Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly Competition

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Bideford and District Angling Club
Coarse section monthly competition
. November 12th

1st Martin Turner 48lb 5oz

2nd Keith Copland 26lb12oz

3rd Colin Cherrington 26lb 5oz

4th Craig lamey 25lb 6oz

5th Les Polden 24lb 13oz

6th Stephen Paul Sheller 24lb 4oz

15 members fished.

Remembrance Sunday produced another close match on George’s lake , Tarka Swims.
Match organiser Martin made use of an empty peg next door, his all carp catch was made using bomb and pellet and short pole tactics on peg number 18.
The rest of the field was very close , with 2lb separating the next 5 places.
Keith on peg 13 came in second with a pole catch closely followed by Colin on adjoining peg 12.
Conditions were blustery and wet although the sky brightened briefly for our weight in .
Next competition is the rod n reel 26th November, followed by our Christmas match on 10th December.
Reminder if you book in to our competitions please inform the organisers if you are unable to attend.

B.D.A.C Rod and reel match results at Tarka date 22.10.23

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B.D.A.C Rod and reel match results at Tarka date 22.10.23 .

Today was the first of a 3 match series, the weather today was some what mixed with some rain and some sunshine at times. Fishing was hard at times, but still some good weights was weighed in. 1st place today went to Keith Copland on peg 9 with a good net of fish for 25lbs 13oz on the feeder, 2nd place went to Richard Jefferies on peg 14 with 23lbs 10oz fishing a pellet waggler, 3rd place was Stephen Paul Sheller on peg 21 with 23lbs 4oz and 4th place went to Martin Turner on peg 16 with 22lbs 9oz.

The next Rod and Reel match will be at Tarka on the 26.11.23.


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Match results Jennetts reservoir
Brilliant Match has by all great silvers venue… very close amongst the field of top anglers… well done all.
Top man on the day was
1st  Christopher Morris 31lb 6oz.
 2nd Andrew Preston 25lb 15oz.
 3rd Paul Whitehead 15lb 13oz.
Great turn out lads and fantastic support from the club anglers. Next match will be stafford Moor which is a Saturday match.. November 11th. On Oak lake limited to 18 anglers. And will be posting up two weeks before the match so let me know guys once I do. Cracking venue.

Bideford and District Angling Club October Coarse Section Monthly Competition.

Bideford and District Angling Club
October coarse section monthly competition.
1st Kevin Shears 39lb 4oz
2nd Stephen Sheller 32lb 14oz
3rd Martin Turner 31lb 3oz
4th Stefan Clarke 29lb 3oz
5th Les Polden 28lb 10oz
15 members fished.
A number of our regular match anglers were unable to attend this month’s match. This allowed us to use only the deeper pegs ,this ensured one of the closest competitions of the season.
Kevin has fished a great match, putting almost 17 pounds of quality silver fish in one net, added to the some carp for a clear victory.
He has fished a short pole with corn and maggots over 4mm pellets on peg 14 .
Peg 12 ,saw Stephen land mainly carp on paste for 2nd prize.
Martin has fafted around on pole,feeder and waggler for third spot on peg 15.
Kevin moves up one place into second spot in the league.


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Today 10 anglers fished today match and the weather was dry and very windy, fishing was good with some very good weights of fish caught. First place today went to Craig Lamey with fantastic weight of 67lbs 12oz fishing on peg 19 on the feeder with maggot. Second place was Richard Jefferies on peg 14 with 42lbs 2oz fishing the feeder with maggot, 3rd place was Roger Ackroyd 33lbs 11oz on peg 24 and 4th place went to Antony Bentley with 33lbs 10oz.


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Match results for Horwood pairs

Cracking day had by all spread across both lakes at Horwood Fishery it was the annual clubs pairs match.
1st pair Andrew Gratton and Damien Babb 3pts.(83lb 13oz)
2nd Steve Hayman and Paul Whitehead 5pts. (79lb 1oz)
Lake 1 winner Stuart Russell  148lb 12oz
Lake 2 winner Damien Babb 17lb 2oz.
Biggest fish Phil Bailey 17lb common.
Full list of results on sheet bellow.
Well done Neilsen Jeffery  who has done great job building the fishery over recent years.


September monthly competition

Tarka Swims

1st Martin Turner 27lb 8oz

2nd Les Polden 23lb 13oz

3rd Keith Mountjoy 23lb 7oz

4th Darren Polden 20lb 10oz

5th Roger Ackroyd 19lb 10oz

6th Nathan Underwood 18lb 10oz

7th Paul Elworthy 17lb 4oz

8th Mike Snudden 17lb 1oz

20 club members fished

The September competition traditionally produces some big catches , but the torrential rain and accompanying thunderstorm, for the first couple of hours seemed to have dampened their appetites..
Match organiser Martin had a very slow start on “golden peg” 6 , but eventually did just enough to scoop victory, with mainly carp in the margins and various baits over hemp and micro pellets.
Les on peg 8 fished similarly for the second spot.
Keith had some late bonus carp on peg 21 to take third spot.
A close match , with a couple of good fish for any of the top ten making a big difference.


HORWOOD lakes are continuing to fish well and the anglers are reaping the rewards for all the hard work that has gone into managing the lakes.

Fridays match produced a record catch for Stephen Barrell who smashed the previous weight with 252lb, Steve caught on the short pole on 8mm pellets on the bottom shelf on peg 3, pleased to say he used 5 nets to retain the fish before the weigh in, very good weights from every one and Graham Curnow was 2nd on lake with 111.14lb from peg 5

Top lake 

Gary Sullivan was 1st with 68.12lb from peg 10

Graham Currington was 2nd with 46.10lb from peg 13

Quick shout out to Kevin Deck with 92.4lb from peg 8 which is his personal best.


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A red letter day  with the match record going to Colin Cherrington with a great weight of 192lb 10oz, Colin fished peg 4 and caught steady all day on the short pole and pellets, Colin’s weight included some stunning fish topped with one of 17lb 8oz.

Second on that lake was Stephen Barrell with another impressive weight of 97lb 1oz, Steve fished peg 8 and had most of his fish on the waggler.

Top lake golden peg went to Graham Curnow with a weight of 36lb 4oz beating Stephen Craker into second on that lake with 26lb 6oz.

Bideford and District Angling Club Evening Pairs Competition

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Bideford and District Angling Club

Evening Pairs Competition


1st Craig Crash Lamey  /Roger Ackroy 44lb 7oz
2nd DarrenPolden /Mike Snudden 41lb 8oz
3rd Keith Mountjoy/Antony Bentley 36lb 14oz
4th Martin Turner / David Bailey 34lb 8oz
5th Reg Sutton/Kevin Shears 33lb 11oz
6th Les Polden/ Keith Copland. 33b 10oz
7th Warren Thornton /Nathan Underwood 28lb 5oz
8th Steve Ashton /Richard Jeffries. 27lb 9oz
16 fished
Our run of great weather came to an abrupt end on this the final evening competition of the year, the rain pessisted throughout the whole event, however some great nets were brought to the scales, Craig and Roger’s combined total caught on pegs 1and 15 respectively, was enough to scoop the honours.
Top weight on the night went to Kevin on peg 19 , his 33lb fell to paste on the pole in the lillypads.