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October 10th – Day 1

Day one of the October Festival at Stafford Moor. A fabulous weight from Ricky Johnston who fished on peg 8 on Woodpecker lake bagged himself 116lb 10oz fishing 8mm pellet

1st   RICKY JOHNSTON Peg 8 Woodpecker: 116lbs 10oz

2nd  LEE WERRETT Peg 5 Oak: 115lbs 14oz

3rd   PETER UPPERTON Peg 20 Oak: 103lbs 6oz

4th   RICHARD WYLIE Peg 22 Tanners: 103lbs 3oz

October 11th – Day 2

Day two of the October Festival 2016. Weather bitter cold with bright sunshine which made the fishing extra hard today! Had a top weight from Craig Edmonds peg 20 on Woodpecker Lake with a weight of 139lb


1st CRAIG EDMONDS Peg 20 Woodpecker: 139lbs 0oz

2nd STEVE SHAW Peg 24 Woodpecker: 96lbs 12oz

3rd  IAN PRETTY Peg 36 Woodpecker: 96lbs 12oz

4th  CHRIS BISHOP Peg 12 Woodpecker: 71lbs 15oz




NATHAN UNDERWOOD Peg 25 Tanners: 62lbs 14oz(Above)


October 12th – Day 3

1st  ZAC NEWTON Peg 30 Tanners: 127lbs 5oz

2nd CRAIG EDMONDS Peg 1 Oak: 104lbs 12oz

3rd  ANDY GRIFFITHS Peg 22 Woodpecker: 89lbs 9oz

4th  CHRIS DAVIS Peg 18 Tanners: 78lbs 6oz

(Below) Pete Upperton with a nice net of Silvers from Pines Lake


Day 4 –


1st  CRAIG EDMONDS Peg 30 Tanners: 186lbs 2oz

2nd  PETER UPPERTON Peg 6 Woodpecker: 126lbs 1oz

3rd   TERRY STONE Peg 3 Woodpecker: 104lbs 15oz

4th   MARTIN HEARD Peg 12 Woodpecker: 94lbs 11oz

Final Day


1st  PETE UPPERTON Peg 34 Woodpecker: 81lbs 1oz

2nd NEIL STONES Peg 3 Woodpecker: 72lbs 7oz

3rd  RICKY JOHNSTON Peg 8 Woodpecker: 72lbs 6oz

4th   CHRIS DAVIS Peg 27 Tanners: 71lbs 11oz

Report from Joanne Combes :-

Winner of the October Festival 2016 Craig Edmunds ! Who won with a perfect score of just 4 points and a total weight of 500lb 12 oz  “well done  considering he has never fished a festival here before what can I say not often I’m speechless”. In second place was Brian Shanks with only 4 points total weight of 230lb 4oz well done Brian ! In third place was Peter Upperton with 5 points and a total weight of 343lb 15oz.

“well done to everyone who fished fished the festival had such a Laugh with you all thank you for making it a fab week ! Paul & Jo”.