Jeffery pegged opposite on peg 12 has also fished the pole for second overall this has secured him this year’s championship, top rod on Woodpecker was Christopher Morris who took a nice mixed catch on maggots on the long pole on permanent peg 4 .

Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly competition @ Tarka Swims George’s lake,

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Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly competition @ Tarka Swims George’s Lake

1st Reg Sutton 34lb 6oz

2nd Martin Turner 18lb 11oz

3rd Thomas Scott 16lb 7oz

4th Bernie Blight 11lb 10oz

5th Richard Jefferies 8lb 5oz

6th John Lisle 5lb 8oz ,

13 fished. Reg Sutton drew the golden peg P and fished with maggot on a groundbait feeder, he has landed 7 good carp, for a convincing victory, well done Reg. Second on the day was Martin Turner on peg M , a last gasp bream of 4lb was just enough to pip Thomas into 3rd. Thomas has fished corn in the margins on peg Z .Bernie has fished on peg Q for 4th place.

North Devon Tackle AC – Result – Slade

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With lots of cold water going in the lake of late, predicted target weights were halved!!

Winner on the day was Kevin Wilton.  Kev fished a 6mtr whip on the the roadside bank, amassing 75 roach, with the rest made up of skimmers and a couple of big perch, giving him a 16lb 9oz total.

Top 5
1st   Kevin Wilton16lb 9oz
2nd  Dean Vickery 14lb 9oz
3rd  Simon Poynter 14lb
4th Wayne Mitchell 7lb 5oz
5th  Norman Martin 7lb